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Compilation of threads on 2/06 Cheney shooting incident, including videos [View All Edits]

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Original message
Compilation of threads on 2/06 Cheney shooting incident, including videos
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Edited on Sun Feb-19-06 06:07 AM by Nothing Without Hope
A version of this same compilation is in the GD Forum:
thread title (2-17-06 GD): COMPILATION OF CHENEY SHOOTING THREADS - with comments/excerpts:
Comment/excerpt: Repost of updated thread started in this forum Feb 14. At time of posting, it is identical to the version in the Research Forum.

A cartoon to start this off:

DU threads on Cheney shooting - threads on videos are at the end:
thread title (2-12-06 LBN): Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter
Comment/excerpt: Harry Whittington, 78, was "alert and doing fine" after Cheney sprayed Whittington with shotgun pellets on Saturday at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas, said property owner Katharine Armstrong. Armstrong said Cheney turned to shoot a bird and accidentally hit Whittington. She said Whittington was taken to Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

Cheneys hunting is bizarre anyway:
thread title (2-12-06 GD): There's something wrong w/ Cheney -- killed 70 TAME birds in one trip
Comment/excerpt: The poster notes In one incident that received some press coverage, Cheney and his pals had 500 farm raised pheasants -- that is, birds that had lost their fear of people -- released before them. The party killed 417 birds in one day, with Cheney bagging 70 of the tamed animals himself. This is not hunting. This is slaughter. This represents the same mental illness that caused W to kill small animals as a child. Isn't wanton killing of small animals by children a sign of mental illness and a marker for violent criminal behavior in the adult?

Tom Lehrer wrote a song about it years ago many stanzas, all apropos:
thread title (2-12-06 GD): Dedicated to dead eye Dick: Tom Lehrer's "Hunting Song"
Comment/excerpt: I always will remember,
'Twas a year ago November,
I went out to hunt some deer
On a morning bright and clear.
I went and shot the maximum the game laws would allow:
Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.

Humane Society Presidents statement:
thread title (2-12-06 LBN): Humane Society statement on Cheney's accident

Interesting points on corporate media Fuddgate spin in this thread:
thread title (2-13-06 GD): A few things I've noticed about the shooting accident
Comment/excerpt: First was the expected minimization of the incident and the downplaying of the wounds of a man who's still in intensive care. Most of these comments are from the ranch owner Katharine Armstrong, daughter of a former Halliburton director and professional Republican Pioneer bootlicker. The true scope of Wittinton's injury is indicated in this Dallas Morning News article:
A friend who has talked to family members said that Mr. Whittington was hit by about 50 birdshot pellets. He underwent surgery Sunday morning to remove some of the pellets, and doctors have told his family that the shot apparently did not damage any major organs.
thread title (2-13-06 GD): Cheney's companion at fault in shooting, White House says
Comment/excerpt: White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan tried to absolve Cheney of blame for shooting wealthy Austin lawyer Harry Whittington, saying that hunting protocol was not followed by Mr. Whittington when it came to notifying others that he was there. And so, you know, unfortunately, these types of hunting accidents happen from time to time.

This one has helpful facts on gun safety and how Cheney ignored them:
thread title (2-13-06 GD): THINK FIRST, SHOOT SECOND. That guy took a full blast to the face. Period
thread title (2-12-06 GD): Texas shooting: was Cheney drunk?
Comment/excerpt: Makes the point that there is NO EXCUSE for what happened: Confirming one's target (which includes making certain no one is inadvertently down range) is one of the foremost rules of shooting and hunting: the very reason that in most states, accidentally shooting another human is not only felony criminal negligence (at the very least), but grounds for automatic lifetime revocation of hunting privileges.
thread title (2-13-06 GD): This gets better - Cheney doesnt even HAVE the proper hunting license!
Comment/excerpt: From CNN: While the state Parks and Wildlife Department issued Cheney a warning for not possessing a required stamp on his hunting license, the sheriff's department said there was no alcohol or misconduct involved in the incident.
thread title (2-13-06 GD): Smoking Gun has First Cheney Accident Report
Comment/excerpt: So the cover was light and Whittington was wearing blaze orange cap and vest no wonder Cheney mistook him for a quail. Also says no alcohol was involved but how could they know? Cheney was cited for not having the proper hunting stamp.

Caught off-camera: NBC WH correspondent furious about hushup of shooting:
thread title (2-13-06 GD): WOW! David Gregory v. McClellan go at it off camera. . .Tribune reports!
Comment/excerpt: Why was the White House relying on a Texas rancher to get the word of Cheney's hunting accident out over the weekend, asked Gregory, accusing McClellan of ducking and weaving. You don't have to yell, McClellan said. I will yell,'' said Gregory, pointing a finger at McCellan at his dais. "If you want to use that podium to try to take shots at me personally, which I dont appreciate, then I will raise my voice, because thats wrong.

