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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-03-04 06:05 AM
Response to Reply #66
67. JW...
...I wouldn't put ANYTHING past Karl Rove--even screwing up the Exit Polls with pre-planted memes!

But I don't think we need to dwell on that. We have enough evidence of their diabolical schemes. Your study, if I understand it correctly, says that the biggest red shift occurred in 5 states that command twice as many Electoral Votes as the others (NH, OH, PA, MINN, FLA, Nev), thus providing evidence of fraud concerning their first priority, winning the Electoral Vote. This is the first evidence I've seen on this important issue. (It was only a guess that their first priority would be the EV.) Thank you for all your work on this!

I absolutely agree that we should try to avoid running down blind alleys (i.e., looking for stolen votes in unlikely places)--especially with this iron time frame for actually overturning the election. But we need to be aware also that the master planner of this fraud could pick and choose nationwide among many jurisdictions, for several purposes (the Electoral Vote, the popular vote and the misdirection re: vote suppression in OH and FLA). They had SET UP extremely fraud-friendly conditions, virtually everywhere (with control of the central vote tabulators) for this purpose, I think--to accomplish several goals, and to have flexibility and be able to respond to events and circumstances. Also, their need to create a popular majority was ALMOST but not quite as important as creating an Electoral Vote win. ('ignatzmouse' also mentions yet another goal, evident in NC election data, of gaining Senate seats.)

And why wouldn't they do so, if they could?

Your point that the total redshift differential, nationwide, still doesn't give Kerry the popular majority (a million votes short) doesn't take into consideration that they fiddled the election in many different ways that would not be reflected in the Exit Polls. For instance, the Sproul destruction of Dem voter registration forms, or "losing" 60,000 absentee ballots just before the election, or things like severely shorting black voters on polling stations and voting machines, creating 10 hour long voting lines. Greg Palast maintains that they suppressed about a million black votes. Many of these are people who DIDN'T vote, and therefore would not have been questioned by Exit Pollsters.

As for Bush Inc. audacity--taking the risk of detection in multiple states: when have they been held accountable by the news media, the Congress or the courts, for even the most audacious behavior (baldfaced lying to Congress and to the public on Iraq WMDs; torturing prisoners; dismantling the Constitution; defying international law; massive theft of taxpayers' money to enrich Dick Cheney and his friends)?

What would make them think that they would be held accountable for massive election fraud in multiple states?

Hubris is the only accountability for this crew. And I think they've finally done it--gone too far.

We have to bring some personal judgement into this analysis. It's not just about facts. WOULD they go too far? Would they step over the line of what ordinary people might presume is reasonable risk?

Read Euripides. It was more than a possibility--it was a certainty that they would. Men who seek tyrannical power always do.

But it remains to be seen whether we, the people, can hold them accountable for stealing the election. If not, they will destroy themselves in some other way, we can be sure--and probably with a lot more collateral damage.

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