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Reply #77: wow, you really get around [View All]

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lala_rawraw Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-24-09 12:12 AM
Response to Reply #74
77. wow, you really get around
Comment by creeksneakers2 on January 23, 2009 @ 9:02 pm

Will the interview with Larisa appear on this blog?


Here is what I am going to say to you. The above is from Mark Crispin Miller's blog. In fact, anywhere Connell is mentioned your search for the truth (snark) apparently only causes you to bring my name up. You don't actually seem interested in the bigger story at all. Consider that the above link - my article - nearly 3000 words with on the record sources, charts, graphs, photos and all you can say is give a thumbs up review and ONLY after I asked why you did not post it?

You don't appear to interested in the info lockdown that the fire chiefs (2, separate people) bring up. You don't at all seem curious about how the laptop and Connell ended up together and away from the plane. You don't apparently find it slightly fascinating that the security at the hanger where the crash pieces were taken was soooo secure, that we walked in and took photos. Nothing, apparently, NOTHING interests you about the Connell crash, or the larger story, nothing at all.

Even when you show up at MCM's blog and right under where he says that as soon as he has the interview ready, he will put it out, you ask the most insane question it your need to simply type my name that causes you to go to Edsell's article or the Compuworld article or the countless of places I have seen you show up and all to talk about me? Seriously, you use your creakers name and people notice and send it to me. What is your deal? It would be one thing if you actually wanted to talk about the story, ideas for research, questions about what happened when and so forth, instead, you go from forum to forum to talk about me in a case you are apparently so absorbed in that you have to spend all of your time discussing me?

Or, let's go back to why you posted a snip from the same article twice (the OP). You left out the very interesting bits, the really fascinating stuff and instead posted twice the ONLY part that deals with me. You say you want facts, but 3000 words you can't find a single thing you so like about the article to even mention in passing? But you put up two posts in an article that has Connell praying several times a day, and going to daily mass, and Arneback saying he was murdered (in his opinion) and Connell being fired for dirty tricks, and so forth... you skip all of that and go directly to me. Why?

If you are so interested in this story, why is your entire interest focused on me? Seriously... why are you obsessed with me to the point of asking MCM the obvious... it is like him saying it will rain today and you respond with "do you think it will rain today?"

Show me one post you did that was not about me... or attacking me in relation to ER... okay? Can you accomplish this task? In the meantime, shall we have MCM issue you a personal invitation so you don't miss anything? Lord... whatever is going on here, stop with the "may i ask you questions respectfully"

It may work on someone who has not watched you do this over and over ... but many of us know your history and that you have an agenda. OTOH thinks you are just acting in good faith because they have not seen the crap you have been posting. But the rest of us see right through you. So have fun, I will be sure to let MCM know that you are waiting by your computer, counting off the seconds, unable to wait.

Night hon

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