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Edited on Thu Mar-30-06 12:44 PM by chat_noir Video Clips

This is a compilation thread for liveoaktx's video clips. All links point to the original DU threads rather than directly to the videos. Links to the videos are found by clicking the links below. The videos are all hosted at liveoaktx's site Don't forget to stop by! -- EarlG

Video Clip Archive

MARCH 2006

Mar-30-06: NSA/Domestic Surveillance Hearing video compilation thread
Mar-30-06: Dems speaking out video compilation thread
Mar-24-06: Bill Maher: Rant on Global Warming
Mar-24-06: Bill Maher: Michael Ware on Permanent Bases in Iraq
Mar-24-06: Bill Maher: Michael Ware on Female Iraqis and Soldiers
Mar-24-06: Bill Maher: Mrs. Oats (Barbara Bush) Katrina Charity Contribution to Neil Bush Software Co.
Mar-24-06: Bill Maher: ATT and SBC merge with NSA to form NSAT&TBC
Mar-06-06: George Clooney's Oscar speech
Mar-06-06: Countdown: Craig Crawford - Democracy and Freedom of the Press
Mar-06-06: Countdown: C'mon Stupid, Uneducated Americans - if you're just EDUCATED you'll
Mar-05-06: Robert Reich on Protectionism (80% of military contracts going to foreign companies)
Mar-05-06: Craig Ferguson (Late Late Show) on Bush and Indian Jobs
Mar-04-06: Lou Dobbs: An Administration of False Choices
Mar-03-06: Olbermann on the O'Reilly Phone Call


Feb-12-06: Colbert Report: Gonzales' testimony on the electronic surveillance done by George Washington, et al
Feb-12-06: Hillary and Condi: Where's bin Laden? (This Week with George Stephanopoulos)
Feb-12-06: McLaughlin Report: McLaughlin calls the Washington Times a little rag
Feb-12-06: McLaughlin Report: Lawrence O'Donnell - Bush is an albatross around Republicans' necks
Feb-12-06: McLaughlin Report: Bush and Abramoff photos - president has no credibility
Feb-12-06: McLaughlin Report: report on the shoe bomb media stunt
Feb-12-06: Meet the Press: Jane Harman (D-CA) - Bush was the source of the leaks
Feb-12-06: Meet the Press: Jane Harman (D-CA) on what Congress knew about Bush's domestic spy program
Feb-12-06: Meet the Press: Tom Daschle - They were briefed about domestic spying, but insufficiently
Feb-10-06: The Abrams Report: Closing Argument on Porter Goss op ed piece on whistleblowers
Feb-09-06: White House Press Briefing-Selected Bits about Bush's Terror Story Today
Feb-09-06: Countdown: Hardball: CIA Leak Investigation - Scooter's Defense involving Cheney
Feb-09-06: Countdown: David Schuster on The Cheney Factor (Plame investigation)
Feb-09-06: Countdown: Worst Person in the World
Feb-09-06: Countdown: Heckuva threat, Brownie (The Brownie Letter - a White House ultimatum
Feb-09-06: Countdown: Gerald Posner on Bush's report of threat today - Is it Real? Is it Political? Is it 1984?
Feb-07-06: Countdown: Karl Rove, The Intimidator (threatening GOP Senators on Spygate)
Feb-07-06: Coretta Scott King funeral: Jimmy Carter
Feb-06-06: Countdown: John Dean's evaluation of the illegality of Bush's domestic spying (impeachable offense)
Feb-06-06: Countdown: Wag the DOJ (Senate Hearings on Domestic Spying
Feb-06-06: Senate Hearing on Domestic Spying: Gonzalez - "President is my client"
Feb-06-06: Senate Hearing on Domestic Spying video compilation thread
Feb-06-06: "Good Will Hunting" quote about the NSA


