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Reply #33: I agree with you, faithnotgreed. I don't really understand why people are [View All]

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Catrina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-17-06 01:23 AM
Response to Reply #25
33. I agree with you, faithnotgreed. I don't really understand why people are
so upset.

This is what I think and it's just my opinion after listening to Jason Leopold today, and considering the number of other reporters who also seemed to be expecting 'something big' to happen very soon.

I think that Jason Leopold is not the only reporter who was given the information he reported in his article. As he said, he expected this to be all over the news this past weekend.

Those who mentioned, last week, the possibility of big news re a Rove indictment, include:

David Schuster
Chris Matthews
Bill Israel (Rove's friend and a reporter)
Joe Wilson, according to at least two people, heard similar info to that which JL published from various sources.
Larry Johnson, who came to DU to back up JL also heard similar news from various sources. (this was verified by Jeralyn Merritt who emailed him to verify his ID on DU).

I think there are others in the media who were also told what Jason Leopold was told.

I also think that no matter what happens, Jason Leopold, Truthout and all those others who got the info, believe the sources.

The question is, why didn't the others publish the story? I think it's possible that they could not get confirmation of the meeting with lawyers from Luskin ~ Leopold did say Luskin met with Fitzgerald, but Luskin denies that.

It's possible that someone other than Fitz met with Luskin, or someone in the lawfirm other than Luskin met with Fitz. Luskin has played with words before.

Leopold said he tried to get Luskin on the phone, but Luskin did not return his call. Maybe that's there JL made a different decision than the others. They were reluctan to go ahead without a confirmation from Luskin, JL went ahead anyway, confident that his sources were enough.

Luskin however, made a statement that wasn't true. He said that as far as he knew, Fitz was in Chicago on Friday. But we know that Fitz was in Court in DC regarding the Plame investigation. He was mistaken.

I will not be one of those who loses faith in TO or Jason Leopold if there is no indictment dated May 12th. If a reporter gets a story like this from various sources who he trusts what should he do? Imo, he should not hold it back from the public. I think Jason Leopold did the right thing. I have a feeling that this is how journalism used to be. A reporter gets a story, his editors check it out, and they publish it.

The problem is the MSM now doesn't do this anymore, out of fear that they may get in trouble with this WH. Things have changed as Colbert said, 'make, announce, type.'

The only criticism I have of JL is with regard to not getting one of the lawyers to verify the story. Especially since it involved Rove who is notorious for his deviousness.

I'm glad a few people, like Larry Johnson, have backed JL up. As you said though, I really don't see why so many people are upset ~ unless they think he made the whole thing up, which I do not. I think he published what he was told. He believed it was true. If it turns out it is not, it's no big deal. But he will have to find out why his sources were wrong. What I hope if that happens is that other reporters who had the same info will have the courage to say so.

What is strange is how silent everyone else is, even on the right. No one is saying anything. I think everyone is waiting for the indictment they apparently believe is coming. If it doesn't, then it means Rove made a deal, imo.

Thanks for your posts ~ I think we are in agreement ~

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