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DU Glossary
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Edited on Sun Nov-08-09 03:14 AM by merh
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Other

========== A ==========

AFAIK - As Far As I Know.

Agent Mike - Generic name for any government agent who might be spying on DU.

AKA - Also Known As.

All Your ___ Are Belong to Us - Words put in the mouth of Bush or an unusually dastardly public official. From a bad Japanese video-game translation "All Your Base Are Belong To Us", in which the villain says these words to a shocked survivor of Earth. Also: "you have no chance to survive make your time" "what you say?" and "for great justice." Example: BUSH: "All your oil are belong to us."

Aluminophilia - An abnormal fondness for tinfoil (q.v.); i.e. an addiction to "crackpot" theories (first used by Jackpine Radical, 6/22/06)

Anthrax Annie - Ann Coulter.

ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Arbusto - The name of one of George Walker Bush's many failed business ventures. He thought it was Spanish for 'bush', when it really meant 'shrub.' A minor but hilarious distinction.

Asparagus - Freeperish for "aspersions." Used on FreeRepublic in the context of "casting asparagus (on our country and our president).

========== B ==========

Backwash - Stephen Colbert's term for Bush supporters (also Human Backwash or the Backwash Demographic)

Backwash Cocktail - Cold beer and Kool-Aid

BCE - Bush Criminal Empire.

BCF - Bush Crime Family.

Bert the Turtle - Nickname for DINO Rep. Joe Lieberman (I - Connecticut). So named for his likeness to the mascot of the infamous "Duck and Cover" campaign when Lieberman was photographed wearing an Army helmet.

BFEE - Bush Family Evil Empire.

Big Dog - Affectionate nickname for William Jefferson Clinton

BITS - Bush Induced Tourette's Syndrome. A condition brought on by the sight or sound of the pResident in which one finds oneself spontaneously shouting obscenities at a television, radio, or computer screen.

Blivet - Ten pounds of manure in a five pound sack; DU nickname for George Walker Bush

Boner - Nickname for GOP House minority leader John Boehner

Brownie - 1. Nickname for Michael Brown, former head of FEMA. 2. An appointed official totally unqualified for his or her job.

BTA - But Then Again

Bugman - Nickname for Rep. Tom Delay (R - Texas), former House Majority Leader, who once ran a pest control business.

Bushco - An unflattering nickname for the Bush administration, emphasizing their favortism to megacorporations.

========== C ==========

Caligula - Rumored to be derived from the Latin for "little boots. Another nickname for George Bush.

Caribou Barbie - Sarah Palin. Coined by a DUer, sfexpat2000, in August 2008.

Cat Killer - aka Bill Frist -- "Frist acknowledged in a 1989 book that he routinely killed cats while an ambitious medical student at Harvard Medical School in the 1970s. His office said it had no record on how many cats died. Frist disclosed that he went to animal shelters and pretended to adopt the cats, telling shelter personnel he intended to keep them as pets. Instead he used them to sharpen his surgical skills, killing them in the process."

CCCP - Corporate Controlled Conservative Press. I think this was coined by Eric J in MN.

CLENIS - Shorthand for (Bill) Clinton's penis and the responsibility given to it (by Freepers) for all that is wrong in the USA and indeed, the world. The terms was first introduced to DU by Le Taz Hot in 2001.

CM - Corporate Media. Preferred by some to MSM, on the grounds that they are not truly mainstream.

CMTSU - Can't Make This Shit Up

"concern" - Concern troll. A supposedly devout liberal who does nothing but reiterate right-wing talking points. Example: inane degrees of affirmation-seeking: ("I'm a big time liberal, but these talking points have me worried. I don't have a problem with it, but I'm concerned that others will.") defense of tired chestnuts by a "friend": ("His argument made a lot of sense. How do I answer these criticisms?") feigned outrage, confusion or betrayal: ("I was supporting __, but now I am concerned about his ability to win.") circular reasoning: ("I'm not saying I agree with the talking points, but assuming they are true...")

