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Reply #43: You think Open Source means Hand Counted or what? [View All]

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Bill Bored Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-20-09 11:02 PM
Response to Reply #39
43. You think Open Source means Hand Counted or what?
Edited on Thu Aug-20-09 11:51 PM by Bill Bored
You refute the point that NYers have tried and failed to get HCPBs, with some post about more software? :wtf: I would think you'd at least come up with the Schultz' case, but you are obviously not well-informed about any such efforts. (And if you're a computer, you've flunked the Turing Test too!)

"Three (3) volunteers input and verify the paper ballots." Say what? Do you know how long it would take to do this with every contest on the ballot? If it were that easy we wouldn't need ballot scanners. But I fully agree that the precinct tallies, however they are produced, should be posted on the Internet and rechecked later.

Now, what to do about those absentees, like in the whole state of Oregon! Oh, I forgot, they matched the 2004 telephone polls, which you call "exit polls", so no problem there! ;)

Now, the reason there can't be stuffing of votes in New York is because the lever tallies are checked IMMEDIATELY after the polls close, before the machines are moved, when there is absolutely NO opportunity for tampering. There are too many observers present when this happens; it's too soon after the polls close; no election inspectors may leave until the canvass is completed; they must be bi-partisan; and observers are allowed from every party on the ballot. Here's a picture of what it looks like:

Nowadays they dress a bit more casually.

The NYT did NOT review anything. They simply copied some election-night tallies before they were checked and corrected by the recanvass, which would have happened anyway -- with or without their sloppy reportage. That's in the Election Law and there are many thousands of observers in the state who see to it that it happens. Many of them worked for Obama and Kerry.

Officials confirmed the discrepancies and corrected them. That's how it works. A formal review is done after every election. As I said, you seem to know nothing about NY Election Law, lever procedures, etc., or else you would be aware of these things.

Maybe you should get out of your exit-poll arm chair, take a trip to a warehouse, see how the lever machines are set up, and learn about such things before going off half-cocked about some polls that were never designed to find the kind of stuff you're looking for in the first place.

In case you haven't noticed, I don't care too much about polls. I think they're mostly a waste of time when there are ways to check actual vote counts or the operation of voting systems. But I do seem to remember reading that POST-ELECTION telephone polls were closer to the vote counts than the exit polls were. Oregon is the poster child for this, but you will find lower WPEs in ALL the absentee precincts on average I think. So don't go telling me about pre-election telephone polls!

Enough time spent on this subject for today. Bye bye! :hi:
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