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Reply #14: Update; I got a reply back from the scuzzballs [View All]

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Touchdown Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-17-06 09:13 PM
Response to Original message
14. Update; I got a reply back from the scuzzballs
Here's my original e-mail...

It's in need of repair, and I did buy a 5 year MACK warranty for it. I would appreciate a list of where I could send it for repair.

They mentioned that the serial number on my Nikon D200 that I bought in February ...201XXX1 on my camera says it was destined to be sold in Europe, not the US. Nikon suggested I take it up with you. I tried calling your customer service, waited for 20 minutes, somebody picked up and hung up immediately without saying a word. Seems like a waste of the 800 number fees you pay. First you promise me 2 batteries because of the 3 month long wait, and only send one (I let that slide because I didn't pay for it), then I find out you're selling me a grey market camera, when I specifically asked the sales rep if it was or not. He said "Oh no, no. Not us". What gives? If this is true, I am embarassed that I recommended you to 3 others, one of which already bought his D200 from you.

Here's what they said...
You have to call Mack and give them your serial number.

Is there anything missing that they haven't addressed here? Hmmm. I couldn't imagine. :eyes:

Mack is out of New Jersey. It does stipulate that they would replace the product (at their discretion) if they can't fix it to specifications. Is this a shady outfit like Prestooge? They want a $20 check in the box for return postage. :wtf: They claim to have been in business since the 1920s. Anybody know about them? :shrug:

My camera isn't back yet. $10 says Nikon sent it slow boat to China, with a bill for opening my package. :eyes:

I've got 2 senior portraits lined up for at least $250. I can use my Coolpix as it works well as long as I'm in ISO 100. It's color balance is so much better than my D200 ever was. It just doesn't look impressive to the portraitee, like a pro would use. I would just rather use my new one. With teenagers though, I have to photoshop no matter what, since they all want their zits removed. Never thought the Spot Healer would be the most important button in the whole damn program. ;)
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