Jan-29-06: 2005 SOTU excerpts: Democrats refuse to stand and applaud
Jan-29-06: ABC This Week: Chuck Hagel (R-NE) questions legality of domestic NSA Spying
Jan-29-06: ABC This Week: Chuck Hagel (R-NE) challenges Rove's "pre-9/11 view of the world" statement about Dems
Jan-27-06: Countdown: Keith Olberman points out how McClellan mischaracterized Kerry's filibuster call
Jan-27-06: Countdown: musical performances by politicians (warning: John Ashcroft "sings")
Jan-27-06: Popsicle Stick Show: Bush skeered of Helen Thomas
Jan-26-06: Today Show: Howard Dean on NSA spying - the President is breaking the law
Jan-26-06: Countdown: Bush press conference swinging mike
Jan-26-06: Bush press conference: Stonewalls on questions regarding Abramoff photos
Jan-26-06: Bush press conference: Stonewalls on questions regarding Congressional inquiry on Katrina
Jan-26-06: Bush press conference: Circumventing the FISA law
Jan-25-06: McClellan press briefing: NSA, Katrina, and more
Jan-25-06: McClellan press briefing: Scotty gets the Presidential Oath of Office wrong
Jan-25-06: CanOFun Puppet Theatre
Jan-24-06: Georgetown University students' protest of Gonzalez speech on domestic spying
Jan-24-06: Georgetown University law professor, David Cole, rebuts Alberto Gonzalez' speech on domestic spying
Jan-24-06: The Daily Show: Jon Stewart lampoon's Bush's speech at KSU
Jan-24-06: NSA's General Hayden gets the Fourth Amendment wrong
Jan-17-06: Hardball: Al Sharpton smackdown of RNC flunkie re: Hillary Clinton's MLK speech
Jan-17-06: Situation Room: John Kerry agrees with Hillary Clinton that this administration will go down in history as one of the worst
Jan-17-06: McClellan press conference: Helen Thomas and David Gregory challenge Scotty again
Jan-17-06: McClellan press conference: questioned on Al Gore's speech and Walter Conkrite's interview
Jan-17-06: McClellan press conference: Martha Radditz - what constitutes a link? And, Scotty calls ACLU suit "frivolous".
Jan-17-06: McClellan press conference: NSA spying and Scotty stonewalling on Abramoff meetings with White House staff
Jan-17-06: McClellan press conference: David Gregory and Helen Thomas smack down on Abramoff and White House staff meetings
Jan-16-06: Bush broke the law - compilation of video clips
Jan-16-06: Al Gore speech in entirety - MP3 clips
Jan-16-06: Al Gore speech: "The President of the United States has been breaking the law, repeatedly and consistently."
Jan-16-06: Harry Reid press conference: Abramoff scandal
Jan-15-06: Late Edition: James Risen, et al, debunk the Saddam Hussein-al-Queda connection
Jan-15-06: McLaughlin Group: Media Brownout on Iraq War
Jan-15-06: ABC This Week: Specter says the word "impeachment"
Jan-13-06: Alito Hearings: John Flym, attorney for the plaintiff in the Vanguard case - Alito refused to recuse himself
Jan-13-06: Alito Hearings: Racial Discriminations Standards speakers
Jan-13-06: Alito Hearings: Charles Gonzalez, Judiciary Initiative Chairman of the Congressional Spanish Caucus votes no to Alito
Jan-13-06: Alito Hearings: Professor Ronald Sullivan, Yale Law School, on Alito's rulings of Fourth Amendments protections of search and privacy
Jan-13-06: Alito Hearings: Professor Ronald Sullivan, Yale Law School, disagrees that Alito is strict constructionist
Jan-13-06: Alito Hearings: Professor Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School, on presidential signing statements
Jan-13-06: Daily Show: Ed Helms lampoons Alito's wife's crying
Jan-12-06: Alito Hearings: Biden on Alito view of Executive War Powers
Jan-12-06: Alito Hearings: Grassley's and Specter's smarmy comments regarding Anita Hill
Jan-11-06: Countdown's Worst Persons in the World - Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson
Jan-11-06: McClellan gets hammered about Bush's "irresponsible critics" statement
Jan-10-06: Alito Hearings: Joe Biden on 3rd Circuit Court racial discrimination opinion
Jan-10-06: Alito Hearings: Ted Kennedy on strip search of 10 year old
Jan-10-06: Alito Hearings: Ted Kennedy on Executive Power
Jan-10-06: Alito Hearings: Patrick Leahy
Jan-09-06: Alito Hearings: Ted Kennedy, Patrick Leahy, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Russ Feingold
Jan-08-06: Late Edition: Howard Dean taking Wolf Blitzer to task over Abramoff's donations - listen for Wolf's sigh
Jan-08-06: Ted Kennedy on Alito "Just a job application"
Jan-08-06: Meet the Press: Charles Schumer on Abramoff scandal
Jan-08-06: CNN: Howard Dean criticizing Lieberman's support of Bush