Crashcart - Dick Cheney. A nickname derived from the fact that Cheney travels with a full cardiac emergency team at all times whose equipment includes a "crash cart" - a cabinet containing equipment that physicians and nurses need when a cardiac arrest occurs (the heart stops beating). Whether ol' Dick has a heart at all is still in debate.

========== D ==========

DFH - Dirty Fucking Hippie. An affectionately ironic term referring to Letist and radical types whom the Establishment loves to belittle and ignore, even though they are nearly always correct in their analyses of political issues. Believed to have been originated by the blogger, Atrios around 2002.

DINO - Democrat In Name Only.

DLC - Democratic Leadership Council, an organization of centrist Democrats.

Dont tutch the but - A phrase originated by DUer mcctatas' 5 year old in this hilarious Lounge thread, complete with visual aid.

Dupe - Duplicate (usually a duplicate post)

DUzy -

A much coveted award given by DUer JeffR, compiled weekly (usually on Fridays) of the funniest posts of DU. You can submit nominations by PMing a link to JeffR of your favorite snark, one liner, photoshop or other amusing post on DU. If you haven't had the pleasure, check out Jeff's Journal pages for the back issues.

========== E ==========

eom - "end of message" used in subject line to indicate no text in message

eol - "end of line" used in the same manner as eom. a referance to the classic disney movie tron.

========== F ==========

Fitzmas - a joke holiday, like Festivus. Based on the myth that a savior (prosecutor Fitzgerald, or St. Fitz) will return to clean house and eliminate criminals in the government. Doctrinal differences exist over the exact date when Mr. Fitzgerald saved the republic in 2006.

Freep - v. The practice of a group of people voting en masse in an online poll with the intention of skewing it to favor a specific answer.

Freep - n. A person who posts on the Free Republic forum. Also Freeper

FWIW - For What It's Worth.

Frist, Wm. - Former Senate Majority leader, see Cat Killer

========== G ==========

Germ boy - White House nickname for Scooter Libby
Libby, who worked for Cheney as an under secretary from 1990 to '92, shares his boss's obsession with biowar. Known in the Administration as "germ boy," Libby was obsessed with pre-emptively vaccinating the entire population against smallpox. (The fixation even extended to Libby's 1996 novel, The Apprentice, about a smallpox epidemic.) /

GLBT - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual or Transgender (usually referred to as a community, although as someone once pointed out, "we are all a part of that community because they are a part of ours.")

GMTA - "Great Minds Think Alike"

GOTV - Get Out The Vote

========== H ==========

Herk - an all-purpose word that can be used as nearly any part of speech (e.g. "Herk you and the herk you herked in on."). Used with some occasion in the DU Lounge.

Howie Slimeman - Howard Fineman

HUGH - "Huge", intentionally misspelled mimicry of excited internets (see "internets") utterance, frequently followed by intentionally erroneous punctuation, i.e. !!!!!!!!11!!!!!!! This is a reference to Hate Mailbag #18, in which a DU hater named "Jim" is cited as writing, "I plan to star a HUGH campaign" to stop liberal radio. We're still waiting.

========== I ==========

IANAL - "I Am Not A Lawyer"

IBTL - "In Before the Lock" used when posting to a controversial thread knowing the thread is soon to be closed to new posts.

Ignoratti - Republican voters

IIRC - If I Remember Correctly.

Illiterati - Republican voters

IMHO- "In My Humble Opinion"

IMO - "In My Opinion"

In what respect, Charlie? - Sarah Palin's response when asked in her first national interview what she thought of the Bush Doctrine.

Intelligent Design - The belief that life on Earth is too diverse to be explained by evolution and must instead be the work of a supernatural being.

IOW - "In Other Words"

IOIYAR - "It's OK If You're A Republican"

Internets - Term used by George Bush in 2004 presidential debate, presumably in reference to the "internet"

IWR - "Iraq War Resolution"

========== J ==========

JMO - "Just my opinion"

Joe Lieberman -- Also know as Burt the Turtle.

