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Reply #23: So if I don't swallow everything a former for-profit vendor says its ad hominem? Sorry NOPE to you. [View All]

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UnitedVoters Donating Member (51 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-23-09 10:50 AM
Response to Reply #22
23. So if I don't swallow everything a former for-profit vendor says its ad hominem? Sorry NOPE to you.
Edited on Thu Jul-23-09 10:58 AM by UnitedVoters
Ellen Theisen once did good work out front in the national movement, but then she made the CHOICE to become a for-profit vendor. These are all public facts.

I was disappointed in her when she became a for-profit vendor. If she wanted to sell the product and remain a guru of election integrity Theisen could have set VotePad up as a non-profit corporation (even paying herself a salary) but she did not. It was all for-profit.

She says she gave it up but as far as anyone knows show she may still own the rights to the product. If so (and no one says it's NOT so) the value of what she owns may be affected by legislation. Her invention still may have value (or not) based on the Holt bill or other bills. Even if she doesn't still own the rights, she may be biased in this area.

That gives me red flags and makes me give her opinion less weight, especially when she opposes a bill based on something closely related to HER INVENTION. So as I said, I'll put my money and my all caps with Verified Voting, Common Cause, True Majority, Voter Action, the American Council of the Blind, the Brennan Center, the EFF and even Harri Hursti who are all endorsers or supporters of the bill.

And then here comes you, telling me if I say that, or I guess if I don't worship every word of Theisen's opposition it's ad hominem? Puh-lease.

You can say "perhaps" I am anything, but who cares because I am nobody. I am not setting myself up to be a national expert on voting machines and election reforms like Theisen does. I have been lurking here since early 2004 and I attended one of the 2005 save our democracy conferences. I follow the issue to do what I can in my home area. That is all. I don't lead any national or state organization and I am not asking anyone to listen to me at those levels. All I did was respond to this stupid poll (and say how it would impact my state, per WYVBC's instructions) and I got whacked by Wilms for using all caps and not being an "analyst", and now by you for not bowing at the altar of Ellen Theisen who is STILL, no matter what you say, a former for-profit vendor.

WYVBC, what's this about your state North Carolina somehow having to get new machines if the bill passes? So it sounds like you are ready to screw the rest of the country over to get these machines or not get them... whatever, who cares. You used to be a good activist but now you are just as bad as anyone else on here in helping to bring this forum down. Nothing productive happens here anymore and nothing will because you all are having too much fun in your own little echo chamber. Go back and compare some posts from late 2004 to what has been posted lately. Damn shame.

Go ahead all of you and take your whacks at me. I am sure you will because you all have plenty of time in that none of you seems to be doing anything productive that will make a difference on this issue anymore. All you can do is whack the Holt bill and the man who introduced it, whine about paper ballots, and post news articles. Whoopie.

So go ahead and take your whacks, "activists". I am going back to lurking now.
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