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Reply #117: As an apparently stupid smoker let me say... [View All]

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everythingsxen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-30-06 02:18 PM
Response to Original message
117. As an apparently stupid smoker let me say...
I do my best to not smoke around non-smokers. Their self-righteous bullshit annoys me to no end.

I did in fact quit, for almost a year. Then I had a nervous breakdown from stress and while I was in the hospital, people hooked me up with cigarettes and I was able to deal with everything again.

For many years now, I have often desired to quit. And to convince every other smoker here in the US to quit as well. I would love to watch our economy collapse. Bullshit you say? US population: 295,734,134. Percentage of smokers: (roughly) 25% (some sites listed 30, some listed 20, so I used an average. Based on people I see all around me, every day though, I would put the odds at 50%). Ok, so lets look at our numbers. 25% of 295,734,134 is 73,933,533.5 smokers. Averages look like most people are pack and a half a day smokers, so thats 110,900,300.25 packs of cigarettes per day or 40,478,609,591.25 packs per year. The average tax on a pack of cigarettes is 91.7 cents per pack, which should be....$37,118,884,995.17625. Note that is only the taxes collected on the cigs themselves, not the lost sales tax on them or the taxes that the tobacco company has to pay. Ah but, you say, how is a few billion in lost revenues going to collapse the economy? Well lets see, if we all quit, the anti-smoking industry is out of work, and with as much energy I see exerted on anti-smoking ads and stop smoking products and what not, I have to assume a lot of people will be out of work. Not to mention all the tobacco companies, farmers, etc. We are well into the trillions at this point I am sure, but why stop there? That reminds me... the first year well quit, if we all use patches/gum/etc. there will be a little gain, however there is no extra tax on these products and they would only be used for a few months.

So there you go, many hundreds of billions, if not trillions, lost in tax revenues. Several hundred thousand people unemployed. I won't even go into the social ramifications of having a quarter of the population all going cold turkey as far incidents of violence go.

Ah, but now we can all breath that nice fresh air... *cough* *cough* Say, that's a nice car you have *cough*, and I see your home is getting its power from that coal plant *cough*. Me I live down the road from a trash disposal facility *cough*. I sure am glad we bankrupted the nation to breath free! *cough* Good thing you are there to protect me from myself. I should never be allowed to decide for myself if I want to smoke. Let's ban alcohol next. And fried food. And salt. MSG? Hamburger - that stuff has mad cow y'know! Chicken? thats got bird flu! We will save everyone from themselves yes? Soda, thats right out! Oh yeah, what about all you extreme sports types? I wonder how much lost productivity and insurance you people eat up every year after you break limbs and are out for a month. And on and on and on.....

As far as secondhand smokes eeeeeevil deadliness, why don't we load it up in bombs and drop it on people?

Oh that's right... because it won't kill you.

I would like to point out that every study which has concluded that smoking and second-hand smoke *WILL* cause cancer, guaranteed factually, is not lying, however the way that conclusion is reached is by putting a rat inside a small tank into which nothing but smoke from a whole pack of cigarettes is pumped. Amazingly the rats get cancer. Of course rats get cancer at the drop a hat, which I guess doesn't cont to the pseudo-scientists who conduct these studies.

Furthermore, I have never seen an actual empirical study done in which the (human) subjects were kept in a clean environment that had no toxic air seeping in from outside, no radon from the ground, no god-knows-what in the water, no high voltage lines overhead or any of the other hundreds of thousands of products we are exposed to everyday that are also known to cause cancer. What about that study a few months back that concluded that women who shave their underarms and use deodorant are going to get breast cancer? (on reading that link, its actually older than a few months, but I only heard about it a few months ago) I don't see any boycotts of deodorant for women. I don't see any threads entitled "Are women stupid for using deodorant?"

That's most of what I have to say. Flame away oh righteous anti-smokers. In the end, it will come back to "You're dumb for smoking!!!!1"; it's as convincing an argument as "Gay people shouldn't get married because it's bad for society" or "Sex outside of marriage is immoral. Ban condoms! Abstinence only!"
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