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Reply #77: "Do you have any proof that they weren't?" [View All]

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OnTheOtherHand Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-25-09 06:02 PM
Response to Reply #76
77. "Do you have any proof that they weren't?"
1. Jaysus, TIA, do you know anything about provisional ballots whatsoever? Do you care? Could you maybe pretend to care? In this instance, you apparently don't have any evidence, so there is nothing for me to "dismiss."

2. In the past, when I've failed to replicate your results, it's because you were wrong. It happened in this very thread. If you ever had a presumption of infallibility, it long since expired. You can put up or shut up (not that I really expect you to do either).

"Bush did better downstate? You mean in Urban areas like the NYC area." Bush did better almost everywhere, as your own figures demonstrate -- but he didn't do especially well in urban upstate counties, as your own figures demonstrate. That's why I say "downstate."

I accept your concession: you admit that you would claim fraud no matter what the correlation was.

3. "You have no clue. We are talking about percentage gain, not absolute gain. Got that?" No, in fact. WTF does that have to do with the relationship between EIRS reports and county size?

4. I accept your concession. You don't actually think these reports have any bearing on the hundreds of thousands of votes you believe, or claim, were stolen.

5. I accept your concession. You have no counter to my argument in post #62, and there's no prospect that you ever will. (Hey, I'll try again: TIA, explain to us why you think the change in true vote should be correlated with the WPE.)

6. Wrong twice: I'm not thrashing Mitofsky, and I didn't work for him.

7. Most of your points don't have much to do with anything, so I'm not impressed that they aren't about exit polls.

I accept your concession: you can't rebut my evidence and arguments, so your best play is to pretend that I don't have any. I'm sure someone out there is buying it.

8. It shouldn't make sense to anyone. Even if we stipulate that Bush "had to" run up the popular vote, are you aware of the existence of large red states?

9. I accept your concession: Bush's performance increased in almost every NY county, so you have to waffle back and forth between official NY returns and national exit poll tabulations.

Can you really not know your further error here? That national exit poll tabulation does not match the official returns. The overall Bush and Kerry vote shares should more or less match, but the official returns don't show a big increase in big-city turnout. This has been explained many times.

10. I accept your concession: you claim that "VOTES WERE MISCOUNTED NOT BY LEVERS, BUT BY HUMANS," so the jams are largely irrelevant.

11. I accept your concession: the low residual vote rate proves that jams didn't have a large effect on the final results.

12. I accept your concession: your evidence is so weak that your best play is to demand that I convince you.

13. Deja vu all over again.

14. I accept your concession: you still have no response to my arguments, so you attack me.

15. At best, it's the same old unsupported argument from incredulity.

Better luck next time.
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