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Reply #18: It's Tied In With the Planted Convolution [View All]

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ObamaDaMan Donating Member (37 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-10-08 08:00 PM
Response to Reply #17
18. It's Tied In With the Planted Convolution
On another thread, someone asked me why I was questioning the OP so tough, when I was basically in agreement with her that the primaries had a lot of strange results. It's because the truth should be what we are after. It's called having a discussion. This is not about us versus them. This is about social reality, in this case, specifically to do with the lack of electoral integrity in America.

I am on dial up. I tried to listen to that lecture. It looked good. Thanks for trying.

Was Simon ever part of the Verified Voting Foundation? Strangely enough, the Scoop {op-ed news?} website has pages saying that. I get the willies from the VVF. I trust Simon.

I think there is a group working behind the scenes to shape how electoral integrity appears on the internet. I've seen and made too many connections. Not Bozo style. There are just too many odd things. My hobby was reading through the forum archives. I went down the rabbit hole.

When I googled Simon, I noticed he was the kind of person I wanted to hear. I appreciate academics like himself and Freeman stepping forward, among the many other academics. OnTheOtherHand makes it seem that Freeman is some lone thinker running around on hobby horses with regular duderino Robert F. Kennedy.

Yet, there are tons of people who realise the elections have been rigged. There are also tons of academics who realise the system stinks! This society has been rigged to dumb us down. However, Americans tend to do the right thing when aware of injustice. Spreading the word is serving a good purpose.

The irony is that all the crazy convolution is coming out of people from right center to worse. I believe through the triangulation, that the ruling center has become right of center.

I've been following this forum for years. I am no newbie except for posting here. The more the good lurkers chip in, the greater the potential to make a difference with the netroots. Otherwise, rightwingers will continue to post as if they are Democrats. Look at PUMA. That was ugly republicans trying to steal the Democratic Party. That was cointelpro. Does Larry Johnson now work for the FBI? I believe that Kos is dangerous. Who goes out of their way to call the electoral integrity movement full of kooks? Do people truly understand the dirt that has emerged on Markos Zuniga?

Progressive voices are being drowned out. First they called us commie pinkos. Then they called us liberals. Then when they realised most people are proud of being liberal, they stole the word progressive. Now that was too good a word for them to sully. So they stole it.

I think the word Republican has become the dirty word, now way worse than liberal ever got astroturfed. They cheat the polls. They stole NH for Hillary. They make it a whatever 5% Obama win when it was probably 20%.
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