Dec-29-05: 911 Commission Hearings: Bush and Keane - no connection between Saddam Hussein/Iraq and 9/11 attack
Dec-28-05: Boxer/Dean Selected Bits from Book Tour
Dec-28-05: Hardball: Domestic Spying Rand Beer, former National Security Council Staffer
Dec-28-05: Hardball: Domestic Spying Ronald Reagan, Jr. Bush Spy Smackdown
Dec-28-05: Hardball: Domestic Spying Secret FISA Court-Defense Attorney comments
Dec-27-05: Olberman smackdown of John Gibson and Bill O'Reilly
Dec-27-05: Countdown: John Dean on Impeachment of Bush over spying
Dec-27-05: Spies LIke Us -Olbermann on Bush Spying
Dec-27-05: McLaughlin Group Year End Awards-Selected bits
Dec-27-05: Hardball discussion on the likelihood of Karl Rove being indicted
Dec-27-05: CNN's Spying 101 0r understanding the NSA
Dec-23-05: Keith Olberman's D.C. Follies
Dec-21-05: Andrea Mitchell debunking Republican charges that Carter and Clinton spied on Americans
Dec-16-05: Lehrer interview: Bush denies ever saying that Saddam/Iraq were involved in the 9/11 attack
Dec-15-05: Dingell Christmas Poem (Olbermann)
Dec-15-05: Kit Bond on Torture (Hardball)
Dec-15-05: Big KO on Bush's Ongoing Investigation (DeLay) BS
Dec-15-05: Worst Person in the World Dec 15 05
Dec-15-05: KO on Heckuva Job Rumsfeld
Dec-14-05: from Patriot Act Reauth Today-DEMOCRATS SPEAKING OUT
Dec-14-05: Worst Person in the World Dec 14 05
Dec-14-05: Tweets-Why do Dems Dick Around? Why Don't They Tell Bush He's Nuts?
Dec-14-05: Novak, Schumer on Bush
Dec-14-05: Murtha-We don't go to war to start democracies in other countries
Dec-14-05: Jess Sessions and Tweety-Selected Comments
Dec-14-05: Bush's Imperialism disguised as Democracy
Dec-13-05: Chris Matthews and Karen Huge on the Iraq Occupation
Dec-13-05: China and Technology Imports
Dec-13-05: Sy Hersh on Iraq Reporters and Air Strikes
Dec-12-05: Williams on Bush bubble-snippett
Dec-12-05: Bush Speech today-Why Do You Keep Linking 911 and Iraq?
Dec-12-05: Bush's Speech-why what he says gives me the crawlies
Dec-12-05: Bush Speech today- how many Iraqis killed?
Dec-08-05: Pelosi- Privileged Resolution on the Culture of Corruption
Dec-08-05: REPUBLICAN Speaks Out Against the Iraq War (Duncan-TN)
Dec-08-05: Pelosi on the Iraq War and Democratic Diversity
Dec-08-05: House Democrats SPEAK OUT about the economy
Dec-08-05: McDermott on Voting Rights Act and Texas Redistricting
Dec-08-05: Pomeroy on the Extension of Tax Cuts-DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Dec-08-05: Pelosi on Lieberman's Comments about criticizing Preznut
Dec-08-05: McDermott on Voting Rights Act and Texas Redistricting
Dec-08-05: House Democrats SPEAK OUT about the economy
Dec-08-05: Jerks and Smirks # 13- PROGRESS? And Podium Kicking
Dec-07-05: US Does Not Do Torture or Rendition (El-Masri)
Dec-07-05: Slaughter on Ethics-DEMOCRATS SPEAKING OUT
Dec-06-05: Schuster on Howard Dean's comments today
Dec-06-05: Cheney vs Murtha-with Fineman comments
Dec-06-05: Gingrey Slams Pelosi for appearing on TDS
Dec-06-05: Cunningham's Resignation read out in the House
Dec-06-05: Bush Isolated? Read the Newspaper
Dec-05-05: Bush dodging question on why Saddam Hussein linked to 9/11
Dec-05-05: Worst Person in the World
Dec-05-05: Paper Trail for Blanco/Hurricane Katrina
Dec-05-05: Iraq-help wanted and Halliburton paying 45 cents an hour
Dec-04-05: Allawi pelted by shoes, makes getaway
Dec-04-05: White House Press Conf Dec 2 SEVERELY Edited
Dec-04-05: Blitzer on why Occupied and Invaded Iraq isn't DAMN appreciative
Dec-04-05: Murtha on Who Decides
Dec-04-05: Robert Reich on Bush's Lack of Credibility and the Duke U Pollster
Dec-04-05: Allawi pelted by shoes, makes getaway
Dec-04-05: Paid Propaganda Joke from Conan
Dec-02-05: Worst Person in the World Dec 2 05
Dec-02-05: Schuster on the CIA Leak Dec 2
Dec-02-05: Richard Wolfe of Newsweek talks with Olb about CIA Leak
Dec-02-05: My take on Bush's Press Conf today
Dec-01-05: ASSKICK!!!! Reagan Jr thrashes Buchanan on Iraq Propaganda
Dec-01-05: Tim Robbins on Hillary Clinton
Dec-01-05: Worst Person in the World - O'Reilly - 2nd Night in a Row
Dec-01-05: George Clooney, Liberal
Dec-01-05: Cafferty File - Bush Jury Duty - Comments
Dec-01-05: Bush's Poll Numbers-..... the more he talks, the lower they go
Dec-01-05: Pelosi on TDS last night
Dec-01-05: Snip of Murtha on Hardball Post Bush speech
Dec-01-05: Pelosi comments on Warner's Comments on Bush Exit Strategy
Dec-01-05: Hillary Clinton on the Iraq War
Dec-01-05: Pace Corrects Rumseld on abuse


