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Reply #8: Thanks for the condolences lesab. It's a very hard time, the hardest really, [View All]

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frankly_fedup2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-21-06 07:40 PM
Response to Reply #5
8. Thanks for the condolences lesab. It's a very hard time, the hardest really,
in my life to face this knowing I can do nothing.

I sort of believe as you have stated. This World pretty much sucks and is cruel, inhuman, and surely if there is a God, we all will go to a better place. I was talking with my sister and told her that if there is a God (she is a devout Lutheran), surely that God would not put us on this Earth with loved ones and then suddenly just take them away from us to never see again. That would be sadistically cruel. We are taught God is a loving God but we are also to fear God. Why must we fear God? Also, I still do not get why God sent us his son to be crucified and murdered for our sins. I've heard that he did it because he promised us that he would never flood the Earth again like the great flood with Noah. I've also read the next time the human race will die from fire.

There are so many opinions and ideas and thoughts out there and I'm lost.

I just need to know my father is okay. I need to know that he is in a better place and without any pain. I cannot stand the thought that he still would have any level of consciousness in this World. My father constantly told me he did not want to be buried in the ground. I thought he had purchased a mausoleum for himself and my mother but when we went to make the arrangements, there was nothing but enough money for the funeral and no plots. I told my sister what dad had always told me and she and I and our husbands paid half for a mausoleum place for my father and one for our mother. It was expensive but the thought of him in the ground when I knew he never wanted to be there would have drove me insane. We were both grateful we could afford it at the time. My mother seems to be resentful of the mausoleum stating he had no business being in something like that when the rest of his family is in the ground. I told her it was his wish and the thought of him in the ground would have killed me because that is not what he wanted.

Anyway, sorry so long but I am sincerely grasping for some kind of hope, peace, sanity to a certain extent. I want to believe there is a God and a Heaven so beautiful we couldn't even begin to picture it, and we see our family again, and everyone is without pain and fear. I so want that to be true but where is the proof. I know, I know there is no 100% proof but is there anything that we could use as some kind of proof? Sorry to be rambling. :cry:
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