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Reply #50: "okay more idiocy I see" ... Indeed. [View All]

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mzmolly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-04-07 11:12 AM
Response to Reply #25
50. "okay more idiocy I see" ... Indeed.
Edited on Wed Jul-04-07 11:13 AM by mzmolly
1) CRO's--I have worked for them for years. They do the work the client requests and give unbiased results. They survive only because they do quality work.

Those that survive in today's climate do so because the drug companies like the results. If they dont, they find another "unbiased research" body.

2) Gardasil vaccines are the SAME TYPE of vaccine as long established Hep A +B (both mandatory for school age children). They have aluminum ADJUVANTS in them. An adjuvant is not free floating aluminum molecule. It binds to helper cells to stimulate the immune system and are quickly cleaned out of the body by the spleen.


Not all vaccines contain aluminum salts because an adjuvant may not have been needed, was not expected to increase the desired immune response, or was going to cause an imbalance in the immune response. For example, inactivated Polio Virus (IPV) vaccine, measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR), varicella vaccine, Meningococcal conjugate (MCV4) vaccine, and influenza vaccines do not contain aluminum salts. (2)

So tell me why I don't know anyone who has been "poisoned" (including me) by the same type of vaccines. Gardasil is no riskier than any of the standard and accepted and often MANDATED vaccines on the market place.

Perhaps because you refuse to admit what poisoning consists of? Some consider MMF a form of "aluminum poisoning." Some consider Gulf War Illness, "poisoning." Some consider collapsing after an injection evidence of "poisoning," some consider neurological damage, "poisoning." Some consider the data gathered via VAERS regarding this vaccine to be compelling from a "poison" standpoint. You go ahead and keep pretending that no one has ever been harmed from any vaccine EVER.

I know you've had trouble "understanding" this study, but read it carefully this time:,%20...
Pay special attention to to the evidence regarding damage to the brain.

3)Finally the preservatives are in such small concentrations that they aren't toxic.

Says who?

In fact, there is probably more toxins on many of the so-called organic foods (dead insects, natural toxins in the soil, farm contaminants ect, bacteria) than there are in a vaccine. The preservative keeps the bacteria out of the vaccine and makes it sterile and helps keep it potent. BTW, since vaccines bind to wbc's they don't get into nerves or the brain, unless you have had a stroke. The blood brain barrier does NOT let blood leak into a brain..thats what a hemoorrage is, so your "theory" about aluminum is a biological impossibility.

Sorry, you don't consider this a "scientific" statement do you?
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