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Post questions and bug reports in this thread [View All Edits]

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Original message
Post questions and bug reports in this thread
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Edited on Wed Feb-11-09 07:27 AM by Earth Bound Misfit
If you have any questions or bug reports about this new forum, please edit them into the Talk Box in this thread.

Updating "Campaign Underground 2006" to 2008 in front of the Research Forum? Thanks!

DU Gallery
I have a question how do I get my picture in here it looks like a lot of members are already here that is in the Gallery?? --stop the bleeding

First you need to upload your picture to the Internet somewhere. Then you can link to it by typing the url to the pic. Edit into the correct gallery by clicking the "Edit" link and then copying the format used on the other pictures. --Skinner

"View Code" link
So, you can only edit the Open Edit link. Why the 'view code' on the other links? Will all the 'Edit Links' show up on the Open Edit link? Sounds VERY INTERESTING! ---patdem

Yes, the point of this is so members can all edit the same topic. So the edits are done by clicking the edit link. The "view code" button is if you need to grab the code from a previous post. These issues are both discussed in the thread how to use this forum which is pinned to the top of the thread.--Skinner

Practice Thread
Hey! This sounds like a cool idea. Thanks, guys! I'm just not familiar with wiki-type editing, though. And I imagine others are in the same boat. Could you put up a pinned practice thread, so we don't have to worry about wrecking somebody else's work if we want to participate? If there is a practice thread, people can get used to how to do this, until they're ready to hit the big time in the real threads. ...and I also do wonder what happens if there is a hot dispute regarding the "facts"? --Wordie

Good idea with the practice thread. I'll set one up. I don't know what will happen when there is a dispute about "facts." Hopefully people are smart enough to know the difference between facts and opinions. But I suspect we'll find out soon enough. --Skinner

Adding Links
What about adding a place for documents/links that can be eventually integrated into the editing? For example, I found some information on Bush's impeachment, but I do not want to actually edit the document--just want it as a suggested research document/link. It would be nice to have a place for suggestions to help the editing process. Also , a bibliography of some sort would be helpful (might help with facts vs. opinions) and it would make it look more like a wikipedia. That is my two cents. --twaddler01

If you have some links that would be helpful for the impeachment section, I think you should add them to the document. Maybe add a section at the end of the page called "Links" or something. Same with the bibliography. There is a "tips and tricks" section in my pinned thread "How To Use This Forum" -- people could post suggestions there. --Skinner

DU Gallery
When posting a picture in the Gallery, do we insert it in alphabetical order, or do we insert it at the end of the list of URLs already there? --frogmarch

Insert it in alphabetical order. --Skinner

Kudos to mods for finding another way to harnass the power of internet and power of DU collective thinking. This tool might be extremely useful for DUr's and visitors, if it works out. I'm excited. No idea if I'm doing this correctly, though. --wiggs

Thanks. I also think it could be very helpful useful if it works out. I think people are still a little nervous about using it. Once everyone gets comfortable with it, I think it should work pretty well. --Skinner

I think some people are getting the hang of it, based on how much the forum grows each time I check it. This is great! thanks again- stop the bleeding

Glad you like it. I also think people are figuring it out.--Skinner

Explaining Edits
On the nickname threads, could we please have a short explanation where the name came from (unless it's blindingly obvious)? I've added one to the nicks I've posted --Maeve

I think on all threads, it's a good idea to explain any edits. --Skinner

Appropriate Topics for this Forum
About a week or so ago, I kinda started a thread where a few of us began to post major links to media/press websites - sorta like mega search locations where DUers can rapidly pull up radio/tv broadcasts all over the world AND find newspapers/magazines. We even put one site on there which contained a simple translation program (free, no registration) which people can use to get instant newspapers translated into simple English from other major languages. I can't find the thread now. . .but. . .well, is this a place where general information like that could be posted in a thread as a fast media resource? I...was hoping...well, like we hear a news event happening, like in the M.E., and we can check out how lots of places are reporting it instead of just the U.S./U.K./Canada media. --kevinbgoode

