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Reply #17: FL-09: Greg Rublee (D) out; Senate: add Del Adolph (R) [View All Edits]

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Eugene Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-28-06 03:48 PM
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17. FL-09: Greg Rublee (D) out; Senate: add Del Adolph (R)


2006 Elections: Governor, US Senator, Other Statewide Offices, US House, State Senate, State House, Ballot initiatives/Referendums

This page was edited by: tsuki, Daylin Byak, Eugene

State Politics At-A-Glance

Population (2000 Census): 15,982,378
Electoral Votes: 27

:redbox: 2004 Presidential: Kerry (D) 47% (3,574,509), Bush (R) 52% (3,955,656), Other 1% (61,618)
:redbox: 2000 Presidential: Gore (D) 49%, Bush (R) 49%, Nader (I) 2%
:bluebox: 1996 Presidential: Clinton (D) 48%, Dole (R) 42%, Perot (I) 9%

:redbox: Governor: Jeb Bush (R) Elected: 1998 (Next Election: 2006)
:bluebox: Senior US Senator: Bill Nelson (D) Elected: 2000 (Next Election: 2006)
:redbox: Junior US Senator: Mel Martinez (R) Elected: 2004 (Next Election: 2010)
:redbox: US House (25 seats): D-7, R-18
:redbox: State Senate (40 seats): D-14, R-26
:redbox: State House (120 seats): D-35, R-85

Election Information

Primary Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for Primary Election: August 07, 2006
State Primary Date: September 05, 2006

General Election Dates
Voter Registration Deadline for General Election: October 10, 2006
General Election Date (all states): November 07, 2006

State Office in charge of Elections
Glenda E. Hood, Secretary of State
The Secretary of State is head of the Department of State and is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Governor. The Secretary serves as the State's Chief Election Officer and is second in line to succession to the Office of the Governor.
Address: R. A. Gray Building
500 S. Bronough
Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 245-6500

State Democratic Party
Florida Democratic Party
Karen Thurman, Chairperson, elected May 7, 2005 for two-years.
Address: PO Box 1758
Tallahassee, FL 32302.
Phone: (850) 222-3411

State Republican Party
Republican Party of Florida
PO Box 311
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 222-7920
Fax: (850) 681-0184

Governor's Race 2006


Glenn Burkett (D)
Nutritional Consultant & Businessman
Campaign Website: ?

Carol Castagnero (D)
Retired Teacher
Campaign Website:

John Crotty (D)
Orange County Soil-Water Conservation District Treasurer
Campaign Website:

Jim Davis (D)
US Representative
Campaign Website:

Roger Alan Hoover (D)
Campaign Website:

Phil Kennedy (D)
Frequent Candidate
Campaign Website: ?

Rod Smith (D)
State Senator
Campaign Website:

Austin Brooks (R)
Campaign Website: ?

Charlie Crist (R)
Attorney General
Campaign Website:

Bernie DeCastro (R)
Ordained Minister
Campaign Website:

Richard Paul Dembinsky (R)
Civil Engineer
Campaign Website:

Tom Gallagher (R)
State Chief Financial Officer
Campaign Website:

John Wayne Smith (L)
Campaign Website: ?

Atlee Yarrow (Soc)
State Party Secretary & Printer
Campaign Website:

US Senate Race 2006

Bill Nelson (D) Incumbent
US Senator
Campaign Website:

Del Adolph (R)
Retail Manager
Campaign Website:

Katherine Harris (R)
US Representative
Campaign Website:

Belinda Noah (R)
Attorney & Law School Adjunct Professor
Campaign Website:

Floyd Ray Frazier (I)
Campaign Website: ?

Other Statewide Races 2006

Attorney General

Skip Campbell (D)
State Senator & Attorney
Campaign Website:

Bill McCollum (R)
Former Congressman & Attorney
Campaign Website:

Joe Negron (R)
State Representative & Attorney
Campaign Website:

Everett Rice (R)
State Representative & Former Pinellas County Sheriff
Campaign Website:

Burt Saunders (R)
State Senator & Attorney
Campaign Website:

Chief Financial Officer

Adelaide "Alex" Sink (D)
Former Bank President
Campaign Website:

Milt Bauguess (R)
Businessman, Investment Advisor & Insurance Agent
Campaign Website:

Randy Johnson (R)
State Representative
Campaign Website:

Tom Lee (R)
State Senate President
Campaign Website:

Commissioner of Agriculture

Eric Copeland (D)
Attorney & Property Tax Consultant
Campaign Website:

Charlie Bronson (R) Incumbent
Commissioner of Agriculture
Campaign Website:

US House of Representatives Races 2006

US House Districts: 25

Key Races:
  • 09 OPEN SEAT, this seat is currently held by Rep.Michael Bilirakis (R).
  • 11 OPEN SEAT, This seat is currently held by Rep. Jim Davis (D).
  • 13 OPEN SEAT, This seat is currently held by Rep. Katherine Harris (R).

