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That curious Bush family election night video. [View All]

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RubyCat Donating Member (334 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-19-04 02:48 AM
Original message
That curious Bush family election night video.
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Maureen Farrell of wrote the following in her Nov. 9, 2004 BuzzFlash article:

"On election night, Peter Jennings looked measurably surprised when he learned that President Bush had provided a tape of himself, sitting in the White House, commenting on his impending victory. It was an unprecedented move. No sitting president had ever addressed the nation while polls were still open. It was just not done. But there was George, exuding confidence, offering an election day reminder of our leader's legitimacy."

A similar observation was made by Hunter S. Thompson four years ago in an column on the 2000 election:

"There was one exact moment, in fact, when I knew for sure that Al Gore would Never be President of the United States, no matter what the experts were saying -- and that was when the whole Bush family suddenly appeared on TV and openly scoffed at the idea of Gore winning Florida. It was Nonsense, said the Candidate, Utter nonsense. ... Anybody who believed Bush had lost Florida was a Fool. The Media, all of them, were Liars & Dunces or treacherous whores trying to sabotage his victory.

They were strong words and people said he was Bluffing. But I knew better. Of course Bush would win Florida. Losing was out of the question. Here was the whole bloody Family laughing & hooting & sneering at the dumbness of the whole world on National TV.

The old man was the real tip-off. The leer on his face was almost frightening. It was like looking into the eyes of a tall hyena with a living sheep in its mouth. The sheep's fate was sealed, and so was Al Gore's. ... Everything since then has been political flotsam & Gibberish."

I was reminded of Osama Bin Laden's video-taped recordings released immediately after 9/11. The TV networks were cautioned not to air them in their entirety for fear that they might contain hidden messages. A certain hand gesture, for example, might signal Al-Qaida sleeper cells to carry out whatever terrorist attack they had planned.

And I got to thinking, what was the purpose of that election night video of the Bush family? Along side him was his wife, his daughters, his mother Barbara, his father George Sr., and some others. The whole family was there expressing confidence in his imminent victory.

I thought the timing was a bit odd -- it came out when the exit polls predicted a sure Kerry win. It was also strange that after the broadcast of this video, the tide began to turn in Bush's favor.

I have a theory: the video was a secret signal from the Bush family to their vote riggers across the country to begin stealing the vote. The plan must have been to let the election proceed normally and see if Bush could win it fairly and honestly. Only if it became obvious Tuesday night that he would lose, would they give the go-ahead for "plan B", which was the plan to steal the vote. The tape of the entire Bush family exuding confidence of his victory was the green light for the vote-stealing operatives to spring into action.

That Bush has to communicate with his vote-riggers in this manner says certain things about the nature of the operation. Perhaps the guys in charge keep a good distance from the operatives who work in the field. They don't communicate with each other directly in order to reduce the risk of detection. Or perhaps the conspirators do communicate with each other directly -- they just want the order to steal the election to be certified by the president himself. Whatever the case, there were probably many operatives, installed in precincts all over the country, all waiting for their signal.

If all this is true, then we need to determine when the Bush video was broadcast. The precincts that had already reported can't be tampered with anymore, so they can be used as a control group. The tampering can only be done on the precincts that have not yet reported at the time of the broadcast. By comparing these two groups, we might find statistical anamolies.

Here is a web report, posted 9:45pm election night, mentioning the tape:

"Bush Invites Pool reporters into White House
ABC News reports President Bush has invited the Press Pool in for a quick interview. According to ABC, this is highly unusual and may have never happened before during an election night.

UPDATE: ABC Ran the tape, but it did not have any sound. Pres. Bush had his family around him, including his daughters, wife and Pres. Bush Sr. and the former First Lady.
Not sure what the point was "

Here is another web report, posted 10:14pm election night, mentioning the tape. This is a long web page, and the entry is about one fifth of the way down. Do a search on the page for "Bush Family" and it'll take you to the right place.

I believe the following is the actual Bush video, hosted on the Washington Post website:

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