Nov-30-05: Worst Person in the World
Nov-30-05: Olbermann Treats Bush's Speech
Nov-30-05: Jerks and Smirks # 12 the Annapolis speech
Nov-30-05: Bush Boo-Hoo
Nov-30-05: Rumsfeld Lies # 2 - Free Media in Iraq
Nov-29-05: Rumsfeld Lies
Nov-29-05: Countdown Apologies
Nov-29-05: Denver Anti-War Protesters Surround Bush reporters bus
Nov-29-05: Bush Impersonator on Dennis Leary's Merry F**** Christmas
Nov-29-05: Denver Anti-War Protesters Surround Bush reporters bus
Nov-29-05: Rumsfeld Lies
Nov-29-05: Pentagon Briefing Questions- heavily edited
Nov-29-05: Schuster on CIA & Other Investigations
Nov-29-05: Countdown Apologies
Nov-29-05: Mission from God/Slater
Nov-29-05: Sy Hersh
Nov-29-05: Two Viveca Novak Ideas of why she was called to tesfity
Nov-28-05: Duke Cunningham Caught and Crying Like a Baby
Nov-28-05: If you don't like Bush, you're a far left whack job
Nov-28-05: Kanye West- changed mind?
Nov-28-05: Who does Bush trust?
Nov-28-05: Private Contractor Trophy Video-Countdown
Nov-28-05: Schuster on the CIA Leak
Nov-28-05: William Odom "What's Wrong with Cutting and Running?"
Nov-27-05: Brzezenski Comments from Late Edition
Nov-27-05: Fick/Wright on the Iraq War -Inside the War
Nov-27-05: Clinton at the Texas Book Festival (Austin) about Elections
Nov-27-05: This country is overdue for a cheesehead president
Nov-23-05: Michael Moore snippet
Nov-22-05: Bush Wanted To Bomb Al-Jazeera?
Nov-22-05: Countdown Smacks Nicole Wallace- heh
Nov-22-05: Robert Novak Puppet Theatre/Jeanine Garafolo
Nov-22-05: Letterman on Cheney's turkey
Nov-22-05: Bush's Pre-War Intelligence Sep 21 PDB
Nov-22-05: Wallace, White House Shill, Wolf and Cafferty comments
Nov-21-05: Political Bloopers
Nov-21-05: Fingering Friends-Abramoff
Nov-21-05: Worst Person in the World
Nov-21-05: Murtha reply to Cut and Run
Nov-21-05: Schuster-Criticizing the Iraq War
Nov-21-05: Gergen on White House Woes/No Exit Strategy
Nov-20-05: Points from Lt Gen William Odom about leaving Iraq
Nov-20-05: Clinton on his impeachment
Nov-20-05: George Will-This is What Empire Looks Like
Nov-20-05: Rumsfeld on This Week-Who's Running the War
Nov-20-05: MTP-Murtha
Nov-18-05: Kucinich on Republican Stunt
Nov-18-05: Murtha-House Proceedings
Nov-18-05: The Jean Schmidt Exchange-Republican STUNT
Nov-18-05: Pelosi on Republican Stunt
Nov-18-05: Steny Hoyer on Republican Stunt
Nov-18-05: Walter Jones (Freedom Fries) Republican on Stunt
Nov-18-05: George Miller on the Republican Iraq War Stunt
Nov-18-05: Emanuel on Stunt
Nov-18-05: Chet Edwards on stunt
Nov-18-05: Slaughter Comments Republican Stunt
Nov-18-05: Crowley on Stunt
Nov-18-05: Mel Watt representing Black Caucus
Nov-18-05: McGovern Closing
Nov-18-05: The Duncan Hunter Exchange in the STUNT
Nov-18-05: Kingston's Irresponsible Comments
Nov-18-05: Rangel on the Sham Republican Stunt
Nov-18-05: Harman on the Republican STUNT
Nov-18-05: Markey on the Republican Retaliation of Murtha
Nov-18-05: Obey on the Sham Republican Retalition of Murtha
Nov-18-05: McGovern Statements on the Repub Y/N Iraq War Resolution
Nov-18-05: Bush and APEC in Korea
Nov-18-05: George Miller on the budget - Fiery AND funny
Nov-17-05: Murtha on CNN
Nov-17-05: Berry (AR) calls Putnam Howdy Doody
Nov-17-05: OUR HOUSE DEMS SPEAKING OUT about the budget
Nov-17-05: Irresponsible (compilation)
Nov-17-05: Protesting Grandmas -one is 90 years old
Nov-17-05: Murtha on immediately withdrawing from Iraq War
Nov-16-05: Feingold on Hardball on the Iraq War
Nov-16-05: Howard Stern about Worst Person in the World
Nov-16-05: Libby's Defense with Wisenberg comments
Nov-16-05: John Dean about Woodward on Countdown
Nov-16-05: Leonard Downie on CNN about Woodward
Nov-15-05: O'Reilly Offensive from Countdown
Nov-15-05: Bush was Right- from Countdown
Nov-15-05: Worst Person in the World
Nov-15-05: Durbin on the Intelligence Congress Knew (Refutes Bush)
Nov-15-05: Who is Official A?
Nov-15-05: Durbin on Chalabi
Nov-15-05: Durbin on Republicans Cut and Paste of the Dem amendment
