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Response to Reply #60
101. Nixon, NAZIs & Dulles
... & Associates. How Dulles brought NAZIs into CIA

From the late, great Mae Brussell (1972):

How Nixon Actually Got Into Power

by Mae Brussell (C) The Realist, August 1972

The rise of Adolph Hitler and fascism in Germany was carefully planned. It began with the illegal rearmament of a covert army following defeat in World War I, which was an intentional, secretive breaking of the Versailles Treaty disarmament agreements. American munition manufacturers and industrialists aided the clandestine military leaders of Germany in their rearmament.(1)


The Warfare State was set free, following November 22, 1963, to show its ugly face. The war in Asia began to escalate, with no noticeable provocations, only three weeks after the murder of President Kennedy.(7) John Foster Dulles was U.S. Secretary of State from 1953-1959. Before and following these years heading the State Department, this public servant wielded tremendous power and influence with the military and industrial monopolies of power and wealth in the world. He was the architect of "containing Communism."(8) Mr. Dulles confided, "President Eisenhower surrendered all his power to me." In 1956 he said, "Don't bother about what the President said. I write what he says."(9) The State Department was "in my hat." You did not have to rely on the department or its bureaucracy.(10)

His brother, Allen Dulles, headed our spy agency formerly known as the OSS. As long as John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State, Allen Dulles had no need to "chafe under political control." Both brothers "placed supreme confidence in their personal judgments." They were completely trusted and were able to act at will and " shielded from any unpleasant consequences."(11) Adolph Hitler declared war in 1941. By 1942 Allen Dulles was moved to Switzerland for the purpose of rounding up and importing to the United States, German "specialists." Two years before the war ended, or its fate was decided, the United States was making arrangements for Nazi scientists, arms experts to come to our democracy (for which the boys were fighting and dying at that moment). (12)

From 1945 until 1952 the U.S. military brought over 642 alien "specialists" and their families from nazi Germany. They were known collectively by the code name "paperclip." German missile and rocket experts, munition makers, war experts were carefully selected and located into aerospace programs, war industries, armament factories, defense and warfare manufacturing.(13)

Violent anti-communist fears by the military and munition makers justified the exchange for a once democratic nation into the fascist state we have today. Members of the nazi party now hold key positions in our universities, factories, aircraft and aerospace programs.(14) When the nazi empire collapsed in 1945, ex-nazi General Reinhard Gehlen joined forces with our OSS. Gehlen was placed in charge of wartime intelligence for Foreign Armies East. "It was not long before Gehlen was back in business, this time for the United States. Gehlen named his price and terms."(15) A series of meetings was arranged at the Pentagon with nazi Gehlen, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover and others.(16) The Gehlen organization combined forces and agents with the OSS, which was soon to become known as the CIA. Experts in clandestine and illegal control of Germany through political assassinations and reversal of judicial processes became the new teachers for Allen Dulles and Richard Helms. They helped form the new CIA in 1947, based upon clandestine activities in nazi Germany.(17)

Espionage networks were supposedly to spy out secrets of other nations. Instead they have secretly engaged in clandestine political actions, stirred revolts, overthrown governments and attempted to bring about political change.

The method of maintaining billion dollar war machines and related armament and aircraft factories requires controlling people,political leaders, and otherwise legal governmental agencies. The Communist scare, hot war and cold war propaganda, would continue to manipulate the majority of the people. This scare was the brainchild of the fascist strategist.


WOW! Ms. Brussell wrote that in 1972! Wheres the follow up by Corporate McPravda? Guess there was none.

If theyd only known to follow the money

Tracking Nazi "Gold"

The OSS and Project SAFEHAVEN

Donald P. Steury


Allen Dulles in Bern

Under these circumstances, it is scarcely surprising that implementation of SAFEHAVEN measures depended largely upon the personalities of the OSS chiefs of mission and the conditions under which they operated. In Bern, the heart of the Swiss banking and German gold transfer activity, the OSS chief was Allen W. Dulles, later (1953 to 1962) Director of Central Intelligence. An East Coast brahmin with extensive prewar ties to European banking circles, Dulles spent his tenure in Bern constructing an "old-boy" network of sources that extended throughout neutral and Axis-occupied Europe. It was an astonishingly successful system, ideally suited to his situation in neutral Switzerland and well conceived to gain access to European government and business circles. For example, Dulles counted among his close personal friends no less a personage than Thomas B. McKittrick, President of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), in Basel. A multinational corporation created to manage international currency and gold exchanges, BIS was the single-largest channel for gold transfers in prewar and wartime Europe. McKittrick also was an OSS source who provided Dulles with "comfortable access" to thinking of the bankers most responsible for moving German assets throughout Europe.14 Among other kinds of information, McKittrick kept Dulles informed of the comings and goings of Reichsbankvizeprsident Emil Puhl, the architect of the German gold transfer arrangements.15

