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Reply #24: Welcome to DU. While you're still here, let me respond to your attempt to debunk my debunking. [View All]

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Fly by night Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-29-08 03:04 PM
Response to Reply #23
24. Welcome to DU. While you're still here, let me respond to your attempt to debunk my debunking.
Edited on Wed Oct-29-08 03:12 PM by Fly by night
I called Bell South information on two separate occasions, asking for the numbers of the voters from among all phones in the entire county. The operator couldn't find them.

The Decatur County Election Registrar told me that none of the voters had contacted her office. They had discussed the alleged vote-flipping incidents with the two Republican election commissioners, at least one of whom appears to have helped write the newspaper article. However, those commissioners did not ask for a meeting to discuss the problems and neither of them asked that the equipment be taken out of use.

I encouraged everyone to read the original article because it explains clearly that the local ES&S subcontractor was called and did confirm that votes could indeed appear flipped when the problem was that the voter's finger also touched another candidate's space -- any portion thereof. I have no argument with that.

What I found suspicious was that three close relatives of the Decatur County Republican Party chairman would have the same problem -- votes flipping from McCain to Obama -- when they voted on different equipment and/or at different times. And that those three voters would speak to the newspaper before speaking with the county election office -- I don't believe they have done that yet.

It is even more curious that no other voter in the county has reported a similar problem -- just these three relatives of the county Republican party chairman, all of whom are in business together at a local sawmill. Even one of the Republican election commissioners I spoke with described those three as "rabid Republicans" who would likely make a stink if they ever had the chance, even when they knew there wasn't a problem.

The Greene county vote-flipping reports (again, three local Republican officials reported their own votes flipped from McCain to Obama) also spoke with the local newspaper first before speaking to the county election administrator (only one has so far, but days after he voted). They were silent even though all three were voting in the county election office and one of them had formerly been a county election commissioner.

I did speak with that official and he believes that he may have accidentally touched the wrong button by mistake, though he did say it happened twice before he could get his vote to register correctly. Even he (the former county election commissioner) could not explain why he had not said anything to any election official at the time, waiting for another day to bring the problem up.

Once again, the contagion effect of three officials (all of whom had attended a local barbeque where an email from the TN Republican Party was read aloud encouraging people to make these reports) suddenly making these reports to the newspaper strains credibility. Again, none of these voters spoke up at the time to any election officials and no other voter in Greene county has reported having similar problems.

I notice that you make a big issue of my getting the relationship between the newspaper editor and one of the commissioners wrong. I relied on information provided by local people, so I (or they) may have made a mistake. I notice you do not question the accuracy of any other relationships mentioned by me (which are really the more critical ones), so I must assume they are accurate. I also mentioned that the only Republican election commissioner I spoke with told me that he discussed with the technician what could be said in the article, suggesting that even this commissioner was helping work on the newspaper story. (It's a shame that none of these "helpers" got listed as co-authors of the article. It would have made all this much easier.)

In closing, I am all for both Republicans and Democrats being careful when voting, making sure to check their review screen to make sure votes appear to be counted as cast. (Of course, with DREs, it's all a crap-shoot anyway, sending our unverifiable votes into equipment that your side still owns and operates.) That's all well and good, but it would have been nice for the TN Republican Party to give the election integrity issue even one minute of their time, attention and support during the three years we worked to ban DREs and institute paper ballots/audits in Tennessee. You know, if your party had given us any support at all, we wouldn't be voting on this equipment here in 2008.

I've about decided that these "votes flipped to Obama" stories are either the Republicans' attempt to create some "false equivalence" to try to balance all the stories coming in from around the country (six states so far) that are reporting vote-flipping, but always away from Obama. Either that, or our side has developed a super-stelthy voting machine virus that only attacks Republican officials and is passed from one Republican to another via email.

I've leave it up to you, newbie, to tell me what's up. Nice try though.
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