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Reply #170: Again, you are incorrect. [View All]

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Behind the Aegis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-22-11 12:57 AM
Response to Reply #163
170. Again, you are incorrect.
Edited on Fri Apr-22-11 01:01 AM by Behind the Aegis
"The central claim here is that "the Exodus narrative is true" (or "Moses existed").There is absolutely no evidence to support either claim, and the contradiction can be made, "the Exodus narrative is true" is a false statement and "Moses existed" is a false statement. Again, that contradiction is not a claim in itself, but an evaluation of "the Exodus narrative is true" or "Moses existed.""

Incorrect. Here is the OP:

edhopper (1000+ posts) Mon Apr-18-11 03:50 PM
Original message
Do observers realize that the story of Moses is BS
That it never happened and Moses did not exist. That is from co-opted Babylonian myths, the same as Noah.
That the Jews were not slaves in Egypt (Egypt did not have the form of slavery portrayed in the Bible anyway).
And that the dates don't correlate to any sizable Jewish population in Egypt.
Do they know tonight that they are sitting around the Seder table reciting a fantasy.

Or do people think this fairy tale is true?

The "central claim" of this OP is that the Exodus never occurred and Moses didn't exist. Therefore, the logical fallacy you and the OP are engaging is "Burden of Proof." The OP (and you) must prove the Exodus DID NOT occur and Moses DID NOT exist. It is not my "burden" because I have not claimed either positive or negative claims. You seem to think I have claimed Moses existed or the Exodus occurred, I haven't made either assertion. You are creating a narrative all on your own.

"Your error is in using religious logic, which is based on the fallacy "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." Need I remind you that you offered that exact fallacy as your argument in post 145. Now after being shown that the quote you used was a description of a fallacy, you insist that everyone else is wrong, rather than conceding that it didn't mean what you thought. "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" was Sagan's description of a logical fallacy, not a logical argument."

Once again, you are incorrect. I know Sagan's comment was the expression of a logical fallacy, not a logical argument. The reason I mentioned it is because YOU and the OP are using it as a logical argument, demonstrating you don't understand the statement or how you are using it, or some combination. You and the OP are claiming because there is NO PROOF that the Exodus occurred (the way it appears in the Bible, I assume) and that there is NO PROOF that Moses existed, therefore, it is FACT that neither occurred/existed. THAT IS THE FALLACY. It is used by alleged skeptics often, and, on occasion, by religious types...but in reverse.

Religious: You cannot prove Moses and the Exodus existed/took place, and since you can't prove it, there is no evidence it isn't true, so it is true. FALSE statement.

You & OP: You cannot prove Moses and the Exodus existed/took place, and since it can't be proved, there is no evidence it is true, so it is false. FALSE statement.

Both are examples of the logical fallacy: "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence", they just arrive at different conclusions. Things can be true or false, but not both. They can, however, be "neither," neither true nor false and Sagan's fallacy indicates this. Now, one can infer from the lack of evidence that something is not true or didn't happen, but it still doesn't make it fact, or true; it just means there was no evidence. I also see you believe the fallacy, "you can't prove a negative," which might explain why you aren't understanding the situation and creating your own narrative, because you can prove a negative, mathematically and logically.

"Baltimore is NOT the capitol of the United States." I bet you can PROVE that NEGATIVE statement to be true.
"The Earth is NOT the center of the solar system." Bet you can prove that one too.
"Cavemen and dinosaurs did NOT exist at the same time." There is another negative statement I am certain you could prove true, factual; though it might take more work than the first two examples.

Do not mistake opinion for fact.

Edit to add:

I re-read my first response to you: "That's not evidence." I wasn't paying close attention, because I should have said it wasn't "proof," because it clearly is evidence. My apologies.
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