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Republican White Hat Hacker Disses Diebold Big Time - Kos [View All]

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Eloriel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-17-04 10:13 AM
Original message
Republican White Hat Hacker Disses Diebold Big Time - Kos
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Edited on Wed Nov-17-04 10:19 AM by Eloriel
Thanks to brand new DUer farmgirl for posting this in another thread:

Voter Fraud - Is it more rumor than substance? (DU Poll)

The website is Chuck Herrin's, and he posts here at DU as well. Hi, Chuck! :hi:

Kos Link:

A self described Republican, who makes his living as a "white hat" security hacker, easily hacked Diebold's system, and states he'd be surprised if this election wasn't hacked.

What I found truly shocked me, and made me physically ill. That's what is documented on the other page. It IS that bad. I personally don't have conclusive evidence that voter fraud was perpetrated, but I can tell you as an Information Security professional that it would have been very, very easy to do.

and he goes on to say how crooked the company is...

Check this out - No less than 5 of Diebold's developers are convicted felons, including Senior Vice President Jeff Dean, and topping the list are his twenty-three counts of felony Theft in the First Degree. According to the findings of fact in case no. 89-1-04034-1

Link to Chuck's FAQ:

More from Chuck's FAQ:

To sum up, he (Jeff Dean) was convicted of 23 felony counts of theft from by - get this - planting back doors in his software and using a "high degree of sophistication" to evade detection. Do you trust computer systems designed by this man? Is trust important in electronic voting systems?

So here we are - Means, Motive, Opportunity - the whole package. And since the systems are so poorly designed, no audit trail to show any wrongdoing. Add some cries of "conspiracy theories" and "sore losers", and you've got yourself a mandate. Four more years, indeed. Surprise, surprise.

Spread the word, folks. (How many hits does Kos get in a day?? :-) )

VOTE FRAUD Links - a DU Compendium

VOTE FRAUD Links Compendium - Thread #2

ALSO SEE: VOTE FRAUD? What can we do?

Edited to add: I LOVE this from his home page:

Enron was a conspiracy theory, too. Were their whistleblowers Crackpots?
Were the people who lost their retirements to those corporate criminals just "sore losers"?
I've never been part of the "Tin Foil Hat" conspiracy theory crowd. I'm just a voter who happens to be a Professional IT Auditor.

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