That is EXACTLY the type of thing that should be posted here. The Open Edit thread format lets many people edit a single topic. --Skinner

Unexplained Edits
I added a few items to News Sources that are Relevant to the Iraq War and everything looks OK. The only problem is, I find some unexplained edits in "My Posts". What could this mean? --occuserpens

The reason it says "Unexplained Edit" is because you did not fill in the space that says "Briefly explain your edits." --Skinner

Explaining Edits
Mmmmmm... I don't see this "Briefly..." thing. You mean in the talk box? And thanks a lot for this research forum! --occuserpens

You can't see it unless you are editing. Click the "Edit" link on any post to see it. --Skinner

I've been pondering. There are several uses that I've considered, one is a list of indicted Repubes. This could be listed by name or state, which brings me to my question. Could DU provide, for the benefit of the computationally challenged, templates for research threads. One by state and one by letter is what I had in mind. Thanks --achtung_circus

Hey, I made them myself if they work for you. --achtung_circus

They look great. Thanks. I like that you linked them from the "how to use this forum" thread. Maybe we should put them in the index, too. --Skinner

Starting a New Topic
I want to add someone else's post to this and I'm not sure how to add a thread. is the thread. I find it useful. It would be nice if it could be added with credit to the originator as he put in the work. How do I do this? --Splat@14

Instructions for starting a topic are available in the thread entitled "How to Use this Forum" --Skinner

Bug Report (Fixed)
I wanted to add to the Patwa entry in the glossary, and got "Page cannot be found." What gives? madeline_con

That was a bug. It should be fixed now. --Skinner

Now, the glossary has an "EDIT LOCK" on it. WHAT have I DONE???!!! madeline-con

Edit-Lock means someone editing the thread. The name of the person editing shows in the forum listing and at the top right-hand corner of the thread itself. --Skinner

Linking in general index
I intruded a new section "sources for political cartoons" and linked it to general index. Next, somebody made an update, but general index still links to the initial un updated version. What is wrong? Thanks. -- occuserpens

Accessing threads not on list
A thread I started soon after this forum opened is now off the first page thread list. I'm probably being stupid, but,I can't find a way to get back to it to add more stuff. Is this a bug or a feature?
Also normal threads are not editable from the archives, does that mean we have to keep our research threads kicked?

Are you sure it's not on the first page thread list? Because at this point, all of the threads are on page 1. I searched your name and found one thread: "Administration Officials, Notables and Persons of Interest by office held." Is that it? If so, it's still on page one. You do not need to kick threads in this forum. Threads in the Research Forum will remain active indefinitely, and will not drop into the archives. --Skinner

I'm stupid or blind, its there. --Hoot

Open edits for regular forum postings
Is there any way to introduce open edits for regular forum messages? This way author of the message could change it any time, not just shortly after posting? -- occuserpens

There is currently no way to introduce open edits for regular forum messages. We have programmed it so the type of thread is dependent on which forum it is posted in. We do have the ability to extend the editing period on regular posts, but we feel that one hour is a good amount of time that gives members plenty of time to make good-faith edits to their posts, but doesn't give them an open-ended ability to change their posts long after they are posted. --Skinner

Software should not convert HTML Character Codes in Edit Box
Just a minor "bug" or "feature" depending on how you look at it.

I was trying to edit the "Tips and Tricks on posting with your friends, the square brackets" topic and was going to use the character codes for the brackets instead of placeholder text like "left bracket" and "right bracket". It looks fine the first time or in preview, but, if I were to save it , things would be all screwed up after any new edits since my codes would be replaced by the actual characters.

If I use a character code for a left bracket (ampersand followed by number sign followed by the digits 91 followed by a semi-colon) it initially does the "Right Thing". It shows the left bracket in the preview area and doesn't interpret it as an html tag. However, when it fills in the Edit/Message box it removes the character code (ampersand followed by number sign followed by the digits 91 followed by a semi-colon) and replaces it with an actual left bracket.

Obviously not a huge deal, just makes it a little tough to show how to do some of the special stuff you can do in the edit box.

