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Reply #216: Well, when it happened to me (in my early twenties), I would barely have noticed it - if at all, had [View All]

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Joe Chi Minh Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-02-08 05:35 PM
Response to Reply #84
216. Well, when it happened to me (in my early twenties), I would barely have noticed it - if at all, had
Edited on Mon Jun-02-08 05:47 PM by KCabotDullesMarxIII
it not been accompanied by the most extraordinary feeling of gentleness in the leading arm I was extending to pick up a cat, which had been unnerved by its owner, the very nice, but neurotic lady who ran the boarding house I was staying at in Reading, as she was tying to catch it and pick it up. I would have subliminally, not even consciously, dismissed it as a trick of the light or my eye-sight. But, the cat was so agitated, I was puzzled that it allowed me to approach it, never mind pick it up. Until that inexplicably strong feeling of tenderness affected my arm.

But when I was talking to my wife about it recently, I said I understood gentleness to be an absence of violence, so I was puzzled at how incredibly strong (and beautiful, even sublime) this sensation had been. She more or less laughed/scoffed, and said "Oh, no. It's love." And I realised she was right.

I don't want to go into the whole story again, as I've written about it a few times on the Net, once, I think at some time ago now, but I've also seen a fallen angel/devil/demon/fiend, which appeared as a dull glow. I've had some very unpleasant experiences with them, as it happens, on two occasions, in different places and divided by some years, finding myself being throttled by some invisible force. Both when I was in bed, once dozing, the second when fully asleep. Fortunately, on both occasions the strength of the creature seems to be limited as I was able to withstand its pressure by tensing my neck muscles. Actually, I'm inclined to think (rightly or wrongly) that it was the ghost of a bad person, rather than a devil.

But the weird thing about the devil one I mentioned above was that it seemed to move in a straight line. Well that doesn't sound remarkable, does it? Why wouldn't it? Well, that's what I thought when I heard a woman on TV a few months earlier describing her experience of seeing one moving up their staircase. She'd just moved into this old house and had been told about it by the previous occupants.

Anyway, as I mused on it, it occurred to me that since it had not assumed a physical form, as angels can do for our benefit (however ambiguous re the fallen ones), but just appeared as a glow, the tiny lateral and vertical movements that occur when we walk, but which we don't consciously notice, would be absent, and they would move in a kind of geometrically straight line. Weird.

My fear on these occasion has always been very limited, partly because I feel God's presence at all times, but also because they occur so suddenly and so unexpectedly your initial reaction of nascent fear is not allowed to develop, because all your faculties immediately become so totally engaged, if it's a physically-experienced attack on your body or your soul, that you don't have the time to indulge your initial access of fear.

The only two really big things we really need fear are presumption and the loss of our conscience, if we become inured to sin. It ought to go without saying that loving our neighbour is the one indispensable condition of our salvation, athough it nevertheless predicates others.

Presumption is a very serious sin, because it can lead to many others. It's taking God for granted, and thinking he'll always make allowances for you. Remember Christ was prompted in his incarnate, human nature by the Devil to "put God to the test" by jumping from the top of the Temple.

To understand the madness of our Western leadership, our governments and politicians, you only need to read what the John the Evangelist had to say about seeing our neighbour in want, whe we have more than a sufficiency, and not giving him enough for his needs, to realise there is going to be a terrible judgement on a lot of our rulers who have been seduced into thinking their wealth and status are a reflection of their virtue - as our World always resassures them they are, and they don't need to act to help the homeless and poor people generally, who have been increasing in great numbers and will soon rocket.

The deadening of our conscience occurs when we continue to suppress the still, small voice of our conscience until the only fear of God that can remain is that of the devils, themselves, "who believe in God and tremble."

To revert to the physical or physical-seeming attacks - although it's the daylight promptings of the forces of darkness we need fear - I had a really bizarrre such experiecne one night, in the early hours, which actually led to a stupid response on my part that seemed really comical in retrospect.

It is said and perhaps correctly, that when people see angels and devils, it is invariably in terms of the norms of their own culture. Anyway I suddenly woke up, having seen and heard this terrific swoosh of dragon-like wings as what seemed like this great dragon swooped down and seemed to try to physically wrest my soul from within me. Well, being a Catholic and foolish with it, I immediately started casting about in my mind whether I should call to St Michael the Archangel or Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons to help me, but suddenly, there was no time left (all of it was in a split second, I suppose), so I just bellowed out at the top of my voice, "Jesus"! And, instantaneously, it was over - the thing had gone. Now if I'd been a Protestant - they have their uses, you know - I'd have done that in the first place!

The strange thing was that my wife had evidently not heard a thing and was sleeping soundly. And it occurred to me that my loud shout must have been a shout in the spirit - and no mortal would have heard it. But it made me think of the time when I was in the army and there were a number of appearances of ghosts, and one Catholic lad called McDonagh told how he'd heard this sound of the door handles of the rooms in our troop quarters rattling incredibly fast, and getting closer and closer, one door after another... until it came to ours. He said he bellowed out to Tom Reader, another Catholic lad, but neither he nor anyone can have heard it, because no-one woke up. Having turned towards the window, as he felt it approach his bed on his left and lean over him, he tried to swing at it but was kind of paralysed. Nothing happened, but there were so many strange instances of such things - mostly occurring to Catholics, between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday, when, if we haven't been before in the year, we're supposed to go to confession - it would be too labour-intensive to go into it all. I was always being asked, by the Protestant lads too - to get a rosary to put over their bed, which they did.

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