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Reply #5: No, this relates to the Madrid Mo Fault. [View All]

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happyslug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-30-08 08:10 PM
Response to Reply #2
5. No, this relates to the Madrid Mo Fault.
Unlike the most common earthquake faults, which tend to be around volcano areas (do to the fact both are related to the movement of Continental plates against each other) these are mid Continent faults and how they interact is less known then the more common earthquakes in California and the "Ring of Fire" the circles the Pacific ocean (Where Various Continental plates come into contact with the Pacific plate and slowly pushing themselves over the Pacific plate).

The New Madrid Earthquake of 1811 was about 8.0 on the Richter scale (Through this is hard to judge to to the lack of population in Missouri at that time, but the earthquake forced the Mississippi to flow BACK WARDS for about three days (From reports of the time period, recorded long afterward so questionable as to the length of time) do to the upheaval of the earth). The Quake rang church bells in Boston and is believe to have toppled a chimney in Maine. The actual area of slippage was one of the widest ever found, basically from Northern Arkansas through Missouri to south west Illinois about where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet (The whole fault slipped, but just a part as in common in most other earthquakes). Everyone between the Mountains (The Appalachians and the Rockies) felt it, the great Indian chief Tecumseh called it the Sign of the Great Spirit to fight the White-man (The Tecumseh's actions in that regard lead to the War of 1812, the only war the US ever fought to kill one man, Tecumseh, but that is another story).

Such an earthquake is estimated to occur every 200-300 years (Some people say 250-400 years, other 200 or so years, but all of these estimates are educated guesses more then predictions). Thus the importance of these quakes are they signs of a build up of stresses that will lead to another New Madrid Earthquake? No one knows but something is happening, it may be a build up of stresses, or a relieving of stress (And thus a DELAY in the next earthquake). Only time will tell.

More on the New Madrid earthquake:

Some eyewitness account of the quakes:

Newspaper AccountS:

A place for information on the effect of the quakes (Where I go the above two cites): /

USGS cite on New Madrid Fault:

Papers on this Fault:
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