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Random_Australian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Feb-12-07 01:34 AM
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15. Random_Australian! A & Q!
1) Why is the world so messed up that some people think that it takes the unlimited power of an almighty god to set things right?

These are two seperate things.

1A) Why is the world so messed up?

Well, just thinking about this in terms of something I intend to bomb R/T with, it's because we simply haven't managed to work out and transmit the solution.

The reason why we were set on that course in the first place, I think, is because of attributes that were helpful to us as we came to be as a species, but react with our current social structures in an unfavourable manner.

The short, short answer is that we have not yet taught the world that other people are, in fact, people. (By we, I mean humankind)

1B) Why do people think there needs to be some higher power to fix it?

Simple - they trialed a number of hypothetical solutions and they did not work. All of them. This was inducted to mean that no solution could work. The end.

2) Why must we simultaneously need and fear other people, especially if they are different from us in some way?

The thing about differences is that they can be accepted as triggers for heuristics. In other words, people for 'implicit associations', that is, automatic assumptions, about people who are different from them.

Also, note that this is much the same as the answer to 1), that is, we have not yet taught the world that people who appear different to us are fundamentally the same.

3) Why are some people allowed to temporarily enrich their own lives by causing others to suffer?

Because we want to be able to do the same thing..... well, at least enough of us to keep the status quo. It's quite seductive, I hear, the promise of riches.

Also, sometimes it is simply an extension of a process which is for the common good. (ie. sometimes there are processes which we think will do more good than harm, yet there is still some harm... ie. some people will suffer)

4) Why are we committing collective suicide via global warming?

There are a couple of main reasons.

A) Acknowledging that this is happening is scary. People would like to keep it at arms length.

B) Large groups of people associate some modicum of care for the environment with something contrary to their identity.... for instance, people with the attitudes "buying a small car is for tree-hugging hippies"

C) Misinformation campaigns.


My question: Which is more important - (in the hypothetical case that a religion claims to be the one true religion) - letting people of that religion have their religion as is, or teaching people that practically all religious views are equal?
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