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Mr Nadir Donating Member (1 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-27-04 11:04 PM
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85. Greetings From Canada!
While I cannot claim to speak for all non-Americans, I am personally grateful to people such as yourselves who have taken such a passionate interest in protecting the spirit of the American system. This is especially true since the entire world will be affected by any decisions made by the US yet the entire world is powerless to change the direction of American Politics. I have followed this election closely and I have read virtually everything available regarding the allegations of election irregularities; however I respectfully suggest that the real issue is not being addressed by the nation as a whole. The election process in the United States is obviously not trustworthy and therefore the recent election can never be fully respected, even in the absence of damning evidence.

Lets briefly review the facts:

1. It is possible to hack into at least some of the central tabulation machines used in the recent election and alter results without leaving any evidence.

2. There have been fundamental violations of at least common sense regarding the selection of people with massive influence over the vote counting. The widely publicized comments of Diebolds Walden O'Dell prove that at least some people of great influence within the system are not opposed to manipulating the votes and disenfranchising American voters.

3. There are no primary source records of large numbers of American votes due to touch screen machines without paper trails.

4. The only barrier to Republican power in the United States has been silent on these and other issues throughout the election process. Democrats continue to participate in the system that COULD so easily manipulated and validate the results of the election by doing so.

The fact of the matter is that Americans have all of the evidence they need to doubt the US electoral system. Virtually everyone agrees that the elections could have been manipulated with no evidence. Now as the information is being to become available everyone seems to have moved on. CNN opinion polls show that Bushs approval rate has risen since the election. Even people in this forum have resigned themselves to the prospect of another Republican term. Meanwhile people in a country of practically no global significance are in the streets because of a fraudulent election.

The American Election was so poorly designed that short of Bev raiding Whitehouse dumpsters and finding Please Rig the Election notes from Mr. Bush, there will never be a CNN newsflash stating THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. The American system requires voters to prove that their vote was not counted in a structure that does not preserve individual votes. 49% of your voting citizens support a party which refuses to acknowledge the concerns of the voters who almost put them in power. Unfortunately, unless the Democratic Party addresses these issues in a unified protest you have already lost your democracy. If the other party doesnt stand up for you in times like these, why have another party at all?
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