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New York Democrats Cite Bush v. Gore -- AFTER CONCEDING! [View All]

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Bill Bored Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-02-10 03:24 PM
Original message
New York Democrats Cite Bush v. Gore -- AFTER CONCEDING!
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Edited on Thu Dec-02-10 03:45 PM by Bill Bored
If there is still any doubt that paper ballots in New York are nothing more than a bait and switch, read the following article. Without good election law that forces reliance on hand counts of the paper ballots, as well as an air-tight chain of custody of those ballots, our new LEVERLESS computerized elections are a SHAM!

And before you jump down the Republicans' throats, consider that in Nassau County where the future of the New York State Senate will now be decided, the GOP has been saying for some time that we can't trust computers to count votes, as have some -- but not nearly enough -- New York Democrats. See:

In fact, when the Democrats enjoyed two years of one-party rule in the Legislative and Executive branches of the NY State government, they did NOTHING to prepare for the new computerized vote-counting system which the state allowed to be forced on us (with the help of some well-meaning but seriously misguided "verified voting" advocates).

The Democrats' inaction includes NOT writing election laws to require proper HAND COUNTS of the original paper ballots -- not even for close races -- placing our new voting system under the control of proprietary computer software, private vendors, and the courts -- assuming anyone is even willing and financially able to go to court to TRY to have their votes counted.

Rather than write good election laws, what has our party done for us to see to it that every vote is counted as cast?

Well, in NY Senate District 60, after e-vote-counting irregularities in Erie County (Buffalo area) in both the 2009 AND 2010 elections, Democrats have just CONCEDED a very close race for the NY State Senate!

This means the best the Dems can hope for in terms of which party controls the Senate is a TIE. That's right -- they're NOT playing to WIN -- they're playing for a TIE!

I have never been so ashamed to be a Democrat.

For his part, Democratic Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has simply said to move things along. When he was Attorney General (and still is), he could have defended the state constitution and fought computerized vote-counting in the federal courts. Instead, his office sacrificed our constitutional rights and CONSENTED to the replacement of non-computerized lever voting machines with LEVERLESS computerized ballot scanners, with no election laws on the books to require counting all the paper ballots by hand, even when clearly necessary.

Now the Dems say they want to "count every vote" in another close Senate race, after conceding the first one! :wtf: And, after turning our elections over to the software and the courts, and then CONCEDING in Erie County, they have the GALL to cite Bush v. Gore as a reason why THIS recount should occur!

If New York Democrats don't want the courts to decide elections by forbidding hand counts of paper ballots, then where the F#% were they when it was time to write election auditing and recount laws with TEETH to require the hand counts when necessary? They were in the papers -- touting the "reliability" of the new computerized voting system and the "availability" of the paper ballots, which at this point might as well be used to wrap sturgeon!

Catch of the Day Ready for Wrapping With New York's Paper Ballots

(Did I mention how ashamed I am to be a Democrat?)

Read the latest in the continuing saga of the demise of free and fair elections in the once-great state of New York below:

GOP to Johnson: Do the right thing and give up! (UPDATED)

By Glenn Blain

Senate Republicans are calling on Long Island state Sen. Craig Johnson to follow the example set yesterday by Buffalo Sen. Antoine Thompson and concede his still-contested Senate race.

"More than four weeks after Election Day, Craig Johnson is left with two choices: He can do the right thing and concede this race, as his Democrat colleague in Buffalo did yesterday, or he can continue to tie up state government by arguing for a hand recount of tens of thousands of votes that have already been counted," the GOP said in a statement

According to the Republicans, GOP challenger Jack Martins now leads Craig Johnson by 438 votes


A Martins victory would give the Republicans there 32nd seat and, more importantly, a majority in the chamber. Democrats, however, are pushing for a hand recount of all the ballots - a step that could prolong the count for weeks.


UPDATED - Senate Democratic spokesman Austin Shafran just issued a response to the GOP:

"The margin in Nassau is less than half of one percent and there are still machine problems and vote count irregularities which call into question the accuracy of the count. The GOP's own top election lawyer raised these issues, and we agree with his skepticism of the veracity of the machine counts. That is why we believe a full manual recount is the only way to ensure a full, fair, and accurate count of every vote. In 2000, the Supreme Court stopped a recount that gave this country George Bush. Actions have consequences, and anything less than the counting of every vote is a slap in the face to every voter."

That's very touching, but know what else was a slap in the face to every voter? Legislating into existence a new voting system with crappy Election Laws that ALLOWED and PROMOTED another Bush v. Gore in the first place; CONCEDING a very close race in which only a small number of machines were audited by hand-counting the paper ballots; playing for a TIE instead of a WIN in the New York State Senate; and then having the audacity to bring up Bush v. Gore -- when our election laws are clearly designed to give the Computers and the Judiciary -- but NOT the VOTERS -- the right to decide the outcomes of our elections from now on.
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