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Reply #41: I see and understand the distinction you're making. [View All]

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OhioNerd Donating Member (197 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-03-06 12:52 PM
Response to Reply #39
41. I see and understand the distinction you're making.
I see and understand the distinction you're making. I'm not in complete agreement with you on the national issue, but we're not so far apart that it would be productive to really drill down on this.

However, I was to address something that you said:

The problem, IMO, has nothing to do with schools, but with the neighborhoods.The REAL SOLUTION is to bring back MANUFACTURING to the cities...

I disagree, for two reasons:

  1. Manufacturing isn't coming back to the cities because of the reason it left in the first place. Bottom line, it has to do with what is called "Overhead", a concept that I'm sure you're familiar with. You cannot have a factory in a place where the real estate is going for $1,000/sq.ft. and expect to compete with someone whose factory is in an area where the real estate is $100/sq.ft.

  2. The manufacturing is not the problem. The PARENTS are the problem.

The first point I said just to get it out of the way. The second point I want to expand upon.

Both my parents were educators in NYC. They both started out as teachers and my Father retired as a Vice Principal, my Mother as a guidance counselor. As a result, I had the benefit of their experience going back over four decades.

Additionally, my job takes me into classrooms all day long. I'm not a teacher, so I am able to "step back" and look at what they are experiencing from an objective standpoint and here's what I see: The classrooms in many schools are completely out of control. The kids do what they want, when they want and they have little to no respect for the teachers. This means that the kids who WANT to learn are deprived of the opportunity for a positive classroom environment.

Now you might say; "Well that's the teacher's fault.", but you'd be wrong. and here's why:

The teachers will not impose genuine discipline on the class because they KNOW that the principal will not back them up. The principal will not back the teacher because they know that the PARENTS wont back them up. In fact, all too often they'll attack the principal. Occasionally that's a physical attack. Usually it's simply a complaint to the district or a lawsuit because little Johnny or Tamiqua was TRAUMATIZED by the teacher TELLING the kid to sit down, stop disrupting the class and do their work.

The result of all this is that nobody wants to rock the boat. They come to work, punch the clock and keep their heads down until the final bell rings when they can get away from those kids and go home.

This tends to destroy any GOOD teacher that come along, and don't even get me started on the bad ones.

You want to know who is generally the one person in the school who is almost universally educated, articulate, smart, filled with common sense and able to actually work in an effective manner? THE CUSTODIAN! A lot of these teachers are idiots that I wouldn't trust to babysit my dog, let alone educate my children. But they have tenure and a powerful union standing behind and protecting them. Heck, the UFT is probably the only powerful truly union left in the entire country.

I seem to have ranted a bit. I think I'll stop now.
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