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I'm a caregiver in need of advice [View All]

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Original message
I'm a caregiver in need of advice
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I'll try to make the details as vague as possible.

I'm an employed caregiver for a disabled patient. Their motor skills are severely impaired and they require care during most if not all of their waking hours for even the most basic motor tasks. The patient is allotted a certain number of hours per day of paid care by the state. Suffice to say, at least a third of my working time is unpaid. Which is fine. I very much care for the patient's well being and want to make sure they're all right at the end of the day rather than clock-watching and scurrying off as soon as the alarm hits five.

But. (there's always a but)

I would venture to say at least a third of my caregiving time is allotted to the patient's religion. I have no objection to the particular religion (I'm indifferent/agnostic). It's not that the religion offends . . . it's that the patient believes it promotes healing, so it's given a very heightened importance and priority in our everyday routine. I'm paid by the state to pretty much facilitate pointless religious nonsense in the name of healing.

Again, I don't particularly care in that I'm offended. I'm not. It's just not my thing.

But, the patient is constantly riding me about time efficiency and how to streamline their life and how to condense routines. And what I want to say is "Well, if we didn't spend two hours a day on your dream journal . . ." but I don't, and I can't. I don't want to insult this person's religion, but their religion is completely eating our time alive. Their useless 20-pills per meal routine based on pseudoscience on the internet is destroying any extra time we might have for extracurricular activities.

I spend more time accommodating religious, pseudo-scientific nonsense than I do actually attending to the basic functions and obligations of care.

But how does one say that? I like this person, I like this job, I'm happy to work extra unpaid hours to ensure their comfort and well-being. But they're asking me how to streamline their life, and I look at this religious, half-science nonsense, and I really want to say something, but I figure the second I do my job's in peril.

How does a caregiver for a disabled person politely, encouragingly explain that their religion is intruding upon their care? Again, I like this person, I like this job, I'm fine doing whatever, but they want to know how to make their life run more efficiently, and I can't think of anything more inefficient than the hours we spend consulting with their oversoul and past lives and vitamins and shaman healers. I think it's actually hurting rather than helping, but I have a duty, don't I? To go along with whatever?
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