Candidates, by Congressional District

Joe Roberts (D), Campaign Website: ?
Jeff Miller (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Allen Boyd(D), Incumbent, Campaign Website: /
Thomas "TAF" Frederick (I), Campaign Website: ?

Corrine Brown (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Bob Harms (D), Campaign Website:
Ander Crenshaw (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Rick Penberthy (D), Campaign Website:
John Russel (D), Campaign Website:
H. David Werder (D), Campaign Website: ?
Ginny Brown-Waite (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Dave Bruderly (D), Campaign Website:
Cliff Sterns (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

John Mica (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Homer Hartage (D), Campaign Website:
Stephen Murray (D), Campaign Website:
Charlie Stewart (D), Campaign Website:
Elizabeth Doran (R), Campaign Website:
Ric Keller (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Phyllis Busansky (D), Campaign Website:
Bill Mitchell (D), Campaign Website:
Fred Taylor (D), Campaign Website:
Gus Bilirakis (R), Campaign Website:
David Langheier (R), Campaign Website:
David Lynch (I), Campaign Website: ?

Bill Young (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website: ?

Kathy Castor (D), Campaign Website:
Scott Farrell (D),Campaign Website:
Al Fox Jr. (D), Campaign Website:
Les Miller (D), Campaign Website:
Michael Steinberg (D), Campaign Website:
Jim Greenwald (R), Campaign Website:
Mike Massaro (R), Campaign Website:

Adam Putnam (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Christine Jennings (D), Campaign Website:
Mike LaFevers (D), Campaign Website:
Jan Schneider (D), Campaign Website:
Vern Buchanan (R), Campaign Website:
Nancy Detert (R), Campaign Website:
Tramm Hudson (R), Campaign Website:

Connie Mack IV (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Timothy Shipe (D), Campaign Website: ?
Dave Weldon (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

David Lutrin (D), Campaign Website:
Tim Mahoney (D), Campaign Website:
Carol McLean (D), Campaign Website:
Emmie Ross (D), Campaign Website: ?
Mark Foley (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Kendrick Meek (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Dufirstson Neree (D], Campaign Website:

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Robert Wexler (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), Incumbent, Campaign Website:
Margaret Hostetter (R), Campaign Website:

Frank Gonzalez (D), Campaign Website:
Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Ron Klein (D), Campaign Website:
John Glassie (D), Campaign Website:
Clay Shaw (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Alcee Hastings (D), Campaign Website:

Clint Curtis (D), Campaign Website:
Andy Michaud (D), Campaign Website:
Tom Feeney (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

Diane Lawrence (D), Campaign Website: ?
Mario Diaz-Balart (R), Incumbent, Campaign Website:

State Senate Races 2006

State Senate Districts: 40

Seats at stake in 2006: 20, even-numbered districts

Key Races: __

State House Races 2006

State House Districts: 120

Seats at stake in 2006: 120

Key Races: __

Ballot initiatives/Referendums

:graybox: Amendment No. 1 - State Planning and Budget Process
   Proposing amendments to the State Constitution to limit the amount of nonrecurring
   general revenue which may be appropriated for recurring purposes in any fiscal year
   to 3 percent of the total general revenue funds estimated to be available, unless
   otherwise approved by a three-fifths vote of the Legislature.

:graybox: Amendment No. 2 - Term Limits
   Proposes an amendment to Section 4 of Article VI and the creation of Section 26
   of Article XII of the State Constitution to increase, from 8 to 12, the number of
   consecutive years a state legislator may serve in that office before being denied
   the right to have his or her name appear on the ballot for re-election to that office;
   appleis to those officers whose consecutive years in office begin in November 2006 or
   thereafter; removes provisions that apply term limits by means of ballot access
   to members of Congress, which the United States Supreme Court has determined violate
   the Federal Constitution.

:graybox: Amendment No. 3 - Requiring Broader Support for Constitutional Amendments
   or Revisions
   Proposes an amendment to Section 5 of Article XI of the State Constitution to require
   that any proposed amendment to or revision of the State Constitution, whether proposed
   by the Legislature, by initiative, or by any other method, must be approved by at least
   60 percent of the voters of the state voting on the measure, rather than by a simple

:graybox: Amendment No. 4 - Protect People, Especially Youth, from Addiction, Disease,
   and Other Health Hazards of Using Tobacco
   To protect people, especially youth, from addiction, disease, and other health hazards
   of using tobacco, the Legislature shall use some Tobacco Settlement money annually
   for a comprehensive statewide tobacco education and prevention program using Centers
   for Disease Control best practices.
   Full Text (pdf)

:graybox: Amendment No. 5 - Independent Nonpartisan Commission to Apportion Legislative
   and Congressional Districts Which Replaces Apportionment by Legislature
   Creates fifteen member commission replacing legislature to apportion single-member
   legislative and congressional districts in the year following each decennial census.
   Full Text (pdf)


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