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Reply #17: Absolutely correct! I am fairly conservative on social issues, [View All]

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DemBones DemBones Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-04-05 03:42 PM
Response to Reply #13
17. Absolutely correct! I am fairly conservative on social issues,

more so than some Catholics, less so than others.

For instance:

My opposition to abortion is part of my belief the seamless garment approach to life issues: I oppose war, capital punishment, abortion, and euthanasia. The first two positions progressives agree on while the second two are regarded as "conservative" views. Yet they're all about not killing other human beings.

I oppose abortion but do not support criminalizing it. The only real way to stop abortion is to effect a massive change in people's hearts and minds. Criminalizing it would just result in an increase in crime: people performing and having abortions.

I could support resticting abortion, keeping it legal only in cases where the mother's life is truly at risk unless she has an abortion (a very rare case, despite the "pro-choice" rhetoric on this issue ), perhaps in certain rape and incest cases.

I support people's right to use contraception, though the Church opposes birth control of any sort, by either abortion or contraception. I believe better use of contraceptives could drastically reduce the demand for abortion.

I support the human rights of homosexuals of both sexes, as does the Catholic Church. They are as much children of God as heterosexuals are.

I support same sex civil unions but oppose same sex marriage. I oppose marriage for same sex couples because it attempts to make a radical change in an ancient institution in order to secure same sex couples the same economic and legal rights as married couples. I support the ends (equal rights) but not the means. Conditions do not have to be exactly the same for there to be equality.

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