Other well-placed sources available to Dulles in high European financial circles included Dr. Eduard Waetjen, Abwehr agent, member of the German resistance, and commercial adviser to the German Consul General from 15 February 1945;16 Maurice Villars, General Director of the Zurich Electro-Bank; and Swedish economist and Economic Adviser to the BIS, Dr. Per Jacobsson, who was close to (the surprisingly extensive) Japanese diplomatic and business circles in Switzerland. In 1945, Jacobsson provided information that helped to scuttle a Japanese attempt to buy vitally needed ball bearings in Sweden and later served with Maurice Villars as a mediator for Japanese peace feelers put forward in Switzerland.17

Such contacts were clearly important, but it also seems clear that the high value Dulles attributed to them--whether because of his social prejudices or his concern for the intelligence they provided--made him wary of intelligence activities such as SAFEHAVEN. Moreover, Dulles looked forward to a postwar settlement that envisioned the United States working closely with European business and banking circles to reshape Western and Central Europe according to American interests. Finally, Dulles could legitimately claim that his staff was already overburdened by the collection of strategic and military intelligence. On 28 December 1944, following receipt of the OSS memorandum regarding cooperation with State's SAFEHAVEN project, he cabled Washington:

Work on this project required careful planning as it might defeat direct intelligence activities and close important channels for German SI.... Today we must fish in troubled waters and maintain contacts with persons suspected of working with Nazis on such matters. For example,...both 49618 and X-2 here can be useful under cover but believe idea of working practically as agents of Commercial Attache and Consul General Zurich, on this project would be unwise. Further, to deal effectively with matter, it would require special staff with new cover.... At present we do not have adequate personnel to do effective job in this field and meet other demands.19


The bottom line, er?

Nazis in the attic

By Randy Davis

This is part 3, click for part 4


"The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling power.

"Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing."

-- President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1)

As mentioned earlier, the secret U.S./Nazi corporate alliance during World War II was the result of substantial American investment in post-World War I Germany. In order to protect these investments, and the accumulating profits, the U.S. multinational corporations remained an important part of the Nazi war machine until the final defeat of Germany in 1945. What effect did the end of World War II have on this faction of American Nazi collaborators?

In this section we will review the evidence, much of it from recently de-classified documents, that this pro-Nazi faction, rather than facing charges of high treason, became an integral part of the United States national security apparatus, extending its fascist influence in both foreign and domestic policies and, in effect, creating what has been referred to as America's "Invisible Government." The excuse, of course, was Communism.


Aarons and Loftus' research, which documents the Dulles brothers' pro-Nazi activities, did not go unnoticed. "Before his death, former Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg granted one of the authors an interview. Justice Goldberg had served in U.S. intelligence during World War II. Although he said little in public, he had collected information on the Dulles boys' activities over the years. His verdict was blunt. 'The Dulles brothers were traitors.' They had betrayed their country, by giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war." (2)

Much of what is now known about the activities of the Dulles brothers and other American Nazi collaborators in banking and industry came as a result of a top-secret joint U.S.-British intelligenceprogram known as the Ultra Project. "Prior to the United States' entry into the war," write Loftus and Aarons, "Roosevelt permitted British intelligence to wiretap American targets.

    "According to our sources in the intelligence community, the area of coverage included a good bit of the New York financial district, several floors of Rockefeller Plaza, part of the RCA Building, two prominent clubs, and various shipping firms. . . .

    "The wiretap unit reported to Sir William Stephenson, a Canadian electronics genius better known by his code name, 'Intrepid.' From his headquarters in the Rockefeller building, Stephenson's job was to identify U.S. companies that were aiding the Nazis." (3)

    "Several months before the United States declared war," continue Loftus and Aarons, "Bill Donovan invited Allen Dulles to head up the New York branch of the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI), President Roosevelt's new intelligence agency and the precursor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Its primary mission was to collect information against the Nazis and their collaborators. In other words, Dulles was asked to inform on his own clients in New York. . . ."

    "Roosevelt had approved his selection as head of the COI Manhattan branch because he wanted Dulles where the British wiretappers could keep an eye on him. . . .

    "One floor below Dulles was Stephenson's wiretap shop. Inside Dulles's operation was one of Roosevelt's spies, Arthur Goldberg . . ." who, "confirmed . . . that Dulles's appointment was a setup. . . .

    "Roosevelt was giving Dulles enough rope to hang himself. From Stephenson's Manhattan wiretaps, it is known that Dulles was continuing to work with his German business clients, who wanted to remove Hitler and install a puppet of their own who would make peace with the West while forging an alliance against Stalin. It was to be a kinder, gentler Third Reich, favorably disposed to American financial interests. . . . (4)

    "The wiretap evidence against Dulles originally was collected by a special section of Operation Safehaven, the U.S. Treasury Department's effort to trace the movement of stolen Nazi booty towards the end of the war. Roosevelt and Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau had set up Dulles by giving him the one assignment - intelligence chief in Switzerland - where he would be most tempted to aid his German clients with their money laundering."


Now THATs whats known as insider trading.

PS: Sorry, adwon, I was away from the world HQ a little longer than expected. Hope this adds to what Im trying to get across.

HARKEN whuh?

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