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Reply #31: Settle Down Francis [View All]

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ObamaDaMan Donating Member (37 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-08-08 02:44 AM
Response to Reply #27
31. Settle Down Francis
The # of posts one has shouldn't matter. Now you are clearly insinuating that I am a freeper troll. People can see exactly how anti-social and evasive you are being with your reactions. You need to make up your mind. Are you going to ignore me, like you implied you would with your first answer, or are you now going to go this hypocritical route of evoking authority and demanding obfuscation?

*** Your silence on Kimberlin speaks volumes. Same goes with your non-comment on that Bozos/Larry Johnson spook campaign against Obama. Whenever someone asks you decent questions you don't want to answer, you always mention Wayne Madsen. That's getting quite stale. Where did Kimberlin get all this money to throw around? Are you aware that Bozos, Johnson, and Cannonfire appear to be paid fakes? Have you seen any of that rubbish? Are you aware of Ben Burch's insidious internet presence?

*** Attacking the messenger and not the messages has never been more transparent, Sir.

*** I have an idea why you call me a scam artist. No scam artist would ever use that line, perhaps? Or let's have someone appear crazy like "Fintan Dunne" call you out for being intel influenced, then it can't possibly be true? By calling me a scam artist, insinuating that I am a freeper troll, and avoiding certain topics until you are compelled to answer, perhaps you are playing some kind of mind games? Why not just answer the questions to the best of your abilities when they are asked? This is a public forum. This isn't the Brad Friedman Show whose ultimate goals are to raise funds and gatekeep the electoral integrity movement.

You first answered that Gideon had no association with VTUSA, but then I proved otherwise. Then you answered.

These are not smears by association. These are your colleagues and close associates. Years ago Larisa Alexandrovna posted here outright lies about Kimberlin's past, even going so far as to call him a political prisoner.

There was an old thread at your place and your moderator with the strange username of Agent99 said she didn't understand the BozosRnot4Bush name. Then you came in with the bs that these were two different John Deans. Back then you couldn't even answer an easy question. Do you know that this guy you've had dinner with has been part and parcel of a spooky campaign to bash Obama? People are not stupid, Sir. It would take anyone ten minutes to start to figure that one out. That type of activity had everything to do with disrupting electoral integrity. Party Unity My Ass? And now you act dumb about the whole thing.

*** Finally, you are now directly tied to Andy Stephenson and subsequently Ben Burch with this Gideon connection. I am not pulling things out of nowhere. Your hostile responses, Sir, seem to indicate I have hit raw nerves.

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