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Reply #1: I guess you missed my post about the VAERS database, huh? [View All]

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varkam Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-07-08 11:47 PM
Response to Original message
1. I guess you missed my post about the VAERS database, huh?
Edited on Fri Aug-08-08 12:04 AM by varkam

Mrs. Brockovich's post on the matter is also fairly disengenuous. Let's have a look-see:

Gardasil, as you should know by now, is an HPV vaccine sold by MERCK, a vaccine with a flawed marketing campaign targeting young s. The premise is that the vaccine will protect young s from cervical cancer, as well as a couple of varieties of HPV. But the vaccine is NOT a cancer preventative, and it has not been thoroughly tested. Not only does Gardasil not protect everyone, it does not prevent all types of cervical cancer. According to current science, there are fifteen types of HPV associated with cervical cancer but Gardasil only counters HPV types 16 and 18. The vaccine requires three doses to start and scientists don't even know how frequently boosters will be needed. They don't know because they did not adequately research this before putting the vaccine out on the market using our young s as guinea pigs.

Of course, I'm not sure what Mrs. Brockovich would consider being thoroughly tested, but Gardasil did go through all three stages of pre-approval testing. In Phase III, alone, more than 12,000 women were followed for two years following the administration of Gardasil.

While Mrs. Brockovich is technically accurate in claiming that "according to current science, there are fifteen types of HPV associated with cervical cancer...only counters HPV types 16 and 18", it is also disengnuous in that the types of HPV that Gardasil is meant to protect against are associated with upwards of 70% of all cervical cancer cases.

MERCK was even pushing to have this untried vaccine REQUIRED by states.

The question of whether or not the vaccine is safe and effective, and the question of whether or not the vaccine should be mandated are two different questions entirely. In my mind, the burden of proof that one has to satisfy in order to justify a vaccine being added to the routine schedule of vaccination is higher than for simple approval from the FDA for a medicine to be released to the market. In my mind, I'm not sure if that burden is met.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) now has 7195 individual adverse reactions listed--and as it is a database not everyone knows about, not all of the adverse reactions are being reported. The Centers for Disease Control report over 9,000 adverse reactions for Gardasil. There is a rising total of s connected with the administration of this vaccine; as well as have been reports of seizure activity, tingling, numbness and loss of sensation in the fingers and limbs. There is serious question about girls initially having short-term health problems associated with getting this vaccine that could turn into long-term neurological or immune system disorders; and there is serious question about administering this vaccine at the same time as others.

As I had posted recently, the VAERS database is only intended to be a "canary in the coal mine", and not to be used as evidence for a causal relationship between the administration of a vaccine and adverse reactions to the vaccine. For example, one researcher was able to enter into VAERS that the flue vaccine turned him into The Hulk. Had that researcher not agreed to have that AE removed from VAERS, it would still be listed.

All that is not to say that VAERS doesn't have a utility - it does - but going ahead and mining data from it (such as what the Geiers did in some of their famously bad research on autism) isn't going to get you any closer to the truth.

The FDA Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System has more than 8,000 incidents associated with Gardasil. The most serious complications reported include death and the development of blood clots.

The CDC says that they have not ruled-in one case of death as attributable to the Gardasil vaccine. That's not to say that it hasn't happened or that it is not possible, but that there is simply little to no basis for claiming it as of yet.
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