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Reply #37: we are in absolutely no confusion about who threatens [View All]

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Bob3 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-29-06 02:57 PM
Response to Original message
37. we are in absolutely no confusion about who threatens
the nation's future and Security.

You do. You and your boy-thug of a president and walking corpse of Vice President. It was on your watch 9/11 took place. You still have not caught or confirmed the death of Osama Ben Ladden. You abandoned Afghanistan leaving to the war lords and the reborn Tali-ban. You are the ones that invaded Iraq country that had, as the president has admitted, noting to do with 9-11 for reasons we can still only guess at because you refuse to tell the truth. You are the ones, who once the bad idea of invading Iraq was finished, botched the occupation by a mind boggling combination of corruption, greed, fear and arrogance. Because you mistaken small minded ill tempered stubbornness for will you are the one insisting that the US military keep pouring blood, equipment, and treasure into the sand trap that iraq has turned into, badly damaging the ability of the military to respond to another grout conflict should it arise. You are the ones waging war on something you call Islamofacisim in which you lump the Sunni, Al Queda, The secular Baath party, Shiite Iran, Hezbollah and Humas an alliance so unlikely that it should be exhibited next to the Unicorn. You are the ones obsessed with internal enemies and spent much time accusing your opponents of being in league with this country's enemies. Your arrogance has damaged our relationships with the outside world. You have shrugged your shoulders at the killing of civilians and the use of torture. You are ones waving and empty saber case at Iran, hinting in your madness that you would use Nukes. You are why America arouses fear and loathing world wide. Yes they hate us, they hate us because we are monsters. You are the ones who have drained our Treasury with tax cuts to those who already had most but who wanted more and you payments to corrupt insider companies who see a government contract as nothing more than a feed trouth allowing them to suck down our damn tax dollars.

You refuse to acknowledge mistakes or even the actual reality of events. you've increased the gap between rich and poor, black and white north and south and have set people against people merely to suit your own needs. You've shown contempt for the idea of a nation of laws and representative democracy the two founding principles of our nation.

You are swine. You should be tarred, feathered, beaten,whipped and driven from the land.
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