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Reply #4: Debunking this "moral panic" [View All]

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madmusic Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-29-06 12:37 PM
Response to Original message
4. Debunking this "moral panic"
This is a perfect article for this.

Record numbers viewing Internet porn

May 29 2006 at 11:05AM

By Anthony Barnes and Sophie Goodchild

London - Record numbers of men and women are downloading pornography from the Internet, making Britain the fastest growing market in the world for the booming 20-billion adult website industry.

debunk: The Naked Untruth

In the first definitive portrait of the nation's growing consumption of pornography, The Independent on Sunday revealed

debunk: "revealed"? What the hell does that mean?

In a major survey for the Independent by Nielsen NetRatings, the world-leader in Internet analysis, the research also discloses that women are among the fastest growing users of pornography on the Internet, with a 30 percent rise from one million to 1,5 million in the past 12 months.

debunk: If you can find any porn survey at Press Releases please post the link. Why wouldn't they release these figures? Why doesn't the Independent release the questions?

A huge boom in the number of hard-core sex films available to buy
The figures also show that more than half of all children - about seven million - have encountered pornography on the Internet "while looking for something else".

debunk: How often do you "encounter pornography" when you search? It is very, very rare for me. Doesn't it depend on your search terms? And when you do get pornographic hits, aren't they LINKS to pornography rather than actual pornography?

Until now, the extent of the use by Britons of Internet pornography had not been accurately measured. But the new figures show that one in four men aged 25 to 49 have visited an adult website in the past month - a total of 2,5 million.

debunk: It wasn't accurate before, but now it is. How do we know that? If they do not show us their figures, we have to take their word for it.

The surge in use of web pornography mirrors a huge boom in the number of hard-core sex films available to buy legally in the UK over the past few years. Film censors passed more hard-core sex films last year than 18-rated movies.

debunk: What does this mean?

Relationship agencies have reported that as many as 40 percent of couples with problems believe pornography has contributed to their difficulties.

debunk: What are "relationship agencies"? Why should we believe this? How do we know there weren't problems before one spouse or the other started looking at porn? And what does "as many as 40 percent mean? Does it mean 10%, 20% 30% or as many as 40%? Don't "they" know?

Christine Lacey, a senior counsellor for Relate, said: "For many women, the reaction is exactly the same as if they discovered their partner is having an affair. They may not be having sex with someone else but the effect is the same if it is detrimental to their marriage."

debunk: could be at times, but what does "many women" mean? 10? 20? 1 million?

Sandra Gidley, MP, Liberal Democrat health spokesperson, said she was "alarmed by the type of material accessible to people, particularly young people". "I'm concerned that the boundaries are being pushed on what is acceptable. Some of the hard-core stuff is quite shocking," she said.

debunk: "quite shocking"!! OMG. Good vote getter, that.

While some specialists welcomed the figures, saying they show Britons have a more liberated attitude towards sex, others warned the search for graphic images of sex acts is contributing to relationship break-ups.

debunk: Notice the brushing aside of the liberated view. No mention that liberal countries have less crime, including far less sex crimes, less teen pregnancies and less STDs.

Phillip Hodson of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy warned that this new generation of "voyeurs" risk problems in their love lives.

debunk: Watch out, "voyeurs" equals sex offenders, and sex offenders equals baby rapers and child murderers! Bad, bad, people!

"The Internet has made sex-lazy men even sex-lazier where they get lost in their own world," he added.

debunk: "sex-lazy"? What the hell does that mean? Again, were there marital problems before. Does porn ever enhance a marriage by opening up communication and giving it a spark?

"It used to be said that men neglected foreplay, but now they are neglecting sex."

debunk: "They." Who the hell are they? How many "They" are there? Every man? Or just every man who looks at porn? Is everyone who ever looked at porn addicted to it?

The UK porn industry is estimated to be now worth about 1-billion, compared with 20-billion worldwide. British Internet surfers look up the word "porn" more than anyone in the English-speaking world. - The Independent

Debunk: See above, and again, the article not once proves this is a bad thing.

This is supposed to news. Yeah, of the "Fair and Balanced" variety.

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