All the victims fault, eh?
Comment/excerpt: Oregon instead of Texas, but still shows how false the spin has been. 01/16/2004 -Associated Press - A hunter who critically wounded another hunter in November after mistaking him for a deer was sentenced to 20 days on the sheriff's road crew.
thread title (2-13-06 GD): The guy Cheney shot was involved in Funeralgate (gravedumping by Bush pal)
Comment/excerpt: In 1999, Bush named Austin lawyer Harry Whittington (shot this weekend by Dick Cheney) to be the new director of Texas State Funeral Commission after a major shakeup in which the former director, Eliza May, was fired while investigating accusations of grave-dumping by SCI, the largest funeral-home operator in the world, headed by Robert Waltrip, a longtime Bush friend and major campaign contributor.
thread title (2-13-06 GD): Character Issues & Collateral Damage
Comment/excerpt: Thoughtful H2O Man post on Whittingtons shooting by Cheney. Part of it: Dick and friends tried to make it sound like it was the victim's fault. They said he didn't let the VP know he was coming up behind him. Please. The guy had an orange jacket. Then the story became that the sun was in Dick's eyes. You don't shoot anything (or anyone) you can't identify. But Cheney will blame his friend for his error. His friend becomes collateral damage, less important than poor Dick's reputation. These are serious character issues.
thread title (2-14-06 GD): For the record "Peppering"
Comment/excerpt: Hunters call being "peppered" what happens when a guy a hundred yards away from you shoots at a bird flying up high and the shot after reaching its apogee, falls back to earth, under the power of gravity. The shot has no power behind it, and while it stings a little, it is harmless. It is like a baseball coming back to hit you in the head in the outfield, a far cry from a pitcher getting smacked by a line drive. Cheney fucking shot the guy at 30 paces, well within the killing range of a shotgun. This aint gettin "peppered" folks, it's called getting BLOWN AWAY!
thread title (2-13-06 GD): How it happened?
Comment/excerpt: An amazing mathematical. analysis of guns, ammunition, logistics that concludes the WH version of events is distorted/untrue. Excerpt: Short version: No matter how you slice it, Dick almost blew this guys head off. N.B. I wouldnt be surprised if, since the target is quite old (esp. to be running around hunting), he has other health problems which might be exacerbated by this, leading to his demise. Dick may join Aaron Burr in the Killer-VP category, yet. Long version: I conclude the target was within 10 or 15 yards, at most, of Dick and possibly as close as 5 yards. My reasons for saying this are algebraic.

