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Reply #78: Congratulations, you've once again proven yourself conclusively correct [View All]

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PurityOfEssence Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-31-08 04:12 PM
Response to Reply #50
78. Congratulations, you've once again proven yourself conclusively correct
The sheer sanctimonious condescension is deafening. Childish though I obviously am, I can see the difference between theory and fact, and I'm comfortable living in a world without arrogant and triumphal certainty in my position.

As self-aggrandizing as you are for your complex and nuanced ability to divine subtleties that the rest of us lunkheads are forever condemned to miss, you should be able to see the ridiculousness of your position here. That you aren't shows the hollowness of the claim.

It's not faith that causes one to presume that a light switch will work, it's experience. If one has a knowledge of the elements of the event, one has a leg up on diagnosing it if it fails, but regardless, this is causality: complete the circuit, and it should work. It's not some big supernatural daddy making things right for you, it's you performing a simple task that has expected results. If it fails, I don't think that the big daddy hates me, I think that it's the bulb, the switch or the wiring and I set about to solve the problem.

Could you possibly be wrong? A personal god, an afterlife and all that seems like childish, fear-based silliness, but I accept that some version of that might be true; can you do the same? If not, how does that make you more mentally nimble and perspicacious? We all have biases, but there are differing levels of prejudice, and faith is a pretty severe form of it.

So much of the discourse of this sort is of people going to extremes to justify a continued belief in something that makes them feel safe and special, not a dispassionate attempt at determining reality. That's not subtle, that's blatant, self-justifying terror wrapped up in a cloak of serene self-satisfaction. I don't have the answers, whereas you claim that you do; to me, that makes you wrong. It doesn't matter how many others agree with you; by definition, the vast majority of people are ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT about the cosmos. Even if Christianity is correct, it's only a third of the human race, so a huge majority is incredibly wrong, and wrong with such blithering certainty that many will literally kill themselves on purpose to hasten their reward.

So, perhaps those of my ilk are pedestrian blockheads unable to see anything but what's obvious, but by the same dismissive nastiness, your brethren are fantasists who bend every fact to justify a self-focused supernatural guess out of fear and a need to be loved. At least we can be counted on for our powers of observation.
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