Nov-15-05: Durbin on the impropriety of Bush's Terror speech on Veteran's Day
Nov-15-05: Alien or Death at Bush's Wilkes Barre PA TERRORRRRRR speech
Nov-15-05: Arlen Specter on the Graham (no due process) Amendment
Nov-15-05: McGovern on Bush's speech-OUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Nov-14-05: On the Defensive Bush
Nov-14-05: Chalabi Meets Secretly with Cheney-Hardball
Nov-14-05: Schuster-Who's Telling the Truth
Nov-11-05: Justifying the WAR
Nov-11-05: Cafferty File on Veteran's Day
Nov-11-05: Bush's Speech today Jerked and Smirked
Nov-11-05: Chalabi from Press Conf 2 days ago and Durbin speech
Nov-11-05: David Gregory's comments
Nov-10-05: Countdown on the transcription alteration
Nov-10-05: Bush/Ali at the Medal of Honor Ceremony
Nov-10-05: Gropinator -Like a Movie
Nov-10-05: Torture Yoo Cole Selected bits
Nov-10-05: Is Bush a Drunk? Compilation from the other day
Nov-09-05: VIDEOS- Some House Proceedings today on the Patriot Act
Nov-09-05: Olbermann on the Dover PA election
Nov-09-05: Jimmy Carter on the Fundies
Nov-09-05: Checkered Chalabi
Nov-09-05: Bush's Low Poll Numbers
Nov-08-05: Schuster's Report on Cheney
Nov-08-05: Demanding Answers (Olbermann)
Nov-08-05: Schakoswky on the Budget-particularly good
Nov-08-05: Neal on the Budget- DEMS POSITIVE FOR VALUES
Nov-08-05: Michael Ratner on Gitmo Bay Assisted Feeding
Nov-08-05: Schwartz on the Budget
Nov-08-05: Clay (MO) on the Budget -OUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Nov-08-05: Moore on the Budget
Nov-08-05: DeLauro on the budget - DEMS FOR OUR VALUES
Nov-08-05: Tom Allen on the budget -YOUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Nov-08-05: Capps on Offshore Drilling
Nov-08-05: White House Press Briefing-Torture and Ethics Edition
Nov-08-05: Harkin on the Harkin Amendment (Armed Forces Radio)
Nov-08-05: Dorgan on the Harkin Amendment (Armed Forces Radio
Nov-08-05: TDS (The Daily Show) on Ethics
Nov-08-05: VIDEO Kennedy on the Levin Torture Amendment (Independent Investigation)
Nov-08-05: Michael Ratner on the McCain/Torture Amendment
Nov-08-05: Barak Obama on TDS (The Daily Show)
Nov-07-05: Carl Levin on WHIG from Hardball
Nov-07-05: Matthews-"Press Used Like a Pinball"
Nov-07-05: Bush Happy Anniversary-bwahahahahahahahah
Nov-07-05: Questionable Intelligence-Al Libbi
Nov-07-05: David Schuster Hardball report
Nov-07-05: West Wing- Liberal
Nov-06-05: Pat Roberts-Questioning the Pres Emboldens the Terrorists
Nov-06-05: Corzine/Forrester Debate- Forrester's Sleezy Commercial
Nov-06-05: Tom Coburn -Patriot Act Takes Away Freedoms
Nov-06-05: Two comments I found irritating this morning
Nov-04-05: Tom Allen's Budget Amendment yesterday- YOUR DEMS SPEAKING
Nov-04-05: Selected bits from the Indian Tribal Lobbying Hearing (Abramoff)
Nov-03-05: McGovern on the Iraq War-DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Nov-03-05: DeFazio on the Republican Budget Cuts- OUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Nov-03-05: Rush Holt on lack of Republican Oversight
Nov-03-05: Obey on lack of Republican Oversight- mentions OSP
Nov-03-05: Selected from the Rosa Parks funeral yesterday
Nov-03-05: Pelosi's Special Resolution on Republican Oversight Shot Down
Nov-03-05: Waxman on Lack of Republican Oversight-YOUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Nov-03-05: Emanuel on the Republican Budget Cuts- SPEAKING OUT
Nov-02-05: White House protest at P Charles dinner
Nov-02-05: Secret Prisons from Olbermann
Nov-02-05: Keith and Howard discuss Scooter's book
Nov-02-05: The Tribal Lobbying Hearing today (Abramoff)
Nov-02-05: Barbara Boxer on TDS
Nov-02-05: VIDEO- Pentagon Briefing today Heavily Edited
Nov-01-05: Rockefeller's Floor Speech on the Report
Nov-01-05: Frist Edited Speech from today Lampoon
Nov-01-05: Cover Up- E J Dionne with Olbermann
Nov-01-05: Chuck Schumer's Comments on Closed Session
Nov-01-05: Pat Roberts baloney
Nov-01-05: Part of Reid's speech
Nov-01-05: Durbin/Levin statements to press during session
Nov-01-05: From last year- Rockefeller on Hardball