thread title (2-14-06 GD): CNN BREAKING: Whittington back in ICU
Comment/excerpt: Only the announcement in the OP, but much more added as it was reported in the replies. Apparently the birdshot went much deeper than the WH claimed, and some made its way to his HEART. Makes it clearer why he was evacuated to ICU from a helicopter. Also a strange comment about the WH-associated doctor(s) confer with the hospital is this for PR? Hard to imagine a medical reason for it. They claim that they cant do surgery to remove the pellet(s) because they dont know where it is. That sounds unlikely.
Links to this story update in replies in this thread:
Yahoo News:
CNN online:
thread title (2-14-06 LBN): BREAKING: Whittington suffers heart attack!
Comment/excerpt: BREAKING NEWS Man shot and wounded by Vice President Cheney suffers minor heart attack after birdshot becomes lodged in his heart, hospital spokesman says. Links given in replies: /
thread title (2-14-06 GD): The Reason For the Cheney Coverup: He's Guilty of a FELONY under TX Law!
Comment/excerpt: berni_mccoy cites the Texas penal code.
thread title (2-14-06 GD): Attorney on Ed Schultz' Show just said he researched TX law, and {the reason the WH Drs are so involved in this Whittington case is that they're scared! TX law states "If a victim dies "WITHIN ONE YEAR" of a shooting incident, the shooter can be charged with involuntary manslaughter!}
thread title (2-14-06 GD): Texas newpaper: Responsibility yours, Cheney; stand up and take it
Comment/excerpt: You shot a guy. Don't blame the sun or the wind or the rotation of the Earth. And for goodness' sake, don't blame Harry Whittington....
thread title (2-14-06 GD): Cheney Shooting scandal hostess -- over $20 BILLION business w/ Bush admi
Comment/excerpt: The real scandal at Armstrong Ranch was not the accidental shooting of Whittington, but the fact that Cheney was undoubtedly discussing business with his hostesses while enjoying the lavish hospitality of this elite facility owned by that same hostesses-lobbyist.
thread title (2-14-06 GD): What Happens in Texas Hunting Accidents If You're Hispanic?
Comment/excerpt: Juan Garza Mendoza, 34, an employee of the ranch, was charged Monday with manslaughter, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.... They mistakenly shot a human being, he {the sheriff} said. It's reckless. It's inexcusable.
thread title (2-14-06 GD): MSNBC scrubs "beer or two" comment from its story...
Comment/excerpt: MSNBC reports Armstrongs there may have been a beer or two comment and then quickly scrubs it from their site.
thread title (2-14-06): Scrubbed MSNBC screenshot found!
Comment/excerpt: What the fuck is so hard to understand about that being a major fucking story? Yeesh. Say it again, to yourself, with objectivity: THE VP SHOT A GUY IN THE FACE W/ A SHOTGUN AND TRIED TO COVER IT UP (and was probably fucking shitfaced to boot). In the immortal words of South Park "This is some fucked up shit right here". We're in crazy, fucking bizarre, twighlight zone territory.
post title (2-14-06 GD): MEDIA MATTERS raises important points about Rove's & Cheney's decisions:
Comment/excerpt: The two points they concentrate on in this Feb 14 article:
  • Media overlooked Armstrong's conflicting accounts of whether she coordinated with Cheney
  • Media ignored Rove's involvement while reporting that Vice President's Office was solely responsible for delayed disclosure
thread title (2-14-06 GD): A closer look at Katherine Armstrong's story
Comment/excerpt: Six statements by Armstrong that do not bear up under examination
thread title (2-14-06 GD-P): ED. CARTOONS - Cheney's Got A Gun! Series - 02/14/06
thread title (2-16-06 GD): Whittington-Bush Texas Funeral Scandal
Comment/excerpt: gives a timeline for Funeralgate.
thread title (2-15-06 GD): Cheney could face criminal charges
Comment/excerpt: Yahoo News Dallas defense attorney David Finn, who has been a state and a federal prosecutor, said Wednesday that a Texas grand jury could bring a charge of criminally negligent homicide if there is evidence the vice president knew or should have known there was a substantial or unjustifiable risk that his actions would result in him shooting a fellow hunter.
thread title (2-16-06 GD): Serious issues with the Cheney storyline that the MSM are not asking!
Comment/excerpt: List of some of the important questions NOT being asked by the corporate Press.
thread title (2-16-06 GD): My, oh my. It never stops. Know who Whittington's wife is?
Comment/excerpt: Mercedes Baker Whittington, the sister of James A. Baker III.
thread title (2-16-06 GD): Franken asks - without doubt - THE BEST question so far about Cheney!!
Comment/excerpt: Why ddnt Cheney go to the hospital?
thread title (2-16-06 GD): Cheney Partied On, After Sending Whittington to the ICU --->>>
Comment/excerpt: A compilation that gives a timeline for Cheney.
thread title (2-16-06 GD): Investigation Reopened into Cheney Shooting
Comment/excerpt: The Dallas Morning News on the Cheney hunting accident: Kenedy County sheriff's deputies have redoubled their efforts to investigate the case after criticism of their decision not to interview witnesses until a day after the shooting. "
Not that this will accomplish anything -the evidence can't really be gathered now. No alcohol test and the witnesses have had plenty of time to make up a cover story and be sure they all can repeat it.
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Keep asking the question, "Was alcohol involved?"
Comment/excerpt: Posted by Skinner. Excerpt: No self-respecting liberal would claim to know whether or not Cheney was drunk. It would be irresponsible, unethical, and politically dangerous to turn this into a "Republicans say he was sober and Democrats say he was drunk" situation. Instead, we should simply ask the question, relentlessly: "Was alcohol involved?" There are plenty of inconsistencies and red flags in this story that give us good reason to ask. Skinner lists nine of them and suggests we keep asking about them. Because, IMHO if you've got republicans on TV 24-7 insisting that the Vice President of the United States was not drunk when he shot that guy in the face, we've pretty much already won the argument.
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Question: Why does Mr. Whittington say Friday?
On camera, Whittington says the shooting happened on FRIDAY, not SATURDAY as has been reported.
WASHINGTON POST VIDEO here the Friday comment is just before 1 minute (there is an ad before the Whittington video starts):
(Ive also saved a full-screen shot but did not upload it because of its size.)
Reuters reports ( ) the speech and gratuitously adds, after the Friday statement that he meant Saturday: "We all assume certain risks in whatever we do. Regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen. And that's what happened last Friday," Whittington said, meaning on Saturday.

