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Reply #207: OK, let me answer these one at a time [View All]

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Steve A Play Donating Member (638 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue May-09-06 02:51 PM
Response to Reply #138
207. OK, let me answer these one at a time
Let's start with what she claimed was the BIGGEST Freedom of Information Act COST in the history of the US.. that was HER CLAIM, you telling me that was chump change?

I didn't even mention the FOIA requests or their costs, you brought it up. Since you did, I'll respond to that. First off, I don't remember Bev or anyone else from making the claim that it was, "the BIGGEST Freedom of Information Act COST in the history of the US". It's true that over 3000 simultaneous requests for information were sent, one to every county in the country, making it the biggest FOIA REQUEST ever filed, but you inserted the word COST in that statement. (In ALL CAPS no less!) Please rescind the statement or back it up with a link.

Yes, the FOIA requests were extremely costly, but they were paid for with donations and grant money. Their costs had absolutely nothing to do with the Diebold settlement money which was placed into a special account earmarked for litigation only.

How much has she paid her "staff" (family) and board of directors for the past few years?

Well since isn't even two years old yet, I'm not sure how you can ask about "the past few years".

You seem to have the concept of how a 'non profit organization' operates confused somehow, so let me explain it to you. Bev Harris does NOT pay anyone, she gets paid by the volunteer Board of Directors of the organization, not the other way around. As I mentioned, the 'board' serves in a voluntary capacity and receive NO compensation for their day to day work. The board of directors controls the organization's bank account and makes the spending decisions, NOT Bev Harris.

We'll just have a look at the Books, according to my wife at some point she has to make the money PUBLIC and then there's going to be some fur flying, you don't think about 70,000 witnesses HERE on the DU have any brains at all?

Well good luck trying to "have a look at the Books". Although your wife is correct that our IRS Form 990, which is due to be filed on May 15, becomes a 'public record', I'm not aware of any laws that require us to publish our "books". Perhaps if you call our accounting firm in advance they may be willing to work something out with you. Since you are obviously going into this with an open mind, ("there's going to be some fur flying" ? :eyes: ) I'm almost certain that we'll just stop our election reform work and go out of our way to accommodate your fishing expedition. :rofl:

Do you actually believe that there are 70,000 active DUers and they all agree with your version of events? You should try looking at the profiles page here and then check out when each person last posted.

That's a big chunk of people to be grifting from, you don't think there are CPA's here, folks that can find out?

Well i'm fairly certain that a competent CPA couldn't find 70,000 active DUers that agree with you currently posting on this board. :)

Is this an INVITATION TO FIND OUT, because you can consider it done if so.

Go for it! You might learn something. :hi:
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (01/01/06 through 01/22/2007) Donate to DU

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