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OneGrassRoot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-15-10 02:38 PM
Response to Reply #4
8. Hmmm....
Good questions, though I'm not sure I completely follow (major sinus/allergy fog going on here). Thanks in advance for being patient with me. :hi:

The questions will help me clarify my current intention more and more. Thanks. :)

As I mentioned, it started off as an idea for a book club, so it's already morphed quite a bit, but let's see if I can get even clearer in my own mind.

First of all, once the site is open (I'm focused on the "seed experts" -- for lack of a better term -- right now), people can certainly join as many groups as they'd like. I'd be surprised if people were only interested in one subject matter. And each of the 12 categories listed will certainly have many subcategories, and things shall certainly overlap -- proving how interconnected all things Are. :)

There's a difference between the Our Collective Wellness discussion forums and the groups. The general site discussion forum can have many topics -- just as we have here at ASAH/DU -- but the groups are where one can really dive into the topics in much more depth. I even found a way to insert private chat, just for the group members. Plus, the group setup provides people leading the group (the authors/bloggers, healers/practitioners, etc., etc) a way to gain more visibility about their work.

I think to start off, I'll have people go through me to create the groups, simply because I've seen these things go haywire and off track too easily, too often. I have zero interest in micro-managing, but to start off with -- to get that foundation -- I'm thinking that's what will need to happen.

I really want to seed the groups (versus discussion forum topics which can be started and used by anyone) as being "led" by people knowledgeable about whatever topic the group is about, rather than groups started by people who simply have an interest; they can join the groups, started by others who are knowledgeable about the subject matter. When people have a vested interest in the topic (because it's their livelihood, or they want it to be), the groups usually are nurtured and do much better.

I'm not sure how the regional aspect of a healers group could play in with the OCW concept. Then again, I have a Community Wellness category, so it may evolve into having separate groups devoted to their physical geographic community's wellness and things they're doing to work toward that wellness. Very interesting idea; then again, that starts to morph into a Wishadoo thing -- and we shall indeed have Wishadoo Groups soon -- but, hey, to me everything connects and fits together in some way, if only in my own mind. ;)

I'm not rigid about the 20 people requirement in order to start a group. I just didn't want hundreds of groups comprised of 2-3 people, with minimal activity, which is why I'm trying to lay this groundwork of those who have a "following" of sorts, and a vested interest in the topic, to generate activity and interest right away in the particular topics.

Speaking of which, your expertise in symbolic radionics (and, yep, I'd have to say you're the only person I know doing that!) feels like it would be a nice fit for OCW. Granted, like many topics, it could fall under many categories (and eventually things will cross reference, no doubt). But the Environmental/Planetary and/or Community/Global wellness categories seem suited to this. You may have a handful of people here at ASAH who may want to learn more about that and join such a group.

Let me know if that didn't answer your question.

This is a work in progress, spurred by the change in Ning, which starts next week and the need to shut down certain Ning sites that can't justify paying for them (so I'm working on a deadline to get my ducks in a row), and a few other lingering projects which may or may not fit in with this. I have no idea how this will morph...we shall see. :)

Thanks for your interest, and I'm certainly open to suggestions. There are also some unknown variables, as we won't know the specific details of the feature changes at Ning for another week or two. But, it seems it's only going to get better, not anything that takes away from the features that currently exist.


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