Another thread on the Friday vs Saturday issue:
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Whittington Shot on Friday?
thread title (2-17-06 GD): CBS doing their own scrubbing - sheriff barred from questioning VP
Comment/excerpt: Links given to show how CBS removed the following comment about Texas authorities being barred from interviewing Cheney from their 2/13 report: Texas Sheriff Barred From Interviewing Cheney About Shooting Incident ~ CBS News reports that local law enforcement officials were prevented from interviewing Vice President Cheney after he accidentally shot a 78-year-old man during a hunting trip. CBS News White House correspondent Peter Maer reports Texas authorities are complaining that the Secret Service barred them from speaking to Cheney after the incident. Kenedy County Texas Sheriffs Lt. Juan Guzman said deputies first learned of the shooting when an ambulance was called. The thread also has CBSs lame defense of this scrubbing.
thread title (2-17-06 GD): More Whittington PIX --->>>
Comment/excerpt: Close-up photos show extensive swelling, wounds, and very yellow bruising. Was he actually, as he said in his statement, shot on FRIDAY?
thread title (2-17-06 GD): A Quail Hunter Has 5 Pointed Questions For Cheney
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Alex Jones investigates Cheney shooting story
Comment/excerpt: Links to a page reporting a series of detailed, controlled ballistic tests that appear demonstrate both with respect to spread of charge and penetration into tissue that Whittington was about 15 feet away from Cheney, NOT 90 feet as has been claimed. There is also a VIDEO report on these thests. Page with the report and the link to the video:
thread title (2-18-06 GD): David Gregory: Why the Cheney Story Matters
Comment/excerpt: David Gregory is the chief WH correspondent for NBC and was involved in especially heated exchanges with McClellan over this issue and the blatant non-answers to repeated, direct questions. This OP is based on his blog. Excerpt: Mr. Cheney, in my view, acted as if he had something to hide. He also chose to allow a witness to this accident and the White House press secretary to spend three days portraying this as the fault of the shooting victim, Harry Whittington. Wednesday, Mr. Cheney changed course and took the blame. That invites press scrutiny. This episode was also emblematic of how the Vice President chooses to communicate with the press and by extension the public. It also revealed tension within the White House between the staffs of the President and Vice President.
thread title (2-18-06 LBN): AP: "VP Accident Tale Filled With Discrepancies"
Comment/excerpt: The AP article outlines discrepancies in story regarding (posters list): Blame, Drinking, Victim's Condition, License, Disclosure, Telling Washington
Comment/excerpt: More on Karen Armstrong as a major lobbyist. Excerpt: So the story line so far: Vice President Richard Cheney shot a man wearing a bright orange vest and hat with a $23,000 shotgun WHILE HUNTING ON THE RANCH OF A REGISTERED LOBBYIST!!.... Let me get this right: Armstrong was paid $160,000 to set up a meetine with a veeery important WH official. Chney is an old old friend who hunts on her ranch--who else would she lobby BUT him--or Bush, who knows her well also. Scooter Libby might be a possibility---the article says she lobbyed Rove also, but he's not the WH official she won't name. Here''s a laugh: she "can't remember" which White House official she was paid $160,000 to set up a meeting with--OH LOOK MSM!!! Natallee Holloways Mom is suing the perpetrator!!...
thread title (2-19-06 GD): Jane Hamsher Explains the WIDER IMPORTANCE of the Cheney Shooting Story
Comment/excerpt: Very insightful analysis by Jane Hamsher of firedoglake. As Jane sees it, Fuddgate has weakened Cheney, and this has in turn lessened his clout in strong-arming Congressional members into toeing his line., at least for now. One major issue impacted by this, Jane believes, is the status of NSA Spygate investigation.

VIDEO clips related to Cheney shooting incident:

thread title (2-13-06 GD): VIDEO-Cheney Shooting with White House clips as handled by KO
Comment/excerpt: KO on Fuddgate, especially the delay in the reporting of it. McClellan ducking the questions of frustrated, angry WH reporters who want to know why the reporting was delayed 22 hours and came through a private citizen (the ranch owner). Someone also made the point that the Corpus Christi paper that broke the story is an AP paper and wanted to know why AP didn't pick it up for national dissemination

