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Information On How To Help A Budding Empath? [View All]

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mntleo2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-18-08 08:57 AM
Original message
Information On How To Help A Budding Empath?
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Edited on Thu Sep-18-08 09:04 AM by mntleo2
Hello All:

I usually do not post here much, I sometimes comment, and I always come here for insight. Because of the entire Net, I know of few other places where a group of folks of so many different abilities congregate.

I am wanting to know how to help a young woman, my niece, who is beginning to manifest some very powerful psychic abilities. She came to me yesterday seeking help.

Let me explain a little about this young woman. She is 19, almost 20 years old. She was born December 4, 1988 I am not sure what time in the day, but it was in the afternoon, I was there at her birth. Her mother, my niece, gave her up in an open adoption to a non-related family when she was 9 months old. The family she grew up with are some of the most wonderful people I know. Over the years, since I was the contact person for them I have also grown close to the family, especially her adoptive mother to the point I am sure we were sisters in some other time. I am now raising this young woman's half-sister, same mother. different dads. Her birth father is nowhere to be seen, but of course her birth mother is a member of my family and I see her sometimes, though she is on the street and mentally ill. I know the circumstances of this young woman's birth, I was there and 2 weeks later gave birth in the same place to my youngest son and they are friends. She grew up in a "normal" family, people who do not understand these things such as psychic or empathic abilities. They try to see what she is talking about, they have never talk down to her or ridiculed it when she has tried to talk about it to them, but she says they do not "get it" and are uncomfortable with it.

This young woman has many talents. Thanks to her loving and supportive middle class upbringing, she is one of the most "balanced" young people I know as far as having sense and kindness coupled with above-normal intelligence. (Her birth mother would have had some of these things as well if she had not had such a horrific childhood, thanks to my sister, this young woman's mother). This young woman is an accomplished violinist, an amazing visual artist, and she is also into physics, math, genetics, and many other things. She told me yesterday she is "a scientist" and so the "other" things that have especially began to manifest itself, such as an out-of-body experience at the age of about 12, seeing ghosts at times, and her awareness of her almost overpowering empathic abilities ~ picking up on animal's and people's feelings, "seeing" things that have happened to others when she has no idea they happened, recalling in vague detail other lives, the ability to know what someone's house is like even though she has never been there, and more, something she is not sure what to do about.

The reason she came to me is that, one time as a small child of around 8 years old we were together at a store and she pointed out to me a woman who she told me was sad (the woman was a stranger). I explained to her that she was manifesting a "talent" (more like a curse sometimes to me, lol) of empathic abilities that ran in her birth family. So she knows I am aware of some of what she is going through. Those things are beyond imagination to her adoptive family, who are so ...normal. I tried to express her as "super-normal" but she takes deep pride in being different, she thinks being called normal in any way, is an insult, lol. She told me she had only one other person in her life at this time who "knows" about what she is experiencing, an art teacher who she is close to who, even though this young woman is no longer a student, this older woman has remained in her life. I met this teacher and immediately loved her myself and so does this young woman's adoptive mom. However this teacher and I, my niece said, are the only two who "see" her abilities and understands that she has them. I do not think either of us mentors she is looking to, know what to do from there except be sympathetic and recognize them.

Now she is seeking help with further information as to what she has and what to do with these amazing yet misunderstood abilities, especially in the academic world and well the world at large. I told her at least she knows what she has, this was a good start. I shared some of my experiences and told her I did not even know or recognize what they were until well into my 30's. I told her I never developed them, and wish I had at the very least knew what was going on, because it was very confusing to have them and not even know I did or understand what was happening. At times I thought I was crazy, while she at least knows she is not, lol. She is a very logical young woman, seeking science and the "scholarly" ways of understanding and developing her abilities in a ways that blends with both. She is a college student and wanting to become a veterinarian as a career, even though she has so many other awesome well-developed talents such as art and music she could study, those are more her "hobbies" but she could make a living off of either of them if she had a degree in them, I would think. She is very poor at this time, a struggling student so she does not have anything to pay for help, however perhaps there could be some other ways that someone would take her under their wing and apprentice her or at the very least give her better guidance as to where to seek information on line or in her community that I have (she lives in Olympia WA as a student and also grew up In the Seattle area). She is a hard worker and ready to up her sleeves, but

This woman came from an apolitical background and is not that interested in politics, but this forum is about the only place I know where perhaps we could find some information as to where she could go from here, so she is not a DU member, nor interested in being one I suspect. I told her I would post here and give her a link so she could read what you all suggested and I am hoping we get some good sites and folks she could go to that could give her some assistance. If I have gotten any of the information wrong or she wants to add anything, I told her I would correct/add whatever she thinks should be. I am quite busy today and so is she (she is leaving her parents' home and moving 100 miles away for school) so neither of us will be able to keep up with the post today during the day). I will try to keep an eye on it though tonight and I am home tomorrow to keep an eye out. She may not be able to respond for a couple days until she gets settled in.

I just know if I post here, the ought to be a few folks who would help this young woman. She is going to be a marvelous addition to this world, this I know as far as making it better. But she needs guidance to help her with that. Any ideas? Oh I love you guys!

Cat In Seattle
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