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Carolab Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-20-04 09:31 PM
Response to Reply #40
Edited on Sat Nov-20-04 09:39 PM by Carolab

Allegedly, Jeb (acronym for John Ellis Bush) wants to rid anyone who monitors him or his administration. He wants to rid anybody or anything that wants safe air, safe water and wants to make government workers a bad name. He wants to give his buddies huge contracts, so his friends earn gigantic salaries while the rest of us struggle to pay utility bills or "put food" on our tables.

Take Accenture, for example. Gov. JE BuSh hired this company (who took its offices out of the U.S. so U.S. laws don't apply to them and they don't have to pay U.S. taxes) to produce a computer and communications' service. ;xd=index.xml

The consulting firm that broke away from the crumbling Andersen Worldwide empire in 2000 is paring its payroll in Houston (Arthur Anderson who reportedly destroyed documents in the Enron scandal). Accenture, which lists Bermuda as the company's corporate home, broke away from parent company Andersen Worldwide in 2000. Accenture's job is to privatize government and outsource the jobs to private companies (aka BuSh pals). The company has had serious problems in OH, NY and Ontario. .

Allegedly, Accenture was paid 90 million for the Business & Professional Regulation contract, gets paid $10,000. for each government worker the company can rid and will be the only company that could maintain and keep this program running!

Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote 7/16/03 EcoTalk: "Last year, while President Bush marshaled U.S. forces for the invasion of Iraq, the patriots at the Department of Defense awarded the contract for a new online voting system for the military... to an offshore company. It gets worse. Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE) is the system and Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting of Enron bankruptcy fame) is the company. And although Accenture has not been officially implicated in the Enron scandal, they have created a reputation of their own that is already raising eyebrows."

The Canada-based Polaris Institute published a scathing report on Accenture, saying, "Accenture's efforts in government outsourcing have often been very expensive and/or of poor quality. There is good reason to question Accenture's track record in outsourcing of government services."

Accenture is the leading offshore beneficiary of government contracts whose main business is the privatization of government services, according to Lee Drutman of Citizen Works, a non-profit founded by Ralph Nader. Accenture has a troubling track record, a close business relationship with Dick Cheney's Halliburton, and 2500 partners - more than half are not U.S. citizens.

In March 13, 2000 Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Microsoft signed a "$1 Billion Pact To Form Joint Venture and Expand Global Alliance." What's the alliance? To control voting systems around the world?

July 2000 David Lesar succeeded Dick Cheney as Chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company. Before joining Halliburton, Lesar was employed by the Arthur Andersen, Accenture's former parent company. Polaris says, "while defending Halliburton's accounting practices, David Lesar publicly acknowledged that Cheney knew about the firm's accounting practices..."

In an October 2001 press release, Halliburton and Accenture announced a major expansion of their longstanding relationship with the signing of an alliance between Accenture and Landmark Graphics Corporation, a wholly owned business unit of Halliburton. Can anyone at the Pentagon spell "national security"?
.... DonnaQuixote, 2/15/04

Accenture has a troubling track record, a close business relationship with Dick Cheney's Halliburton and 2500 partners - more than half of whom are not U.S. citizens.

Since 2001, Accenture and have been strategic partners "to jointly deliver comprehensive election solutions to governments worldwide," according to their press release.

In June 2003, Accenture bought the public-sector election assets of, which suffered its own scandal this year when it was discovered that Osan Ltd, a firm of Saudi and other foreign investors, bought controlling interest in it.

According to Mark Harrington of, "Several shareholders of the company said they were surprised by the recent buyout and have asked for securities regulators to investigate." has had other problems.

In January 2003, during Canada's New Democratic Party leadership convention, the Canadian Broadcasting System reported, Earl Hurd of said he believes someone used a "denial of service" program to disrupt the voting paralyzing the central computer by bombarding it with a stream of data service was restored."

"Toronto city councilor Jack Layton's victory on the first ballot surprised many, who had expected a second or even third round of voting before a leader was chosen from the pack of six candidates."

For election security experts, a strong and growing suspicion is that computer glitches or disruptions are actually vote rigging.

A surprise election result should raise a red flag.

Accenture is big. It has more than 75,000 employees in 47 countries, and generated net revenues of $11.6 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2002.

On their Board of Directors is Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO and known to many as Bad Boy Ballmer for his ruthless, if not illegal, business practices.

Microsoft has been sued by the federal government and several states for monopolistic business practices which were designed to destroy their competition.

AND:Nader Urges Bush to Cancel Homeland Security Contract With Accenture
Today, Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader urged President Bush to cancel the largest Homeland Security contract ever awared. The contract was awarded to Accenture, a foreign corporation based in Bermuda. Nader criticized the decision saying "Awarding up to a ten billion dollar contract to Accenture a company that is undermining US fiscal needs by avoiding payment of US taxes is shameful."

June 7, 2004
George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Awarding contracts to companies that avoid paying US taxes

Dear Mr. President:

I was astonished to learn that your Administration has awarded the largest Homeland Security contract ever to a foreign corporation that has incorporated its corporate offices in Bermuda to avoid paying taxes in the United States. Awarding up to a ten billion dollar contract to Accenture a company that is undermining US fiscal needs by avoiding payment of US taxes is shameful. The contract is for Accenture to develop systems for exit and entry controls on our border. You could not find a US chartered corporation for this outsourced task?

Two years ago Accenture lobbied Congress against legislation that would have barred the new Homeland Security Department's contracts from going to corporations which exploit tax loopholes and are incorporated in tax havens. Accenture helped ensure that corporations which fail to pay their fair share in US taxes can still receive US tax dollars in government contracts. In 2003 the Senate unanimously endorsed an amendment by Sen. Mark Dayton that would bar homeland security contracts to firms that duck taxes by incorporating in offshore tax havens. Senator Dayton was following the late Sen. Paul Wellstone who won Senate approval for a similar measure. But behind closed doors in a House-Senate conference committee, Republicans largely scuttled Dayton's amendment, which was included in a soon-to-become-law omnibus bill.

On April 15, 2004 you said you wanted to "make sure that the system is fair for those of us who do pay taxes" and that "we want everybody paying their fair share." Therefore, I urge you to invoke whatever clauses permit you to void these procurement services. Further, you should strongly support legislation to prevent corporations that avoid paying US taxes from receiving contracts in the future. It is time for authentic patriotic standards to be applied to corporations.


Ralph Nader

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