========== K ==========

Kick - The practice of replying to a thread to keep it current in the hierarchy without adding significant comment. The word "kick" is often in the subject or message body. Also often used is the term bump.

K & N - Kicked and Nominated for the Greatest Page

K & R - Kicked and Recommended for the Greatest Page

Kitteh - Kitten misspelled (usually in the Lounge) taking after the LOLcats phenom

KSOTO - Keen Sense Of The Obvious (common here, rare 'there')

KOEB - Keith Olbermann Estrogen Brigade. DU group of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" fans. It had its genesis in the 2004 Election Results and Discussion forum in the months following the 2004 election. Olbermann's standing as the sole MSM TV newsman to discuss the evidence of election fraud, coupled with his intelligent humor and good looks resulted in a contingent of female DUers, abetted by a number of males, who delight in mixing sharp-edged political observation with (mostly) tongue-in-cheek fangirl behavior, including the use of the floaty hearts icon.

========== L ==========

Lamestream Media - Origin unknown. Often used by Triana. Phrase is sometimes used instead of MSM or mainstream media. Lamestream media is a reference to the corporate-owned and controlled media (ie: MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, et al - all owned by Viacom, Time-Warner, GE, Rupert Murdoch/Newscorp, and Disney) who have a collective loyalty to Republicans and particularly the bu$h regime and who additionally have a nasty penchant for slinging infotainment/fluff/crap, misinformation, disinformation, non-information, and government propaganda (mostly Republican) onto the public airwaves instead of real news. They seek to misinform, control, hide and distract rather than serve and inform the voting public. Being corporate-controlled, their only priority is their bottom line, rather than public service and integrity. Thus the prefix 'Lame' in lamestream.

LaTourette's Syndrome - A condition that causes republicans to unexpectedly stop spouting garbage and instead talk sense. After Rep Steven LaTourette (R-OH), who staunchly defended Amtrak and the principle of passenger rail.


LIHOP - "Let It Happen On Purpose" Used to indicate that the Bush Administration LET or allowed the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States to further the goals of the PNAC (Project for the New American Century).

LIHTI - "Let It Happen Through Incompetence" The belief that incompetence on the part of the Bush administration, not structured malice, allowed the 9/11 terror attacks.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud

lolcat - an internet phenom that invades the DU lounge every sunday, bringing smiles to all. basically, photos of various critters doing supposedly anthropomophic things, complete with commentary.

looser - Freeperspeak for "loser."

LTTE - Letter to the editor.

========== M ==========

meme - A self-replicating bit of cultural/sociological information that behaves similar to how a gene behaves in cells, i.e., societal behavior is passed on in cultures much the way that genetic codes are passed on through biological replication.

MIHOP - "Made It Happen On Purpose" Used to indicate that the Bush Administration MADE (or otherwise directly orchestrated) the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States to further the goals of the PNAC (Project for the New American Century). See also "LIHOP" and "LIHTI"

mocat - the unofficial kitteh and sometimes inadvertent lolcat of the DU lounge. owned by member WannaJumpMyScooter

Mooselini - Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin

Moran - Moron, intentionally misspelled. From a freeper holding a sign with the word misspelled.

On Sunday, March 23,2003 about 350 pro-peace activists took part in a solemn funeral procession to the Boeing missile factory in St. Charles, MO. A team of civilian weapons inspectors dressed in white overalls demanded to enter the plant to inspect the US weapons of mass destruction that are being produced there. When they were denied entry, they sat down in front of the Boeing gate in protest. Later in the afternoon, 14 civilian weapons inspectors were arrested for blocking the entrance to the Boeing bomb factory.

A hostile crowd of roughly 75, flag waving, pro-war protesters showered the silent peace protesters with insults and violent threats, but they were held back by the police. The guy with the sign was demonstrating at the pro-war counter-protest on March 23, 2003 in St. Charles, Missouri.
The original source of these images is which has since been reformatted and taken down. ( )

The photo was originally posted by the St. Louis Independent Media Center at this link

That link is no longer available but if you use The Way Back Machine you see the photo posted on March 23, 2003, the date of anti-war protest.