Oct-31-05: Joe Wilson on CNN (Interviewed by Leslie B)
Oct-31-05: Cafferty File on CIA Leak (Bubba)
Oct-30-05: Alexander Haig on Special Prosecutors-and on Perjury
Oct-30-05: Alexander Haig Smacked Down by Blitzer
Oct-30-05: Selected comments from This Week roundtable
Oct-30-05: Harry Reid on This Week about the Indictment
Oct-30-05: John Cornyn on This Week-selected comments
Oct-29-05: Chunking the Press Conference into smaller bites
Oct-28-05: CNN- Bush's statements on the leaks from past 2 years
Oct-28-05: Tim Russert talks about his role in plame case
Oct-28-05: CNN Dana Bash with Rove Attny Statement at 9:00 CST
Oct-27-05: Viet Dinh from WJ-Selected comments
Oct-27-05: McGovern on Rule 11- YOUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT
Oct-26-05: Maurice Hinchey on Countdown
Oct-26-05: Schuster on Plame/Fitzgerald
Oct-26-05: Olbermann last night- Two Liberals Two Nights in a Row
Oct-26-05: Biden's Comments on Bush's Circular Chain of Command
Oct-26-05: Barney Frank on Non-Profit Housing and Voter Reg
Oct-26-05: Maxine Waters on Non-Profits Voter Registration-DEMS SPEAKING
Oct-26-05: Kanjorski on Non Profits Voter Registration YOUR DEMS SPEAKING
Oct-26-05: Cleaver on Non-Profits Voter Registration-YOUR DEMOCRATS SPEAKING
Oct-25-05: Podesta on Hardball
Oct-25-05: Olbermann's Plame Theory
Oct-25-05: Schuster on What Did Cheney Know
Oct-25-05: WH Press Conf from today-heavily edited
Oct-25-05: The Daily Show with Bill Krystol
Oct-25-05: Misc from the crypt
Oct-24-05: on Republican's Attempt to Trivialize the Perjury Charge
Oct-24-05: David Schuster on Indictments This Week
Oct-24-05: Goldberg on Scowcroft-Selected comments
Oct-23-05: KBH on MTP with Frank Rich Comments -Perjury Trivilialization
Oct-23-05: Schumer on MTP about War on Terror/Iraq
Oct-23-05: Being the Media-clipping and posting videos How To
Oct-22-05: upon request- Olbermann from May 2004 -Joseph Wilson
Oct-21-05: David Schuster on the Leak Investigation tonight
Oct-21-05: Maher- Criminalization of Politics
Oct-21-05: RNC gives Chris Matthews Talking Points to trash Wilson
Oct-21-05: Bush on Syria today
Oct-21-05: Smackdown of Morgan about Plame Undercover Status
Oct-21-05: Web of Conspiracy-Olbermann
Oct-21-05: Countdown on DeLay Mug Shot/MoveOn
Oct-21-05: DeLay hearing this morning-Compilation two sources
Oct-20-05: DeFazio (OR) from the Floor-YOUR DEMOCRATS calling out BS
Oct-20-05: CIA Leak Latest
Oct-20-05: Jerks and Smirks # 8 - Background Noise Edition
Oct-20-05: Dorgan on Cuba Travel today
Oct-20-05: Holmes Norton Floor Speech from morning-Pay Go/Budget
Oct-20-05: Serrano on House Floor earlier about budget
Oct-20-05: Diane Watson on the Budget-Mental Health cuts
Oct-20-05: Jim McDermott on the Budget and What Repubs REALLY Do
