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DUVFWT TASK: Write, email & fax to get FULL EXIT POLL DATA (keep kicked) [View All]

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althecat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-17-04 07:08 PM
Original message
DUVFWT TASK: Write, email & fax to get FULL EXIT POLL DATA (keep kicked)
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Edited on Wed Nov-17-04 07:16 PM by althecat
NOTE: This thread replaces the very excellently kicked WORK TEAM thread Ok... third time lucky I WANT COMPLETE EXIT POLL DATA (keep kicked pls)


The Story So Far

Since election night there has been a great deal of comment on the exit polls. Scoop has so far posted three reports based on three sets of data that we found here on DU.
Faun Otter - Nov. 3 (UST)- Faun Otter: Vote Fraud - Exit Polls Vs Actuals
Jonathan Simon - Nov. 10 (UST) 47 State Exit Poll Analysis Confirms Swing Anomaly
TruthIsAll - Nov. 16 (UST)- Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions

All three sets of data show a marked and strong swing to Bush after the exit polls. This poll data is important and raises suspicions for reasons explained at the above links.

Of these sets of data the Jonathan Simon Data released on Nov 10th is probably the best as it came from a nearly complete set of exit poll responses. This set of data is the basis of the much lauded Dr Stephen F. Freeman Report Which Was Posted Initially By Buzzflash

However none of these sets of data is from an official source. And so we do not yet have the full credible data that is required for a proper academic or media consideration of this issue. And the fact that the data remains unobtainable is in itself casting suspicions on the outcome of the election.

The real data is vital for the reasons I stated in my previous post on this matter namely. " I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. THE FULL EXIT POLL DATA IS THE ONLY REAL SNAPSHOT THERE IS OF THIS ELECTION OTHER THAN THE OFFICIAL COUNT." The data is also extremely important and useful for all the people conducting audits of each state election as it not only includes the absolute numbers but it also contains the reasons people voted.


UPDATE on my attempts to obtain official Exit Poll Data

I have been corresponding with a contact person from Edison Mitofsky for several days. She kindly offered a copy of regional data - grouped into East, West, Midwest & South for $750. I was prepared to pay this sum for the state by state data and would have asked for donations from kind DUers to cover the cost.. but what was offered is not what we needed. To get the actual reports state by state would cost $750 per state or $38,000. I think she might discount this to $10,000 but it is still way out of my league. It may be worth asking for some of these reports and if people need them and are prepared to pay I can pass on contact details to my contact.

I then appealed to Edison's better side asking if they would
1. releasing the state by state headline numbers for 4pm 8pm and midnight (before tabulated results were incorporated into the data)
2. Release a statement giving Edison's honest opinion on what went wrong.

I added..

At the moment you are the meat in the sandwich and some proactive action on your part can at least divert the attention back to where it belongs. On the politicians who created this mess.

She replied.
It is not our property to release - it is totally up to the National Election Pool to do anything they want with the data - tell people to call them.

And so I think that is what we should do, in an organised fashion.



Fax email and phone all of the National Exit-Poll Pool members listed Here namely:

ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC News

Asking them to release the data in the public interest. The first job is to get together a set of contact names addresses and numbers ( Please could someone grab names numbers & addresses from the DU media blast list and post below.)

Please keep your messages brief, polite and too the point. Please use your own words or use my draft below as a starting point and if you come up with a good form of words please post it here.

If you are a member of BBV related organisation it would be good if your organisation could formally join this effort as the weight of your membership numbers would help. Some WORK TEAM members might like to email these groups e.g. / and inform them of this campaign and ask them to join it..


- In light of widespread public interest and speculation on the Internet and elsewhere based upon exit poll data the providence of which is unknown;
Considering that this speculation is undermining faith in the integrity of the election system;
- Considering that the non-release of this exit polling data is raising concerns about the impartiality of the national exit poll pool members
In the interests of restoring faith in both the election system and the impartiality of the media.

I call upon the National Exit Poll Pool to publicly release the full original exit poll data on a state by state basis from the 4pm and 8pm and the final pre-incorporation of tabulated data runs on election night 2004.

(For the avoidance of doubt the exit poll data which is presently posted online on many of the Pool members websites e.g. CNN has been adjusted with reference to the actual results and is useless for the purposes of election monitoring.)

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