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Reply #137: 'WANNA SEE SOMETHING SCARY' [View All]

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Woo Donating Member (181 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-21-04 12:56 PM
Response to Original message
OK the disclaimer -- because this is the Conspiracy theories of ALL Conspiracy Theories -- PLEASE DON'T GO PASSING THIS AROUND as fact.

I was reading through this thread and something someone said struck me -- so I went a'lookin on the internet(s).

Using all the information gleaned from just reading this thread and some quick internet checks(sorry, I'm not going to source anything because1) this is speculation and 2) I'm a lazy researcher --
Here's the scenario I have come up with --

1) We know something went wrong in the elections November 2nd and it has nothing to do with moral values.

2) We also know that in the last four years this country has invaded two countries that did not attack us

So look what's that mean -- Under Bush... the U.S. will have authority over/control three 'democratic' elections -- One being the most powerful country in the world --

So the elections:

Two have already take place: U.S. and Afghanistan
The other will happen in January: Iraq

Now in Afghanistan they don't have much oil -- so it wouldn't really make sense as to why the US would have an interest in it -- with the exception that Unocal(a US based company) had been trying to put an oil pipeline through Afghanistan -- well it wasn't exactly working out(aww!) -- But then September 11th came ... Osama Bin Laden so on so forth -- we were forced to attack the evildoers... Afghanistan was toast -- the US inserted the exiled King who by the way was elected in September and that pipeline is now going full steam ahead -- now, what country is this pipeline coming from -- A little known former piece of Russia called Turkmenistan which is rich in oil...

And who are the companies trying to run this pipeline? Unocal and Delta Oil(a company with Saudi interest) -- now ahem, who provides services and products to these two companies -- a little known company called Halliburton.

So also in this thread -- an article mentions Accenture -- a company that provides voting solution services to countries all over the world including the US... and more specifically Florida -- Oh... and it's an interesting tid bit to see that for some odd reason the Saudi's invested in this company... hmmm, now why would they be interested in an accounting firm?

My challenge when you're not working with the problem at hand, which is proving voting fraud in our own election is to find out what hand Accenture/Halliburton played in the Afghanistan elections and the upcoming Iraq Elections?

If I am to believe my own ramblings... I would have to ask myself some tough questions...

September 11th -- almost all the hijacker's were Saudi, why?
Osama Bin Laden why can't they catch a 6'5" Arab with kidney failure?
What's the rush with the Iraq elections -- why must they take place in January --they're going to happen no matter what?

Why is Iran... a country that separates Afghanistan and Iraq trying to feverishly enrich uranium so they might build a nuclear weapon... are they evildoers or do they see something coming that we don't see?

Are Bush and the Saudi's trying to corner the world's oil market?

No matter what happens -- or what is true -- we have to stop this now, I think it's that important.

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