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Reply #25: NEW: Found this on a yahoo group. is this true? [View All]

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momzno1 Donating Member (434 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-20-04 07:03 PM
Response to Original message
25. NEW: Found this on a yahoo group. is this true?

I cannot confirm this, but it is worth investigating. Either we are being led on a wild goose chase, or this Jeff Fisher does have important smoking gun.

Message: 8
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 11:24:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Donna C < >
Subject: Attempted Violation of my First Amendment Rights/Press info

Jeff Fisher < > wrote:
To Commissioner Aaronson and everyone I blind copied: Please read this
email and forward this to everyone you know.

Mr. Aaronson is a County Commissioner in Palm Beach, Florida. He is a
Democrat who can be reached at (561) 355-2205 or you can email him at .

This to inform you all that the press has been suppressing the news
regarding the recount in New Hampshire, Ohio and the efforts we are making
leading to the possible recount of Florida's certified votes. Ask Mr.
Aaronson to lead the charge in Palm Beach County as he is famous for
fighting for Democracy even when the odds are stacked up against it or
him. Mr. Aaronson is well respected and treated as a hero in the Boca
Raton area and he is very good friends with Congressman Robert Wexler and
State Senator Ron Klein.

Last night my website was hacked into and I can't access it. The
website http://www.JeffFisherforCongress was altered three times in the
past 18 hours by those hackers. The homepage is useless. Most of the links
don't work. We also have discovered that the ElectionFraud2004 yahoo
group through its moderator has been posting messages to the net.
However, since November 16, 2004 none of those messages have reached the
Internet after being posted. ElectionFraud2004 acts like a town center for
people who want to post suspicious incidents and information regarding
this past General Election.

Update to this message: 1:30 p.m. November 20, 2004, the yahoo group,
Election Fraud 2004 posted messages finally came through the Internet.
Whomever had the capability and technology to stop the messages from
going from the yahoo server to the net withheld it for three plus days.
That is how they can stop the news from reaching the people in a timely

That is the act of a group of people who are trying to suppress the
truth. I can't prove who they are but let the assumptions begin. I will
find another way to get the message out. I have just begun to fight for
this nation. If you know anything about the book DUNE, then you will
understand "the sleeper has awakened".

Jeff Fisher

P.S. They have hacked into Bev Harris's computer recently at Black Box
Voting and several people that I have been consulting with in the state
of Washington, North Carolina, New York, California and Minnesota. As
of today I am getting information that blog sites are getting hacked
into also.

Remember, the Watergate break-in was done by a few and it took time for
that to unfold. This time we have the Internet and if "We the People"
spread the word they won't be able to stop all of us.

Email message from Wake Forest University:
Is the FBI investigation something that seems like it will take a
number of
months or could they potentially have some "official" information prior
the final nationwide certification of the election?

My answer to the person from Wake Forest University:

Regarding the FBI: The possibilities meets] are still up in the air. The reason for any hope lies with
information that Russ Baker from The Nation told us yesterday that he thought it
was important, but he didn't have the time or resources to investigate.
In addition, Eve Conant of Newsweek has received copies of documents
from the "sender" that confirmed my earlier statements regarding my
meeting with the sender, when I saw some of the documents regarding the 2000
and 2002 election. The information that Eve Conant received backs up
the senders" statement that it was going to happen in multiple states
during the 2004 General Election. The information Russ Baker revealed
to us on November 19, 2004 was that the sender gave him a copy of
several hundred names and corresponding social security numbers that the
sender claimed were used in the 2000 election to cast votes. Today,
November 20, 2004 we learned that this appears to have happened in
16 in Kansas City, Missouri during the 2004 General Election.

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