I'm not sure if we can actually fix this, but I definitely think it is important to do so. I'll talk to Elad about it. --Skinner

How do I convert a web address like:

To simply say and, also, hyperlinked: One America

I noticed your essential blogs list used the "English" version of the web address, and I'm so tech challenged. Thanks :hi: Catchawave

Whenever you click "post" or "edit" there is a link that says "HTML lookup table". If you click that, it shows you the code for stuff like this. Here's the code you're looking for (substitute square brackets for the pointy ones I have here):

<|One America> --Skinner

When I posted my pic in the gallery, it's one line higher than all the others in the row; the format is exactly the same as all the others. Can you help?--realisticphish

I fixed it. You were missing a line break. --Skinner

Edit history
I can go into the list of edits, but each one shows only how the thread looked after that edit. Is there a way to compare edits, so that I can see specifically what was changed? It would be the equivalent of this kind of view in Demopedia. We ought to have a way to patrol for edits that are ill-informed or downright malicious. It would create a lot of work to try to read the whole thing, beginning to end, each time there's an unexplained edit. --Jim Lane

There is not currently an easy way to compare edits. It would be an extremely useful feature to have, but I doubt we will program anything like that anytime soon. For now, we have to depend on DUers to notice malicious edits, and we have to hope that the threat of being banned is enough to keep people from doing so. Unlike wikipedia, we require registration for members to make edits, and we have a minimum post threshold before members can use the system. --Skinner

The general cohesiveness of the DU community is probably a pretty good defense against deliberate malice. I'm more worried about misinformation. Someone might add Joe Blow to the list of gubernatorial candidates, unaware that he announced a few days ago that he wouldn't run. If I happen to know about Joe's announcement, I'd like to be able to spot the error without checking the entire article. For this and other reasons, the Demopedia software is better suited to this project. I'd have to admit, though, that Demopedia has been way underutilized. The effort that DUers have already put into the Research Forum shows that the admins made a good decision to set it up this way, thus accommodating DUers who feel more comfortable with the forum format. For that, I guess we'll have to live without Demopedia-style "diffs". Contributors should be diligent about giving a brief explanation of each edit! --Jim Lane

You are correct, contributors should be diligent about giving a brief explanation of each edit. If it's not too difficult to do, we're going to try to set it up so it is required. --Skinner

I have been trying to add a link to a blog on the WA state page. But for some reason after I finish editing and push post message the link doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? /
This is the link.

The problem is that when you use the special DU code to put a link under a bit of text, you need to get rid of the "http:/ /" at the beginning of the URL. I have fixed the link. --Skinner

State races
So, I want to know, is there a prize for the most comprehensive and wonderful state information thread? :evilgrin:
--Guess Who? :P

White House Staff
Do you want a list of staff members or just a link to the WaPo link or both? About 430 for 2004. Have for 2005 also.

Research Tools
Is there a place already established to list links to research tools on the web like,,,, etc.? It seems it would be a good idea if we had a central listing of all our combined research tools in a format where we could share 'tips and tricks' on making the most effective use of our time spent researching. Perhaps it could be broken down by information type like 'Financial Searches' (follow the money!) 'News Searches', 'Public Records by State', Public Records by Category', 'Laws and Legal Information, Political Contact Information by State, Political Contact Information by Office, etc. It would really help if we could share our resources as well as our research results.

How do you embed a video? --Earth Bound Misfit

I'm surprised there is not a forum for the Valerie Plame matter - H20 did a lot of good threads on that with lots of good information. Looks like this issue is not going away for some time. Maybe its here and I'm unfamiliar enough with this forum that I've missed it. I only see the one about the Fox News appearance. Also, is there anything about 9/11 in this forum? I have files and files of stuff that it would be great to have organized. Thanks.
New question 6-16-08

I did a search on a subject (military exercises Indiana) and found this from '06:
There was a new exercise (and some articles) this month so I thought I would add them to the subject but there is no edit button like on this post and as per the instructions for this forum. - PM me if this doesn't get updated very often. - Kali
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