Morels - Morals, intentionally misspelled. Freeper-speak.

MOTS - More Of The Same.

MSM - Mainstream Media.

========== N ==========

n/t or nt - no text in message, used in subject line from brevity

NGU - Never Give Up!

========== O ==========

OBSW - meaning "Oh Bull Shit W" (also see "Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga" )

OCT - Official Conspiracy Theory - refers to the official 9/11 narrative

Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga - Though it originated as a snarky chant coined by OPERATIONMINDCRIME when a DUer encouraged us to 'visualize victory' in 2006, it quickly became more after both sides of the debate recognized its appeal and shared a spiritual moment of bonding and laughter. Thereafter, some DUers adopted it to keep a positive attitude in spite of the prevailing political climate.

OP - Original Post or Original Poster - refers to the first post in a discussion thread

OT - Off Target or Off Topic.

OTOH - On the Other Hand - figure of speech

OTT - Over The Top.

OWTTE - Or Words to That Effect - indicates a paraphrase

========== P ==========

Patwa - A play on "fatwa" Islamic decree: a formal legal opinion or religious decree issued by an Islamic leader referring to an indictment made by America's own radical cleric, Pat Robertson. Mr. Robertson says he did not call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, instead suggesting he be "taken out" to "dinner" or some such. More recently, Robertson has warned New England states that they are in danger for legislation he feels is against God, and that New Orleans "deserved" to be hit by Hurricane Katrina for being a city of sin and wickedness.

Pickles - Nickname for Laura Bush, believed to stem from the character wife of Buddy Serell on the Dick van Dyke show who was never seen or heard

Pizza - An allusion to tombstoning (in which a DU account is closed) based on the Tombstone brand of frozen pizza. (see "Tombstone")

PNAC - The Project for the New American Century, a conservative think tank.

pnw3d- also "pwned" meaning to be humiliatingly beaten. from Gamer's sites, supposed to be from a misspelling of "owned"

Popcorn - A request for popcorn means that events are going down that will probably be entertaining and the poster is wanting to sit back and enjoy the show as one would an exciting movie.

Potato Head or Mr. Potato Head - Tim Russert, Meet the Press anchor. A play on both his last name and his appearance.

POTUS - President of the United States. Or, when speaking about George Bush, it means Piece Of Terribly Useless Shit. (Second definition was first seen in a posting by Binka on 6.13.2006. :thumbsup:)

PUMA - Party Unity My Ass. Usage surfaced (or resurfaced) during 2008 primary. But, was there ever party unity among Democrats?

PWI - Posting While Impaired. A condition that frequently occurs after catching up on the day's doings.

========== Q ==========

Qwerty - The most widely used keyboard layout, which takes its name from the first six characters on the top most row, read left-to-right.

========== R ==========

Radical cleric - Some of the more well known radical clerics include Pat Robertson, Muqtada al-Sadr, Jerry Falwell and Randall Terry.

Repug, rethug, or repuke - Republican.

RINO - Republican In Name Only

RKBA - Acronym. Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Refers to the Second Amendment as an individual, not collective, right as upheld by the landmark DC v. Heller (2008) SCOTUS decision.

========== S ==========

Santorum - From his own biography
In 1990, at the age of 32, Senator Santorum was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and made his mark in Congress as a champion of government accountability and welfare reform. Santorum appears to be accountable only to his corporate friends and himself. More information on Tricky Rick can be found at: /

Screwn - FReeper for "screwed", as posted on the website the morning after the 2006 midterm elections. In context: "We are screwn".

SCLM or SLM - So-called Liberal Media.

SCOTUS - Supreme Court of the United States

Scooter or Scooter Libby - I. Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney's former chief of staff who resigned in response to being indicted by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice in the investigation regarding who revealed the identity of a CIA agent to the media. "Scooter" is a childhood nickname that has stuck with him through the years. See also Germ Boy.

