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Reply #15: I think some need anger management [View All]

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AngryOldDem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-15-04 06:02 PM
Response to Reply #14
15. I think some need anger management
Edited on Wed Dec-15-04 06:16 PM by AngryOldDem
In my better moods, I chalk this hate up to displaced anger. People are still raw over the election, and like it or not religion played a much bigger role in politics this year than in previous. But the Democrats made their fair share of mistakes too, but it's easier to point fingers than to step back and objectively assess just what went wrong.

Catholics always stand out because of our belief system and age-old misunderstandings on the part of others. We are easy targets. I wish people could see that when they bash a particular religious organiation, they are forgetting that 1) like anything else, it is a human institution subject to the same foibles and follies as anything else; 2) Most of us separate our faith from the institution, and let our faith, and not necessarily dogma, ultimately guide our lives; 3) When they trash a belief set, they are also trashing their fellow travelers -- you know, the people who are on the same side on many issues politically. In short, they make the logical fallacy of hasty generalization, and you can't easily argue against such hysteria.

And as for the sex scandal -- I finally reached my limit on another thread today that was discussing charities. Someone a few days back put in a good word for Catholic Charities. Inevitably, someone shot back a retort about the sex scandals and the "anti-woman" policies. I replied that both arguments are getting to be pretty boring to most Catholics, who know full well all the human failings of the institution, but are trying to live out Christ's commands anyway.

I fully expect to get flames to that, but I'm ready.

I just get fed up with the hypocrisy here. If you said one-tenth of the things said about Catholics against any other group, it would not be tolerated at all. Threads bashing Catholics go on for over 100 posts before someone decides that the discussion is "not productive" and it gets locked. It's beyond ridiculous.

After awhile, you just get tired and frustrated.

ON EDIT: Make no mistake, I am in NO WAY dismissing the sex scandal and treatment of women as serious issues facing the Church. It's just that I get tired of those things being held up as reasons to insult the faith and trash it altogether. It is tiresome, especially if you are working toward resolving those issues (such as through Voice of the Faithful) as well as living out the faith. You can be critical of the institution and wish change, yet stay loyal to it. The trick is to get others to see and understand that point.
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