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Bill Bored Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-14-11 11:10 PM
Response to Reply #4
7. You bet! Here's why:
Numbers can prove that something is wrong in an election.

They sure as heck can -- but not his numbers! He needs to count some actual ballots. All he seems to be doing is reading polls. He advocates for absentee vote-by-mail, which is one of the most risky and insecure voting methods (second only to Internet Voting perhaps) because they took a poll in Oregon in 2004 that happened to match their reported vote counts. Would he advocate Internet Voting if it matched some poll too? My attention span tells me he might.

But you have to have the attention span to follow it. I admit, that can be challenging. That's one of the reasons, apparently, election fraud is so easy to get away with. You can do it right in front of everyone, without bothering to really have to make the numbers and match up, and pretty much nobody notices. But experts -- experts with numbers -- who do look hard do notice.

What you say is true, but it's because the ballots are not counted in front of anyone and the machine counts don't have to match up with the actual vote counts -- not the polls. So tell me, what's Charmin's plan for verifying electronic vote counts? Does he have one?

I guess that's why we hire chemical engineers to do things with chemicals, and nuclear engineers to do things with atomic reactors,

And how's that been working out lately? :nuke: (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) But tell me, would you hire someone to read a poll, or to count some actual ballots? Or figure out how many actual ballots to count to know who won?

instead of listening to the guy who is saying, no, prove it to me, prove it to me, that can't be true! Show me that there's all that energy in that little tiny thing that I can't even see that you say is there!

Well, I think it makes more sense to demand proof that the machines counted correctly, rather than claiming to prove that they didn't by reading a poll.

Those guys prove all kinds of things with numbers. The fact that I may not be able to understand it doesn't make it any less so. And sometimes I do understand it. I do understand Richard Charnin's point with the exit polls.

Attention span kicking in again! In Oregon, where the vote count matched the poll, it was NOT an exit poll -- a minor detail!

And back in 2004 I could see by the numbers that something was seriously wrong. But since I'm not really a numbers person, I can't remember what it was that was so obvious to me then.

Maybe it was just obvious that there was no way to see how everyone voted?

My daughter, who loves science but has a problem with math, was just telling me that Einstein didn't like math either, but recognized it was a tool he would have to rely on. So he made his peace with it.

You know, I think they're using Charnin's daily recount spreadsheet in the Wisconsin recount.

If it's not a poll, that sounds interesting.

You know, all that negativity is probably not good for your health.

It helps to vent once in a while!
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