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clarence swinney Donating Member (673 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-26-09 06:13 PM
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Can anyone name ten for Republicans

Credit for this most of this information goes to my friend, a great mind, and his terrific site
(Rev.Ray Dubuquewww. Liberals like

Republicans fought most of these plus WWII Draft

1. social security act

2. medicare

3. gi bill of rights

4.national industrial recovery act

5.national housing act

6.federal communications act

7.national labor relations act-wagner act of 1935

8.fair labor standards act (min wage & max hours laws)

9.public works adm-works progress adm

10.civilian conservation act

11.Tennessee valley (power) authority

12.rural electrification act

13.full employment act

14.permanent school lunch program

15. Truman ended segregation in armed forces

16.veterans emergency housing act

17.public health service act

18.marshall plan

19.peace corps

20.aid to dependent children program

21.small business investment act

22.establishment of arms control and disarmament agency

23.consumer drug protection laws

24.equal pay act

25.manpower development and retraining act

26.clean air act

27.mental health and mental retardation act and vocational education act

29.civil rights act rights act

31.mass transportation act

32.omnibus poverty act (office of economic opportunity, vista, job corps and public assistance programs)

33.war on poverty

34.head start (for pre-school children) conservation fund

36.permanent food stamp program

37.appalachia regional development act

38.elementary and secondary education act

39.higher education act

40.older Americans act (medicare and medicaid) enforcement assistance act

42.immigration reform act

43.freedom of information act

44.clean water restoration act

45.coal mine health and safety act

46.Schip Health Care for 11 million children-clinton bill 1997
Bush vetoed reauthorization twice. Reauthorized in early 2009 under Obama and democratic senate

47.federal ethics code

48.civil service reform

49.creation of superfund (cleanup of toxic waste)

50.secretary of health joseph califano(fight tobacco health threat)

51.votings rights act extension

52.highway and mass transit funding bill

53.civil rights restoration act

54.head start expansion

55.Americans with disabilities act

56.major tax increase on the wealthy to fight
deficits created by Reagan medical leave act

58.attempted to extend/or improve health insurance coverage for millions of Americans

59.restoration of democracy to haiti

60.restoration of peace to bosnia

61.promotion of peace in south Africa

62.promotion of peace in northern Ireland

63.promotion of peace in Israel and Palestine

64.increases in minimum wage

65.promotion of spending on inner-city schools

66.opposition to abolition of safety net for the poor of social security and medicare

68.promotion of justice for victims of racism of children from cancer inducing tobacco industry

70.constantly frustrated efforts to enact thorough campaign finance

71.appointment of many minorities and women to cabinet positions

72.resolution of long-standing black farmers discrimination issues

73.leadership role in natos campaign to stop ethnic cleansing in kosovo.

74.major efforts to challenge the dangerous proliferation of assault weapons in America


76. pay their way party

1960 to 1980National Income grew 418%--Debt grew 210%

1980 to 1992 National Income grew 102%--Debt grew 300%.

Democrats pay their way-Republicans party of spend and borrow-our kids pay Tomorrow

77. party for strong defensecarter increased defense spending by 50%--

Nixon-Ford cut Army troops by 41% and Reagan-Bush cut by 11%

78. Party of Integrity---Reagan had more(137) charged with crimes than cumulative total for all presidents of 20th century.

79. vacation with pay union schoolsforerunner to community colleges

81.worker retirement pensions

82.veterans administration

83.earned income tax creditsenator russell long bill

84. Fair Pay Bill passed 1-09

Great Gop achievements
Eisenhower initiated Interstate Highway
Reagan signed Martin Luther King holiday
Nixon signed affirmative action law
Nixon initiated EPA
Nixon initiated OSHA

Ike was good--Ford was good--Bush I was good

Reagan + Bush II were bad for America And the world--Unrestricted Gambling=Disaster

Redistribution of Wealth & Income Upwards via 2500 Billion in Tax Cuts mostly for rich and increase by Spending and Borrowing.

Top 10% now own 71% of Total Wealth in America.

2500B Tax Cuts and borrowed 5700 Billion to pay for them and major increases in spending(80% Reagan + 65% Bush II). Clinton + 24%.

Which party won every 20th Century War but one??

Which President created most jobs per month?

Which President increased Total Stock Market Value by more than thrice all predecessors combined

Which President never told the people a single lie on policy.

Which President got more of his Legislation passed under a Democratic Congress than all but one President .

Which President released more secured documents than total of all preceding presidents?

Which president implemented more anti-terrorism programs than any in history?

answer below


In smears please use numbers not guesses.

Prove me wrong.

OK Amigo! Si Senor!

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