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Muffstser Donating Member (815 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-30-05 06:37 PM
Response to Original message
6. Okay, here's my confession:
1. Would you give your life to save Keith's?

It depends on what I get to er, um, DO with Keith before I meet my untimely demise.

2. Do you feel Keith has such a HUGE purpose and destiny to fulfill in his short time on earth, whereas your own life has very little value to the world, other than to your kids (assuming you have some)?

Does my cat count? Well...I'd have to say he DOES have a God given talent that needs to be shared, but my purpose in life is just as important: to amuse my friends with my sick sense of humor, and spoil my little niece rotten. Besides, who else would put up with the Muffster?

3. Do you truly love Keith?

I love his talent. I love his looks. I love his gutsiness. I love what I THINK he'd be like in real life. I'd describe it a la Jimmy Carter: I'm lusting in my heart.

4. Has Keith saved so many children's lives that you would save his life?

Yes, because of his work for that 9/11 fund that's related to a baseball player (whose name escapes me). I think he's the type of person who keeps his charity work low key, and doesn't do it for the publicity. Just a guess.

5. Have you ever had bad dreams about Keith getting shot?

Does being canned in favor of Bill O'Reilly count?

6. Is part of your purpose to help Keith with his?

Yup. It's called keeping the show on, so he can earn a living.

7. Does Keith do more in his life and more to better the world in a month than you have done in your entire life?

I'd call it a tie. Again, not knowing him personally, it's hard to say. I think standing by my best friend when her husband died at age 29, leaving her a widow at age 30 with a one year old baby, and dedicating my life to make sure that child's and her mom's lives have some joy, counts for something.

8. Would you give your life to save Keith's if your kids were no longer little?

N/A. BUT, if my niece counts, no way.

9. Would you take a bullet for Keith if someone tried to shoot him at a meet-and-greet?

Depends on if he'd try to save mine if I did get shot. Mouth to mouth resuscitation, with a miraculous recovery, MIGHT make it worth it.

10. If you and Keith were trapped on a deserted island and he was weak and ill and you only had a little bit of food....would you most likely let him have it?

Uh, it depends on how he'd show his "gratitude."

11. Would you give him the food, but only if he agreed to a six-month marriage with you first (so you could die happy from a heart attack)?

Only if conjugal visits were part of the deal.

12. If you are 14 years old and you want to live to at least 20, would you give your life to save Keith's?

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds it will not only incriminate me, but show my age. Sorry.

13. Do you believe Keith is far more able to do God's work on earth than you are?

Depends on his religious beliefs, and what his definition of "God's work" is. Mine is trying to live my faith by being a good person, making my friends laugh, and loving my shortcomings as well as my strengths. I'd like to think spoiling my cat rotten counts, too.

14. Would you give your life if it would save Keith's and several other young Christians you care about?

If the young Christian was my niece, yes.

15. Have you reserved yourself a place right next to Keith in the heavenly choir, because that is when you will have the joy of really knowing him?

I won't answer that until I've heard him sing. Based on what little I have heard, I think we'd be better in the deaf/mute section

16. Do you get upset even if something bad happens to the "fanfic Keith"?

As a soap fan, I've dealt with totally psycho people, who can't tell the difference between the character and the real person. So, my answer would be NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

17. Are you afraid that there is such heavy rivalry between the cable news fan bases that it seems like someone could actually pull the trigger to get Keith out of the way?

Uh, if beating someone senseless with a "no spin zone" coffee mug counts, then yes, I do worry myself sick.

18. Do you believe Keith has such a beautiful light and as long as that shines bright and people are benefiting from it you want it to continue to be here?

Jeepers, I thought he stole that line from the Tucker Carlson promos.

19. Do you feel that in a non-death sense, you have already given your life for Keith?

Yup. It's called irritating my friends to death by nagging them to watch this show.

20. Do you believe Keith has killed YOU hundreds of times?

Damn right. It's called "don't drink water or eat when Keith makes a snarky remark - may cause chocking. Be especially careful during Puppet Theatre segments."
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