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Parodies for all occasions - Part One [View All]

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SalmonChantedEvening Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 05:34 AM
Original message
Parodies for all occasions - Part One
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These were written before I started posting parodies. Please forgive if this the wrong forum, I'm trying to learn this whole journal thingie, and this is the only way I know how to add them to mine.

Your favorite DU technomoron,

Rummys Lyin (To the tune of Jamies Cryin Van Halen)

He saw them fall from the skies, on nine eleven
He blamed it on Saddam, We knew the lie was craven
It made us all so mad

Oh Whoa Whoa, Rummys Lyin
Oh Whoa Whoa, Rummys Lyin

But Rummy clamied that he was right, we should be invading
Hed got rhose WMDs, OH and ties to Bin Laden

Sent Colin Powell to the UN, yeah yeah
Just to rally all the world behind him
Said hes planning, planning to hit our shores
These resolutions wont bind him


Now Rummys profiteered before, thats all war is really for
It isnt his, the bodies and the gore, spilled on these sands

He wouldnt listen to generals, yeah yeah
Ane misses all the soldiers funerals
He says it aint, it aint the rich who die
It says so in Dubyas manual


Dubya Spoke To (To the tune of Jeremy Pearl Jam)

Thats him, at the lectern, when will it stop, please make it stop
Spoiled rich mans son, smirk pointed at me
The class slept, in pools of their drool below

Did he really say decider
Making up new words just isnt fair
King Dubya the Pickled, slurred his words

Dubya spoke to my class today (repeat)

Language was dismember, nukyular OH BOY
What a brainless little fffffffffff
But he was speechafyin, bashed the truth
And put reality to rest, wish I could forget

He did have one surprise left
His jaw was juttin, who let this dope in
Did he just say hey that aint a real word

Did he say hell nuke Wisconsin
Oh this boy needs his lobotomy repaired
King Dubya the Pickled, slurred his words


Gotta forget this, gotta erase this, logics been floored

(repeat ch twice)

Karl Rove (To the tune of Domino Van Morrison)

Dont want no discussion
Loyaltys all the rage
Talk back and youre busted
To a dark room in a cage
Spread rumors bout ya all around
Its what he does best
Who cares if its true or not
Just as long as it defames the pest

Whoa Karl Rove
We all know how long youll go
Dont we though, Lord have mercy, say it again
I said go low-oh Karl Rove
Go low-oh Karl Rove

All must praise the president
Be at he his beckoned call
If you dare to disagree
Into seclusion you will fall
Or to Mr.Cheyney
Wherever in the hell hes at
And if we never hear from you
That means that youll be just like Trent Lott


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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007) Donate to DU

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