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The Politics of Body Hair [View All]

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LostinVA Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-21-07 01:17 PM
Original message
The Politics of Body Hair
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Edited on Sun Jan-21-07 01:23 PM by LostinVA
I would like to have a reasonable discussion of a topic that often becomes rather heated on DU: women shaving/waxing some or all of their pubic hair. And yes, this is a serious thread. I was talking with some friends about this recently, and wanted to see what women on this forum TRULY think about it.

I would like the discussion to focus on women. Not on teenagers, but on adult women who choose to wax or shave.

I know many people blame this on the prevalence in porn of shaved vulvas. I personally reject this as the reason, although I will agree that particular men and women DO shave because of porn. But, I believe its a safe bet to say thats a small minority. I will also say that I dont agree with one partner forcing another to do this for such a reason. People in a committed, respectful relationship should never force anything onto their partners.

I also do not think pubic hair is dirty, etc. I do, however, think it IS vestigial, like your appendix, etc.

I also have heard people say its more natural to not shave. Okay, I have zero problems with this being someones personal choice, although I reject that reasoning for myself. I personally prefer the look and feel of certain areas being clean shaven, and it ahs nothing to do with porn, phallocentric attitudes in society and advertising, or the patriarchy. It is my personal choice. I do, however, believe that NOTHING we do to ourselves is technically natural from wearing clothes, to cutting our hair, etc.

Per Wikipedia:

Waxing of the genital areas has been prevalent in many societies around the world for centuries, in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt but especially in arid or desert, predominantly Muslim and Arab countries. Arab, Turkish, and Persian women as well as women from the Albanian culture and Mediterranean regions have for centuries been waxing in the genital areas. The waxes used were often sugar-based and made with lemon; however present variations include oils and scents to lessen the discomfort. The reasons for genital waxing in these regions have not necessarily been for cosmetic reasons throughout history, as it is in the case of North and South America as well as Europe, but instead these cultures mentioned above have generally practiced waxing for centuries more for reasons of personal hygiene and/or religion. As a result, in many of these cultures, body hair of any sort on women is considered socially unacceptable. However, waxing the genital area completely is relatively new to western cultures, developing mostly in the 20th century. In the United States, for example, the habit of waxing or even shaving the pubic area did not become common place until the late 1990s. However, as of 2006, this habit has become popular with the recent generation of American women.

The wax originated in Brazil for women wanting to wear the then-new thong bikinis, which was not widely popular inside the United States at the time. Waxing gained in popularity through the 1990s, with several celebrities, such as Paula Yates and Gwyneth Paltrow, extolling its virtues. In 1999 it shot to international prominence with the airing of a Sex and The City episode, where one of the characters is the unsuspecting victim of a Brazilian wax and finds the experience surprisingly pleasant.

So, I kinda reject the reasoning that porn forces most women to shave. I also believe that the majority of men (and women) are NOT tuned on by prepubescent girls. They want to be in bed with women, not kids. I think most men are pigs, but not skeeves or pedophiles. And, I know that I along with many friends were shaving or trimming well before the advent of ubiquitous internet porn flashing shaven vulvas.


Having started the thread, I think its only fair to fully give my position on genital shaving: Im a lesbian, and for years have been either partially or fully shaven. My reasons for doing this are:

* I find it more hygienic
* It makes sex more enjoyable; absence of hair allows MUCH more sensation, it makes oral sex easier and better, and its just plain sexier, imo. A womans body is very, very sexy, and is nothing to hide. I personally like being able to see my partners body changing.
* Frankly, I like the way it feels and looks.
* I run a lot, and being shaven stops painful ingrown hairs, etc., that nothing else stops, even BodyGlide or other sports anti-friction sticks.

I want to finish by saying this: I am not a pedophile, and neither is my GF. Neither of us have any desire to watch child porn. I know Im not in bed with a 12-year-old, and so does she.

Thanks for reading the entire post. Im looking forward to seeing everyones posts and reading other opinions!

on edit: I also think that the SERIOUS views of male DUers would be interesting.
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