VIDEO - links to two Can-o-Fun clips from the Feb 14 Olbermann show:
From Can-o-Fun, links given to pages that load the video clips. One features an interview with Paul Burka of Texas Monthly about the shooting itself and the other features an interview with a doctor about the nature of the injuries. In the second one, Keith got temporarily confused about the distance numbers and said "90 yards" when he meant "90 feet or 30 yards." His clarification comes later in the clip.
Part I: Can-o-Fun title: VIDEO- Paul Burka on the Cheney Shooting
Part II: Can-o-Fun title: VIDEO- How Closely was Whittington Shot by Cheney?
thread title (2-15-06 GD): VIDEO- John Dean on the Cheney Shooting (Anderson comment)
Comment/excerpt: Keith Olbermann discusses discrepancies & handling of the Cheney shooting story with John Dean. Cheneys friend Whittington is really only an acquaintance.
thread title (2-16-06 GD): VIDEO- KO Covers the Hunting Discrepancies (Brand-Booze)
Comment/excerpt: Liveoaktx VIDEO clip from Keith Olbermann shoots the hell out of Cheney's story. Shows the discrepancies between Cheney's Fox interview and other testimony, then brings on attorney Brand for some more questions.

thread title (2-13-06 GD): VIDEO- The Daily Show-Cheney ....; SHOT
Comment/excerpt: Possibly the funniest Jon Stewart show EVER. And absolutely devastating to the WH.
thread title (2-15-06 GD): VIDEO- The Daily Show Night 2 on Cheney SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE FACE
Comment/excerpt: Jon gives his hilarity alert scale:
And because of Whittingtons heart attack, he downgraded the story from Level 2 to Level 3. If he dies, it will go to level 5, he said.

thread title (2-14-06 GD): VIDEO- Letterman Jokes about Cheney
Comment/excerpt: A two-parter Can-o-Fun set. Not as killingly funny or bitingly incisive as the Jon Stewart piece, but a LOT of time was spent on it and the WH was not given much respect.
thread title (2-15-06 GD): VIDEO- Letterman -Second night of jokes about Cheney
Comment/excerpt: The Feb 14 show. Says Cheney didnt have the license to hunt quail and we didnt have a license to go into Iraq. Two hilarious edited statements by Cheney the first has him saying I am armed with knives and am trained to kill people.
thread title (2-16-06 GD): VIDEO- Letterman on Cheney Night 3
Comment/excerpt: Quail are rumored to be hiding in the mountains near Pakistan. Strong statement on the drinking aspect was Cheney drinking before we invaded Iraq? Heart attack!!? says Cheney, Dont steal MY act, bitch, or Ill take you out!

thread title (2-14-06 GD): VIDEO- Craig Ferguson on Cheney-COMEDY
Comment/excerpt: Very funny, has some real zingers. One of them: Finally theres a secret that Dick Cheneys office can keep..

VIDEO - links to 2 Can-o-Fun clips for Feb 14 WH Press Conference:
For most of this, McClellan is blatantly dodging questions. He keeps insisting that they should "move on" to matters of more importance to "the American People." Some interesting comments from the reporters. One said that it "doesn't pass the sniff test." But that was NOT the Fox News reporter, who unctuously repeated McClellan's talking points rather than asking an actual question.
Part I: (shows David Gregory's frustration with McClellan's stonewalling):
Part II:
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Question: Why does Mr. Whittington say Friday?
On camera, Whittington says the shooting happened on FRIDAY, not SATURDAY as has been reported. Mistake or even a bigger coverup than we thought?
WASHINGTON POST VIDEO here the Friday comment is just before 1 minute (there is an ad before the Whittington video starts): or
(Ive also saved a full-screen shot but did not upload it because of its size.)
Reuters reports ( ) the speech and gratuitously adds, after the Friday statement that he meant Saturday: "We all assume certain risks in whatever we do. Regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen. And that's what happened last Friday," Whittington said, meaning on Saturday.
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Dick Morris: Cheney: Alcohol involved? (Crooks and Liars)
Comment/excerpt: Skinner posts on this Crooks & Liars contribution. Dick Morris raises the question of whether Cheney was drunk, and Hannity says falsely, of course that Cheney does not have a history of drinking.
thread title (2-17-06 GD): VIDEO- Ron Reagan Jr about Cheney- ONLY Ron Reagan Jr
Comment/excerpt: Liveoaktx/Can-o-fun VIDEO of Ron with Hannity, Tucker & Tweety they couldnt touch him, and he cracked them up. He said Cheney outranks Bush and hes right. Very fine and hard-hitting.
thread title (2-17-06 GD): Alex Jones investigates Cheney shooting story
Comment/excerpt: Links to a page reporting a series of detailed, controlled ballistic tests that appear demonstrate both with respect to spread of charge and penetration into tissue that Whittington was about 15 feet away from Cheney, NOT 90 feet as has been claimed. There is also a VIDEO report on these thests. Page with the report and the link to the video:

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