Oct-20-05: George Miller on College Tuition-YOUR DEMOCRATS IN ACTION
Oct-20-05: Lynn Woolsey on the Iraq War Floor Speech today
Oct-20-05: Rice with Lincoln Chafee on Bush's Power to Wage War
Oct-19-05: Latest on the Leak - Olbermann
Oct-19-05: Carlsons on Hardball about Leak
Oct-19-05: Saddam Puppet Theatre-Countdown
Oct-19-05: Hardball/David Schuster on the Leak
Oct-17-05: A Huffington on Olbermann
Oct-17-05: Bob Bennett (Miller's Attny) on This Week
Oct-14-05: My two favorite "Network" Video Clips
Oct-14-05: Code Pink's Rove Protest Today (Condoms)
Oct-14-05: White House Press Conf from today-Heavily edited
Oct-13-05: Bush's Staged Photo Op today- Compilation
Oct-13-05: Olbermann bits in 4 sections on the SCRIPTED Press Conf today
Oct-13-05: Jerks and Smirks # 6- Earpiece and Leg Swingin' Edition
Oct-13-05: White House Press Conf- Selected Bits, Heavily Edited
Oct-12-05: Politics of Nexus of Terror-Olbermann
Oct-12-05: Jerks and Smirks # 5 - from Bush's Poland Conf today
Oct-12-05: White House Press Conf from today-edited down
Oct-12-05: Chris Matthews on Today Show-Plame Case
Oct-11-05: Best Governor Ever! (with Harry Shearer
Oct-11-05: Worst Person in the World-Countdown
Oct-11-05: Libby leak from Countdown
Oct-11-05: Dan Abrams Closing Arg on Miers -bwahahahahahaha
Oct-10-05: Hardball on Rove/Plame Part 1
Oct-09-05: Republican Angst from McLaughlin Group
Oct-09-05: Selected comments from Sunday morning shows about Miers
Oct-08-05: Randi Rhodes Takes on Janet "Read the Paper" Parshall
Oct-08-05: Floor speeches of Reps about Gas Bill today
Oct-08-05: Bill Maher- Crony Baloney
Oct-08-05: Ron Paul (TX) on the Iraq War from today
Oct-07-05: My heavily edited take on Bush's Terror Terror speech
Oct-07-05: Harriet the Fragrance (Maher)
Oct-06-05: Lawrence O on Countdown about Rove
Oct-06-05: David Frum (former Bush speechwriter) on Miers
Oct-06-05: Jerks and Smirks # 3 -from the Bush Terror Terror Speech today
Oct-05-05: Howard Dean-Hide the Salami
Oct-05-05: Something about Harriet (Countdown) Repubs statements
Oct-05-05: Nathan Hecht on Miers (Hardball)
Oct-05-05: White House Press Conf from today-Edited down
Oct-05-05: Rehash- Ben Barnes on getting Bush into National Guard
Oct-04-05: Jerks and Smirks # 2 -from the Press Conf today
Oct-04-05: Olbermann on Edward R Murrow
Oct-04-05: Countdown- Too Few Good Men
Oct-04-05: Bush's Crony Press Conf from today-My take
Oct-03-05: Cheney drops purple heart
Oct-02-05: Condi Rice on Democracy and Force
Oct-02-05: Pentagon Hearing before Congress on Thursday
Oct-01-05: Selected Bits from the Pentagon Briefing on Thursday
Oct-01-05: Spoofing Bush's Terror speech this week
Oct-01-05: Selected Questions from the WH Press Briefings Wed and Thurs


