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FirstLight Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-01-09 11:05 AM
Response to Original message
2. They PROMPTLY replied:
Full ViewShalimar
From: Cat Angels < > Add to Contacts


Thank you for your email responding to golo, craigslist, etc posts about Shalimar, the cat that was returned to us because the adopters breached their contract by letting her outside.

First of all, you can rest assured that we did not demand the return of Shalimar because she slipped outside just once or twice, or only hangs out on a covered porch, or various other claims we have seen made. We would never do that. If an adoptive family contacted us and told us they were having trouble keeping the cat indoors, we would work with them to resolve it. We have done this successfully for other adopters that asked us for this help.

The story you are being told has been carefully constructed and is significantly different from what the adoptive family told us before they realized we were serious about their committment to the cat's safety. Once we told them that the indoor/outdoor lifestyle they had subjected the cat to, in violation of their signed contract, was unacceptable, they changed their story a few days later to what you are being told now. Even now, even in the GOLO blog posting meant to support them, information given contradicts what they told us when they were arguing with us over the return.

It is true that we require indoor only homes for the cats we adopt out, and every adopter, including this family, agrees to that condition many times -- on our adoption aplication form, verbally emphasized throughout the adoption process, and on the signed adoption contract. There is no possibility of a good faith misunderstanding, because this is so important to us. If someone cannot abide by that, we agree with those who say they should not adopt from us. We only want adopters who will keep the commitments they make in the adoption contract.

If someone cannot abide by our policies and contracts, we cheerfully direct them to the county animal shelter, where there are many fewer rules and the cats are on death row, and we are grateful when they save a cat elsewhere.

Our adoption contract also specifies return of the cat to us as our remedy when it is violated, as it was in this case. We are a no-kill shelter, we keep all cats until we find them the right home, even if that takes years. Our adoptable cats also do not live in cages, but in open landscape cat rooms with toys, cat furniture, and companionship.

Regarding Shalimar's health and the adopter's expenses, Shalimar had surgery for her major health problem nearly 2 years after the adoption. The cat was healthy when she left our custody, and had several routine exams by our shelter veterinarian during that time. We do recognize that a cat can have an undiagnosed condition when it leaves our custody, and our contract allows for return and refund if that happens and the adopter so chooses. This adopter never contacted us during the whole health problem.

Until we and our vet examine Shalimar's veterinary records in detail for the 2 years she was with the family, we can't really say any more about it because we want to make sure what we say is backed by the facts. However we are confident that she was healthy when she left us, and we also know that being outdoors exposes cats to many more pathogens and other health risks than an indoor only lifestyle.

We will not provide further details that would only serve to embarrass the adoptive family to strangers over the internet. Before this campaign broke out, we were contemplating condidtions under which we might return Shalimar to them. Public attacks tend to make one want to dig heels in deeper, but we will rise above that and continue to consider it, if this family will work with us on resolving our concerns openly and truthfully, and in good faith.

Mike Fox
Vice President
Cat Angels Pet Adoptions Inc


"Saving one animal doesn't change the world - but it changes the world for that one animal."
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