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Reply #2: I don't know why progress has to be "incremental." What the fuck is this matter with [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Mar-29-09 03:02 PM
Response to Original message
2. I don't know why progress has to be "incremental." What the fuck is this matter with
these people? Privatized voting systems, run on 'TRADE SECRET,' PROPRIETARY programming code, owned and controlled by rightwing, Bushite corporations, with virtually no audit/recount controls*, is WRONG, is, UNDEMOCRATIC, is a FORMULA FOR STEALING ELECTIONS for rightwingers, fascists and corporatists, is FRAUDULENT on its face, should NEVER have been spread like a cancer all over the country with the $1.7 billion e-voting boondoggle entitled by me, the "Help America Vote For Bush Act." This was a traitorous act by Congress, was a putrid betrayal of us by the MANY Democratic House members and Senators who voted for it, is a MENACE to our country, and means that rightwing corporatists can easily--EASILY!--'defeat' Barack Obama in 2012, and fill the Congress with Pukes and "Blue Dogs" in 2010.

And that's just for starters. It is also extremely expensive, with initial and on-going maintenance costs, discourages citizen participation, dismantled the system of citizen volunteers who vigilantly watched over the handling and counting of our votes in every polling place, is a system that no one but high tech engineers can understand, and often breaks down during elections requiring the presence of private corporate personnel in election areas where they shouldn't be.

All that said, I'll take a paper ballot requirement, as a gift from our god-rulers, if that's what they're offering, over no paper ballot, any day. It will help in individual elections where the candidate and his/her supporters have the wherewithal to challenge a suspicious result. Unless the Holt bill contains a requirement of, at minimum, a 10% handcount of the paper ballots as a check on machine fraud, that's all that it's worth--help in the rare instance of a recount, and maybe as a mild deterrent in less important elections.


*(In the U.S., half of the voting systems have no paper trail at all. These are completely unverified, and unverifiable elections. The other half have a paper ballot but do only a 1% automatic count--miserably inadequate in a 'TRADE SECRET' code system, which the public is forbidden to review the code. In Venezuela, they use OPEN SOURCE code in the voting machines--code owned by the public, that anyone may review--and they additionally handcount a whopping 55% of the votes as a check on machine fraud--more than five times the minimum amount needed to detect fraud. That is why/how Venezuela got a president who uses the country's oil resource to benefit the poor, to develop the country's and the region's infrastructure, and for other good purposes, and we got Bush, who slaughtered one hundred thousand innocent people in Iraq, and killed or permanently wounded tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers, to satisfy his cronies' lust for oil, and to bust our progressive programs forevermore. Oil for good vs. oil for evil. It all comes down to TRANSPARENT vote counting.)

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