Sep-28-05: Worst Person in the World-Countdown (Bill Bennett)
Sep-28-05: DC Confidential -Culture of Corruption
Sep-28-05: Cafferty on Delay Indictment-Letters
Sep-27-05: Olbermann on Brownie Passing the Buck
Sep-27-05: Making Fun of Bush's Energy Speech today
Sep-27-05: Olbermann on Laura and the Extreme Makeover Show
Sep-27-05: Cafferty on Bush Photo Op and Brownie
Sep-27-05: Several Brownie Hearing Vids
Sep-25-05: Aaron Broussard on MTP
Sep-25-05: my take on the Warmongering Freeper Rally today
Sep-25-05: CNN/MSNBC bits on the anti-war rally
Sep-24-05: Jessica Lange at Answer
Sep-24-05: Cindy Sheehan
Sep-24-05: Cynthia McKinney at Answer
Sep-24-05: George Galloway at Answer Rally
Sep-24-05: Cindy Sheehan at Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Jim Hightower- Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Raol Grijalva Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Al Sharpton- Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Barbara Lee at Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Joan Baez at Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Lynn Woolsey at Operation Ceasefire
Sep-24-05: Raging Grannies
Sep-24-05: Anne Roesler (Answer)
Sep-24-05: Ramsey Clark-Answer Rally
Sep-24-05: Evelyn Harris
Sep-24-05: Bill Maher on Bush Drinking (National Enquirer)
Sep-24-05: Bill Maher- Save Our Children
Sep-24-05: Future of Iraq-Lynn Woolsey's Hearing last week
Sep-23-05: Edited "Terror Terror" Take on Bush's Terror Speech yesterday
Sep-22-05: the Senate Judicial Committee ABLE DANGER saga
Sep-21-05: Dems speaking up in Congress
Sep-21-05: Cafferty File on Pork: Has Tom DeLay Been Indicted Yet
Sep-21-05: Bush's Gulf Coast Visit Yesterday
Sep-20-05: McCain's Tasteless Arabian Horse joke
Sep-20-05: Dorgan and Durbin's Floor Speeches from this morning
Sep-12-05: Hah! Freedom Walk Video from MYKERU
Sep-07-05: Political Video Clips Collection
Sep-03-05: Videos I clipped from today-all of them listed here
Sep-01-05: Made some video clips from news today


Aug-14-05: Video impressions from Crawford today (August 13)
Aug-12-05: Video From Camp Casey -Impressions from Thursday, Aug 11th
Aug-10-05: Camp Casey- This afternoon-impressions video

JULY 2005

Jul-18-05: Created a talking points -on message video short
Jul-13-05: Updated video clip list

MARCH 2005

Mar-22-05: Video clips
Mar-20-05: Austin, TX Protest Video Clips and Pictures

liveoaktx provides an amazing service with these video caps, and I thought it would be a good idea to try to compile them all in one place. I did an advanced search with liveoaktx as the author, the keyword "video", and searched on subject only, and original message only, between January 1 2005 and today. This is the first of 13 pages of results and I will continue to update this thread as time allows. Of course, if anyone feels like adding to this thread, go ahead! I'm trying to keep the videos in the chronological order that they were posted, newest first. -- EarlG

Adding If you're gonna watch or listen anyway, consider clipping it. Thread-How To on the subject -- liveoaktx

Thanks chat_noir for updating this topic! -- EarlG
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