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Nihil Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-27-11 10:52 AM
Response to Reply #9
12. Thanks for that ... will try to address your first part ...
> 1) the link to the greater consciousness. Nobody can define this "GC" so I'm not
> asking that, but I'm intrigued by how the feeling that it exists (and perhaps that
> a person can get a momentary glimpse of or link to it) differs from that nice
> relaxed feeling we both mentioned. Subjective obviously but what mental or sensory
> signal tells you (generic you open to anyone) that you have gone beyond relaxation
> into connectedness? Obviously not expecting a chart of neurological inputs, but is
> it visual, auditory, emotional (a sense of happiness perhaps or even fear in the
> presence of something so awesome in the true meaning of the word)? Heightened or
> dulled external perception? What, in a nutshell, happens?

For me, it's not so much "going beyond relaxation" in a conscious or deliberate
fashion (e.g., by meditative practice or whatever) as an event that "just happens"
every once in a while.

Although it is so much more than just a visual "signal", it is as if a filter
is temporarily lifted such that even though my sight before (and after) the
event was not significantly deficient, I could suddenly perceive things with
a clarity that was way beyond anything I achieve outside of those times.
This is not just in a purely line of sight visual aspect (e.g., seeing more detail
on the far side of a valley) but also with a temporary dislocation of viewpoint,
literally being able to see things as if I'd moved my eyes, my subjective "camera",
across to a new position but without moving my body an inch. I could also "zoom in"
(for want of a better analogy) but not just to see things from closer but, to an
extent, through the external layers of the object as if they had become transparent.

To call this "sight" is not to capture the sensation - it is a full awareness - but
I am at a loss how else to present my experience.

Similarly, there have been tactile aspects to some of those moments but they
didn't (couldn't) involve any physical action of touching the items concerned.

I can't recall any particular auditory effect (except that I wasn't consciously
aware of other people around me but I can "shut out" the background noise in the
office when focussing on a tricky problem too so that's not particularly unusual).

Heightened perception is definitely part of it but it involved more than that
as the awareness of the connections, of the whole, was much larger than simply
the particular fraction that I was focussing upon.

The overriding "feeling" was one of "Of course! That's how it all hangs together!
How could I have ever forgotten it?" and that feeling stays for a short time after
the event itself but despite - or perhaps because of? - any attempt to recall the
entirety of what I perceived, it soon fades to a memory of the connectedness that
was briefly present.

The closest I've found (so far) of a description by others that matches my
impressions was in a couple of books by Colin Wilson where he quoted an extract
from a (Victorian?) doctor that resonates with my feelings on those occasions:

Directly afterwards there came upon me a sense of exultation,
of immense joyousness, accompanied or immediately followed by
an intellectual illumination impossible to describe.
Among other things ... I saw that the universe is not composed of
dead matter, but is, on the contrary, a living Presence;
The vision lasted a few seconds and was gone.

He phrases things in a more religious vein that I feel about it but maybe
that's just a difference in backgrounds. The doctor concerned went on to
write a book ("Cosmically Conscious"?) and collect other accounts of other
similar experiences. (I'll have a look later to fill in the details but I'd
noted down the above quote & origin a while back as it "rang a bell" with me).

(BTW, sorry that it sometimes takes me a while to respond to posts - if in doubt,
PM me to give me a nudge!)
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