SERIES - Serious, intentionally misspelled mimicry of excited internets (see "internets") utterance, frequently followed by intentionally erroneous punctuation, i.e. !!!!!!!!11!!!!!!! See also: Hugh

Spud - Tim Russert, Meet the Press anchor. An alternative play on his DU nickname, Potato Head or Mr. Potato Head, which in turn, is a play on both his last name and his appearance.

The ShitStain Room - aka CNN's lauded "The Situation Room" where Wolf Blitzer reminds us about every 5 minutes and before each Commercial Break.

Swiftboat - v. To bring baseless charges against someone that are utterly belied by the evidence, especially if the evidence and facts present a picture that is the complete opposite of what is charged; To practice McCarthyism in the 21st Century.

========== T ==========

TABOR - The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, an anti-tax measure that caps state and local spending and requires a supermajority of voters to approve increases in spending beyond inflation and population growth. Also known as Tax and Expenditure Limitation (TEL). Tabor is enacted in Colorado. TABOR/TEL initiatiatives are active in several other states.

talking pillow - a talking point that has no point but is rather meant as something on which to rest a lazy, lying head

teh - 'the' misspelled as per the LOLcats phenom, used usually in the Lounge

Thanks for your concern - See "concern troll".

TIA - Thanks In Advance. (also Total Information Awareness)

Tinfoil - (from association with a Tinfoil Hat, or Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, headgear supposedly worn by psychotics with paranoid delusions who believe that the aluminum foil will protect them from alien mind-control rays and the like) An adjective meaning "paranoid," "crazy," as in "tinfoil conspiracy theory."

Tombstone - To permanently revoke the posting priveleges of a user, usually because of repeated disruption of the board. The profile page of a member who has been tombstoned will display the image of a gravestone engraved with the words "Here Lies A Disruptor. He Disrupted...Poorly," hence the term.

Total Information Awareness - an offshore information-gathering studio allegedly set up by John Poindexter after Congress banned the idea. Shorthand for warrantless wiretapping efforts.

Turdicle - Columnist Mike Barnicle. Nicknamed by grantcart, inspired by The Magistrate's comment that Barnicle is a turd.

Tweety - Chris Matthews of Hardball. Nicknamed due to the striking resemblance to the Warner Bros. character.

========== U ==========

========== V ==========

========== W ==========

weap - from the Freepish cry, lament. "What a tragedy for the first district (MS-1) to be represented by a Democrat. I weap for the future" posted on May 13 2008.

WoW - acronym for World of Warcraft, another in the long list of fine time-wasting products by Blizzard. Also used by some DU'ers and the masses in general to escape from the horror of the past 8 years.

========== X ==========

========== Y ==========

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary, used as a qualifier to a conclusion or suggestion.

========== Z ==========

zombie - Tombstoned member arising from the dead with a new name to haunt DU again.

========== Other ==========

* - Yes, I'm talking about the character "*". Yet another nickname for our fine president George W. Bush. This was originally based on the suggestion that because New York Yankee hitter Roger Maris 1961 home run record was achieved only because of the addition of 8 extra games to the regular season, his name should be noted in the record books with an asterisk and footnote. The asterisk is now popularly used indicate the special circumstances by which Bush was awarded the Presidency after the Supreme Court pre-empted the completion of a lawful recount of votes in Florida. This one was popularized by Doonesbury, in which Bush is depicted as a floating asterisk. An asterisk is also the symbol for 'anus' and 'anus-friendly' in the world of sex toy sales. Referring to George W. Bush as * also may imply that the poster believes Bush to be an asshole, a friend of assholes, a tool for assholes, etc

** - Another Bush nickname, popularized after the 2004 elections. Designates that the Bush presidency will be footnoted in history by not one but two stolen elections.

Edited by Mnemosyne after reading this OP by BecomingBrainy:
link to Demopedia with more info AZDD6

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